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Stacker830 Watercooled

windows7 ultimate 64 bit!!!

heatkiller(rev3) on [email protected] 4.5ghz 1.35v,8 gigs 2133 ripjaws 1.5v

Swiftech Mcp-655,1/2in tygon,13x120 sunnons on junk ps,

(2)triple 120mm rads,Biostar TP67XE(rev 5.2)

150 gig velicraptor (stable drive) ssds r still buggy!!

xfi-xtrememusic,klipsch ultras, sen hd-595s

Evga Hydro gtX 590,co0lermaster-1250 watt,

24" Sony fw-900 black ops at @ 2304x1440 80 SOLID fps

[email protected] 4 L1Fe!!

3dmark 11


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