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#1834491 Important Notice About The Forum Reputation System

Posted by damian on 29 July 2010 - 02:08 AM

DId mommy not pay enough attention to you all?

A rep should be earned, for the quality of the post. If you really have helped someone out with troubleshooting, overclock problems etc then by all means. But cmon, abusing the rep system for your own personal benefit? Pretty lame....

#1830073 Your Guide to Modding Fallout3!

Posted by SenitaL on 14 July 2010 - 08:35 PM

Your Guide to Modding:

Posted Image

I had completely forgotten! With Fallout New Vegas on the horizon i thought id would be appropriate to do a guide on Modding Fallout 3 (the 2 games will share alot in terms of mechanics so im guessing this might even help prepare you for moding Vegas?).
Modding Fallout 3 is very simple, theres not much to it, so Ill only imput tips and pointers. Alot of this is just to show you whats out there, but again ill only cover the basics such as Graphics and gameplay enhancements, else i'd die of old age going through EVERY mod there is out there :P http://www.Fallout3nexus.com is the goto site when it comes to FO3 mods so thats where all the links will be from. By the end of this guide you should have a vastly improved copy of fallout 3. Ill also Have a list of recommended mods and User profiles for you to visit at the end so you can expand on whats done here.

First, (asuming you have a clean install) make sure you're all up to date with the latest patch (currently v1.7), and while your there Grab the GECK and its 1.5 update as this will be needed further down the road. http://fallout.beths...ds/updates.html

The Essentials: (which should set you on the path)

RAM Boost (By Default FO3 only uses 2GB of RAM, this will enable the game utilise any Extra RAM you have for a nice performance boost)

Fallout Script Extender (AKA FOSE) Extends the scripting capabilities of fallout 3 without modifying Fallout3.exe or the GECK files. (choose the latest Stable version)

Fallout MOD Manager (AKA FOMM) This is a must have, it makes managing and organising mods so much simpler. It's far superior to the one built into the fallout launcher.

ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated (this program is GOLD! it cuts out all the tedious script editing you'd otherwise have to do when Modding, and automates it all with the click of a button)

Install the above, along with the GECK and you should be good to go! .. Posted Image
Installing your First MOD!
In General When you have downloaded and Extracted a Mod, it should be placed straight into the "Data" folder inside Fallout 3's main directory.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Small Tweaks:

Auto Aim Fix - does what it says on the tin :rolleyes:

Hacking terminals Made easier:

Megaton/Rivet City gates open & Close:

Power Armor Training - annoying that by the time you can use Power armor its too late or just not worth it? This should spruce things up!

Lighting Enhancements:

Fellout (Tired of that horrible Green Sephia effect? this is what you're looking for!)

Street Lights (adds lighting to the DC Ruins where its missing! I.E at night why aren't any of the damn lamp-posts working?!)
Street lights for wasteland Addon:

Megaton Lighting Overhaul:

Game Enhancements:

= Project Beauty HD = This isn't just a retexture job, a-lot of effort has gone into making each (of the nearly 500) character(s!) "fit the part" Also for those of you that like customising things, you'll be able to edit or choose stuff such as hair styles for each character using the GECK. I practically changed all of the main female npc hairs in my game, to better suit their character. There are very detailed instructions in the ReadMe on how to install and customise everything, I Highly recommend this mod as it Vastly improves on those vanilla models. http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=6341

= Ultimate Perk Pack = Adds over 70 perks to the world of Fallout 3! Includes custom Icons for them too. http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=1409

= Marts Mutant Mod (AKA MMM) Fantastic mod which adds loads of new and freaky creatures to fallout 3. http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=3211
The Mutant Gargantuan looks hilarious! :haha: also theres marts mutant increased spawns, so if you like a greater challenge then you can give that a go too.

GNR - More where that came from
"If you're tired of hearing "Let's Go Sunning," this is the mod for you. It adds between 20 and 100 new songs to Three Dog's Playlist!"

= Fallout 3 Re-Annimated = I got sick of seeing the same inaccurate poses and animations in the game, they just didn't look right, so i went on the hunt and found this great mod:

EVE (Energy Visuals Enhanced) Simply put, if you didn't use energy Weapons before, You will now! :woot:

CUBE Experimental: *gibbers* Words.. cannot.. express.. Watch Trailer: ................. RTS (Real Time Settler) Some of you might really like this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N03wKXmffZc ....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0bJ7CbTm0w
...................TRY IT! http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=6270 ............................................ Try it out: http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=7070

Mod Lod orders/Mix and match:
Often you'll come across a mod which you really like, but it replaces a certain part or is completely incompatible with another mod your using. In these cases you just have to decide on which version you like more and replace the respective files. That should work fine with things like Textures but when you start mixing mods which are known to have (in)competibility issues don't run crying to the head mistress saying "Senital's ruined my game!" :P

Also you should start looking at your Lod order in Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) the higher up things are the more important! Sometimes when you add a new mod and select it in FOMM, its lod number will appear to randomly jump, this means it should be higher or lower than something else you have in your mod list. To keep things organised i like to drag these particular mods up/down to the corresponding place their number(s) insist on being.

Keeping this in mind you should be able to install multiple Weapon Texture mods for example. Just order the most important one Lower and the others above it (i think.. dont bash my head in if i have it the wrong way, play around with the order to find out!), this should filter out the individual textures (or whatever) you don't like. This method is a Pain up the Butthole though so i recommend you just install the main pack you want and individually replace the respective files instead of messing around with lod orders and getting probable conflicts.

Texture Enhancements: (.dds files)

Enhanced Night Sky
If you've already installed Fellout this mod should replace "skystars.dds" (perfect example of what i was saying about mix and match!)

Krzymar's High Res moon (Replaces that dull vanilla moon. Personally i like the "dark" version more as "bright" is too bright!)

NMC's Texture Pack (The Big Daddy! includes all his previous work [shown below] + more!)

Posted Image

↑__//=== http://a.imageshack....9/248/nmc02.jpg ===\\__↑
\\=== http://a.imageshack..../6687/nmc03.jpg ===//

Best Tex mod around, I have so much respect for Neil's work because.. well his efforts speak for themselves! you'll need to select the appropriate Texture and BumpMap packs to suit your System (Full + Max Bumpmaps FTW!)

Using ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated:
You should already have this extracted to the main directory of Fallout 3. It's Good practice to run the program after each time you install (or make any changes to) a mod. Earlier on i said it cuts out all the scripting work needed, what did i mean you ask? Well say for example you've just installed NMC's texture pack. in the early days you had to use a txt file called ArchiveInvalidation.txt and update it constantly with each mod you installed, regestering any added .dds files for instance. This as you can imagine was tedious work (what if you wanted to remove 1 particular mod or start editing stuff? NIGHTMARE!) so now we use this awesome little program which basically does it all for us :) so dont forget to click that Activate button!

Posted Image

I guess thats all, sorry it wasn't much of an actual guide but its just so easy to mod fallout 3 there was only so much i could say! :dunno: hopefully though i've helped you see whats out there for the game. If you have any questions about modding or otherwise, or additions you'd like to make Feel free to post! :)

Recommended Mods you should check out!
Destroyable Environments - http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=1904
New Shops all over the Wasteland! - http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=5573
Repair Robots & have them as companions - http://www.fallout3n...file.php?id=712
Tired of companions/npc's dying? - http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=8495
Megaton house Overhaul - http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=1434
Lots of armour accessories - http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=5424

Recommended Profiles to check out!
(Mostly Textures, Scroll down to view submissions)
BEST Supermutant / Armour Retextures & more! - http://www.fallout3n....php?id=1001644
Great Cigarette retextures and Better Booze - http://www.fallout3n...x.php?id=225951
BEST retextures for Books and Clutter/Junk - http://www.fallout3n...x.php?id=544496
Sweet Retextures for Ghouls & Radscorpion - http://www.fallout3n...x.php?id=908674

Other Cool Texture Mods!
Better Pip-Boy Map - http://www.fallout3n...file.php?id=998
Lincoln's Repeater - http://www.fallout3n...file.php?id=897
Deathclaw Gauntlet - http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=2705
Historical Documents - http://www.fallout3n...ile.php?id=3394

#1830194 Forum 'Reputation System' Enabled For All Users

Posted by Andrewr05 on 15 July 2010 - 05:45 AM

Cool, hopefully this works well and gets positively integrated into OCC.


#2110881 Official OCC 2013 Christmas Contest

Posted by ciddono on 25 December 2013 - 12:30 PM

OCC is the greatest website. I I've been coming here off and on since I built my first rig, an Athlon 2200. Over the past several years I've win two prizes, a Thermaltake usb drive and a Deepcool cooler. I used the drive for several years, it even survived a couple trips through the laundry. The cooler is in my son's rig now on his A10.

Just moments ago, as I'm sitting alone in my brothers house, my phone rings. It's from BC. I think I knew before I answered, but Bosco asked me if I knew who it was. My Heart was already pounding through my chest.

My life is at such a turning point right now. I've been pretty much starting over from nearly nothing. Thanks to OCC and all their great sponsors, I now have a computer again, to say the least. I'm crying as I type this, on my phone, no less.

#2084223 RIP Nemo: OCC Loses Staff Member

Posted by Sutterkane on 10 April 2013 - 01:05 PM

Hey everyone, I jumped on here to make sure you guys had heard the terrible news, as I know Dale was very involved with this community and he would've wanted you to know.  I'd like to share a more real life side to Dale and some stories, if anything so you guys can get a better idea of what he was like in person, if you want, even though most of them are profession-related.

I knew Dale irl and worked with him in the same department at my first IT job, where he was more of a senior level guy and I was the young gun back in 2005.  Dale was a mentor to me, especially my first year since the job entailed traveling to client sites on a weekly basis.  He taught me how to develop in the toolkit for the product, and taught me how to travel for business, too.

Dale loved working in IT.  Like many of us in the same field, he never cared for the politics behind it, and was frustrated when his concerns for things were tossed away or overlooked.  Still, he loved interacting with the business to architect and develop something that worked well, as it's very rewarding.  He was really great with vbscript and could pound out pages of it on demand.  

It was really awesome traveling with him as we'd always joke around.  We'd point out rookie travelers or people who were really annoying or doing things to slow the movement of the airport down, and joke about how they needed to "start over".  Like people who would walk down a walking area in the middle of the concourse and just stop right in front of 50 people who then had to stop and go around them.

Dale also loved caffeine.  When we were traveling to north Philly for work, we'd stop and get Starbucks every morning, and Dale had his own thermos and backup thermos that he'd use.  A big fan of the energy drinks that came out too, and was always trying to latest one.  I traveled with him most around 2005, and the latest energy drink was all the rage back then.

Dale was a travel mentor to me because he traveled a lot.  He was a travel warrior when I met him, although the last 3-4 years travel for our department was all but eliminated (and welcomed).  He was really able to show me the ropes.  He talked about how one year he was a Platinum member for Marriott, and that his final report for the year showed he stayed in a Marriott for over 300 nights.  Because of his level of membership through Marriott Rewards, he was able to take vacations for free, or at least the hotel part of it.  He also one time exercised the ability to walk up to a Marriott that was completely booked, ask for a room, and they had to move someone out of the hotel so he or his family could stay there.  I believe you can still do this with Marriott, and I've always found this to be a cool story.

Since Dale worked in IT for almost all of his life, he was able to share those really old IT stories of having huge mainframes, or machines that you fed punch cards into to program it.  He used his benchmarking skills in his professional career as well, checking on a regular basis to see if a snippet of code ran too long.  If it did, he made sure it got re-written so it was smooth sailing.

After the travel warrior days for our department were over, our company moved to another office, and I was really happy when Dale was put close to me and we were in our own closed off area with a couple of other folks on our team that all were really cool.  We had a great time in there, and we were great at getting work done as well as having fun.

Dale introduced me to [email protected], and got me into installing it on my work laptop as well as my home pc.  I ran stuff under his account to try and help him move up the leaderboards, although he had better systems running at his house.  He joked that in the winter the room that had all his machines didn't need heating because the heat off the boxes was more than enough.  

With me being an avid FPS gamer, and Dale being well versed in hardware, I would always take my latest PC builds to him before buying to see if I was doing everything right.  He almost always had better suggestions for me and was extremely helpful.  We'd regularly talk about where hardware was going in the future and what ran better and stuff.  I'm a database guy, but Dale taught me everything I know about hardware for the most part.  When I changed jobs, we grew apart a little, but Dale would always hit me up when I'd visit the old office and we'd shoot the shit for a little while like old times. Whenever he saw my wife(she works there as well), he'd always ask about me.  I even used Dale as a reference to get my current position.

Dale was always a great father and loved his kids, and always talked about them and had the latest pictures.  I believe his daughters are still teenagers, and his son is in college, so I can't imagine what they are going through.

Naturally with all this said, I will really miss him and so will many others. Dale was a very smart guy who was always willing to help, was a mentor to me in my early days of my career, and a good friend.

#1902408 PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

Posted by SenitaL on 15 March 2011 - 02:43 PM

Posted Image

Hello all, I realise its been a while since i made one of these Big Posts but alas the pull of my Beloved OCC forums is as strong as always and I have Returned! :lol:

Today i Decided to go ahead and make a start on this thread which will be Dedicated to Listing (as the title states) Tips, Tricks & Tweaks for many games. Some will link to my work (e.g Fallout 3 guide) but mostly it's just stuff i've found and picked up on over my years of gaming. More will be added to the list as i get time, and text/picture formatting will follow too, so bear with me, as it might look a little bland at the moment :) Lets get started!

Post Layout:

Graphics Drivers:
Posted ImagePosted Image

It's good practice to have the latest drivers for your graphics Card(s) installed. New Drivers Include performance enhancements (as you can see above in H.A.W.X) and Fixes for games which you might be having problems with.

I also HIGHLY recommend Downloading Nvidia Game Profiles, or ATi Application Profiles Regardless if you are running in Crossfire/SLI (more then one GPU in your system) or a single Card. These add Anti-aliasing Support (as an example) for newer titles which The main drivers can't always be updated to have upon every new games release.

In Game Settings & Driver Settings:
As a general rule of thumb, if a game has Graphics options for something you can also Set in your drivers, you want to use the IN GAME settings!

Lets take Anti-Aliasing in the ATi CCC (Catalyst Control Center) as an example. You're free to Set the Type of AA used (Super-Sample, Adaptive Multi-Sample, Multi Sample) And any Filtering options, such as Wide Tent or Edge Detect, but should have the "Use Application Settings" Checkbox ticked, and use the In game Anti-Aliasing options.

For Anisotropic filtering, the maximum setting you can apply is X16, now not all games let you choose how much you want to apply, and others only go up to lesser values such as X8 (or X15 for Fallout 3 as an example). So if you want to Max this feature out, then just set it to X16 in your Drivers and Leave the options off in game to make sure the drivers taking care of it.

Note: Many popular games, work fine when you override the Anti-Aliasing from the Drivers, but i have also come across many cases where if you enabled AA in both drivers and the game, it would cause problems. So take this as a pointer, if you cant seem to get Anti-Aliasing working correctly, enable it via the game OR the Drivers, but not both, as it could possibly cause slight conflicts and/or performance issues.

Troubleshooting Crashes:
Posted Image

= Steam:
Steam games can get corrupt from time to time, it could be because of a crash from an unstable Overclock, or a modification you made to the game files. Many times i come across friends who had to completely Re-Install Their Game, and often overlooked or Didn't know about a simple Feature which Steam Implemented. It's called "Verify Integrity Of game Cache" and Its Extremely simple to use. If your game is having troubles Crashing or somethings up, this is usually the first thing i'd recommend you do before anything else.

= Go to your Games Library.
= Right click on the game in question.
= Click Properties.
= Click on the "Local Files" Tab.
= Select Verify Integrity Of game Cache, and let Steam Do its thing.
= Once all files have been Verified, and corrupt or missing ones have been replaced, Startup your game, and hopefully it should work fine!

If that's not working out for you, you can also try Deleting the ClientRegistry.blob file in your steam folder.

= Games For Windows Live (GFWL)
Ah good old GFWL.. NOT! :haha:
Crashes are a common occurrence when dealing with games which use GFWL. You'd normally think that theres something wrong with your computer, drivers or the problem lies elsewhere, when all the while theres a high probability of it being caused by your GFWL Installation screwing up. Heres the thing, When you install your GFWL games, They usually include a copy of it with them, and automatically install it. Multiple copies will end up being installed over one another again and again. It gets worse when you combine 2 services, such as Steam and GFWL, Dawn Of War II did this, Great game, but it was a Royal Pain to Track down what my crashing issue was.

So what i'd recommend you try is:
= Install your GFWL games.
= Update them with the latest patches Available.
= Completely Uninstall GFWL From your computer. (including the "Redistributable" one)
= Head to the Games for Windows Live Website, and Download the client.
= Install It, and let it Update.
= Restart your computer for good measure, and play your game!

= Other things to Try if your game is Crashing:

Overclocking: An unstable overclock will often cause your system to crash, hang, or act up in some other way. Make sure that your system is nice and stable by stress testing it (using Prime95, memtest etc). Better yet, to eliminate this possibility id suggest running stock and testing the game again.

Compatibility Mode: Older games might have trouble starting up on your computer. I'll be adding some of those games later on, as sometimes you need to do very specific things for each of them to work. First thing you could try though is to run the game in Compatibility mode. To do this:

= Right click on a shortcut or the main exe of the game
= Click Properties
= Click on the compatibility tab
= select the "run this program in compatibility mode" checkbox
= Try starting up the game with various options (e.g XP Sp3) from the drop down list.

User Account Control (UAC) Windows Vista and windows 7 use this feature for added security, but like for most of us, its more a hindrance then anything else. Constantly asking if you want to do something, and making your computer feel slow and unresponsive. If you're playing around with moding your game, are trying to use a Trainer or in some cases Installing a game, theres a chance that UAC is getting in the way and screwing things up. Thankfully you can disable this feature easily enough, instructions:

= Click Start.
= Click on your Avatar on the top Right hand side of Start menu (This opens up the User accounts screen)
= Click "Change User Account Control settings"
= There is a slider, Drag it to the bottom so that UAC is completely Turned off. Click Okay to confirm.
= Vista Users Require a Restart.
If you're uncomfortable without using it for some strange reason, you can always turn it back on again.

Hybrid PhysX:
If you have no clue what PhysX is, or what it does, here are 2 excellent videos Showcasing PhysX in Action:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x9B_4qBAkk . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONQfbGBtitY
Now whether you think its a gimmick or not is besides the point. Personally i think it adds a nice touch of detail, though it wouldn't make me want to play a game any more or less without it. I used to have one of the old Ageia PPU cards, until nvidia bought them out and consequently dropped support for them, and later blocked Physx from working when a non Nvidia Card was detected in a system, which brings me to Hybrid PhysX.

If you are running Windows 7 or XP (Sorry Vista boyos, it won't work due to WDDM 1.0), and have an old 8800 series of Nvidia card or newer, you can use it for PhysX in games where the technology's supported, while keeping an ATi one as your main card. Note: I recommend the following cards, Anything less will perform sluggish in games, and could actually hinder performance. Anything too much More, would be a waste of power, money and is quite simply put, OVERKILL. I've seen people using GTX470's as a PhysX card, Please don't be That stupid! remember that it's ONLY for PhysX, and not all games use this technology, so find a cheap efficient card along the lines of the ones listed below:

8800GT, 8800GTS, 8800GTX, 9800GTX, GT240, GTS240, GTS250.

Installation: Just Fit your Nvidia Card in the PCI-E slot underneath the ATI one. I recommend that you download the Nvidia 260.99 Drivers, and Nothing newer. You don't need to upgrade the Nvidia Drivers, as the cards only for PhysX and you wont be seeing any performance increases by using newer drivers, unless theres a Major overhaul in a new PhysX Driver (which are included within the nvidia ones.)

This method should enable you to run both cards fine without any need for hacks. If you run into problems, or are using Windows XP, or also happen to have an old Ageia PPU However, then i recommend you check out GenL's Hybrid PhysX mod which can be found here: http://www.ngohq.com...03-v1-04ff.html

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you can't get PhysX to work in some games, but are sure its working fine in others, do a search for "physx" where the game is installed. Delete any dll files which pop up. As an example, to enable GPU-PhysX in Mirror's Edge you must delete PhysXDevice.dll and PhysXCore.dll from the games "Binaries" folder.

Input Devices:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Choosing the right control method for your game can completely transform your experience believe it or not! It's an important thing to consider and is often overlooked. Lets take the Devil may Cry games as a Random example; No doubt you've come across a few people who said things like "the controls for those games sucked!" then you find out they were probably using their keyboard and mouse! Most of the following is common sense really, but i thought i'd add it in anyway (hey you might learn something! :P)

Flight Sim/shooters, (e.g H.A.W.X) Really do come into their own when using a Joystick. Joysticks are relatively cheap to buy these days too since they haven't been a "Trendy" thing for a while, so pick one up and give your flight games another try! I recommend something from Saitek (i'm currently using a Cyborg Evo Force and love it! the x52 is widely loved too)

Racing games Play best on a Force Feedback Wheel, or if you don't have one use your controller! No-one should have to play racing games using their keyboard, it gets very uncomfortable fast. If you have an Xbox 360, then you can use the Wireless Force feedback wheel on your PC, it works and feels great, and also saves you having to go out and buy another wheel for playing on your PC. If you don't have one though, i'd recommend the Logitech G27.

The Great thing about controllers is that many game genre's play well using them! You can also get your Playstation and Xbox controllers to work on your PC without much hassle too! So you could save yourself some $ and start using your peripherals Cross Platform.

Keyboard & Mouse:
Ah yes, our most used peripherals! The accuracy of a mouse is unmatched, and you have a host of buttons to play with and bind on both it and your Keyboard. This flexibility means that its great for RTS, Shooter, and Straight up RPG games. Id Recommend Logitech, Razer and Roccat for their excellent keyboard and mouse products.

Light Guns & Motion Controllers:

Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver:

3D Vision:

Recommended Utilities:
= RadeonPro: http://www.radeonpro.info/en-US/
= SSAA-Tool: http://www.tommti-sy...s.de/start.html

Recommended Links:
= Find out if your hardwares up for it: http://www.systemreq...tslab.com/cyri/
= Excellent place for Tweaking your Game: http://tweakguides.com/


Posted Image
Batman: Arkham Asylum:

= Performance Tips: If your Nvidia Card doesn't have enough punch, or you don't have a Dedicated PhysX card, or are using an ATi only card, try setting PhysX to Low/Off as its a major performance killer.

= Crashes: Crashes in Arkham Asylum Can be caused by Games for Windows Live, (see above in Troubleshooting Crashes Section.)

= Misc: In Game Anti-Aliasing Fix for AMD/ATi Graphics cards:
As you probably know, without an Nvidia card you won't be able to enable in game AA, and are forced to use the CCC, which does not work properly in this game the last time i checked. GenL (the fellow who also made the PhysX hack) Made this little fix which, unlike the one i was previously using, doesn't disable GFWL:

Posted Image

= Performance Tips:

= Crashes: (Dx9)

= Misc: (MLAA, Sound)

Posted Image
Burnout Paradise:

= Performance Tips:(ssoa) (360Cont/Wheel)

= Crashes:(desktop capture)

= Misc:
(no intro)
...................................... Vanity Pack Mod: .......................................................................... ENB Series Graphics Mod:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5-3-5_TQr8 . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8mQaKI5PQ4
............ Link: http://burnouthints..../vanitypack.htm ............................................................ Link: (coming soon)

Posted Image

= Performance Tips: Try Disabling the In game Anti-Aliasing, and use an Autoexec config, With EdgeAA Enabled. Its Much less Demanding then the In game MSAA, and you will also be able to Fine tune how your game runs with many different variables (See my guide).

= Crashes: make Sure you have your game Updated to at least version 1.2. Crysis can also get a little touchy if your running Overclocked, so Tone down your clocks just incase this is whats causing the crashes; You could also try using the 32bit exe to see if that makes any difference. The last level of the game is known to have crashes and run extremely slow, To fix this, the only thing you can really do is run the game in DirectX 9 mode.

= Misc: If you Hear a Squealing sound while Starting the game, and in menu's, don't panic, as its basically because The game doesn't use vertical Synchronisation in these places, so your cards rendering at hundreds (or thousands) of frames per second, causing this noise. You can stop it in most cases by Enabling VSync In game.

= I made this moding guide, its geared towards people with Extremely good rig's, but theres a few things you can pick out if you dont quite have the hardware. It Currently needs further updating, as some of the Download links need to be sorted and the "TOD" modifications Should be left alone for now, until i can get word from Crymod about updated versions (i will update the thread as soon as i do get word back)

Posted Image
Dragon Age II:

= Performance Tips:

= Crashes:

= Misc: BioWare were awesome enough to Release a High Resolution Texture pack for us PC Gamers:

Posted Image
Fallout 3:

= Performance Tips:

= Crashes:

= Misc: I made this guide, which you can check out for a multitude of Excellent enhancements for this game (a few links have gone down, but i'll fix that)

Posted Image
Halo: Combat Evolved - Custom Edition:

= Misc: Since it's old, you may want to disable Anti-Aliasing in your drivers to play it if you have problems starting the game.

The original Halo is (in my honest view) still the best out of all of them by far. The custom edition can be Downloaded for Free. Custom edition basically allows you to add user created content in, so there are hundreds of custom maps and Even Single-player Campaigns which you can download for the game.
Here is a "portable" version of the game i uploaded, you should be able to unzip it and run it anywhere fine:

In addition to this, i uploaded a collection of the Finest Multiplayer maps available For this game. You can of course find them all at www.halomaps.org, but you'd have to sift through probably thousands of them (:lol:) and i hope i can get as many people as possible to download this pack, so we can have more people play amazing maps, which deserve recognition, as most people don't even know about:
Part 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GRS2LXFM
Part 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J28UQLKE

= You can Also Download the CMT Singleplayer maps. These are golden, they're still in BETA stage though, so will probably change at some point in the future, but download all the Version 2 ones you see anyway! You basically have the whole Halo Campaign here, with added goodies, from extra sections in levels, to halo 3 style weapons and gear. Link: http://hce.halomaps....cfm?pg=1&sid=35

Installation Instructions: Just unzip and place the Map files into your Halo "maps" folder.
Note: The more maps you have installed the longer the game will take to start up as it Registers the maps.

Posted Image
Left 4 Dead 2:

= Misc: Addon's For L4D2. Tired of playing the same set of maps again and again? You should Head over to: http://www.l4dmaps.com/files.php?cat=6 and download Addon Campaigns to play with your friends. There are some Excellently done ones here, i Recently Played though "one 4 nine" and was Simply Amazed by it! Installing them couldn't be simpler either, just Download, Extract and Double click on the file and let Steam Do the Rest!

Split Screen Play on PC: If you have Xbox 360 controllers to hand, or are using a Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver (See input devices), you can try this out. Download the following Text file: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3RWBLSCQ - and watch this Video on YouTube for the rest of the Instructions:


Posted Image
Mass Effect:

= Performance Tips: You can enable Anti-Aliasing VIA Graphics drivers for this Title, as there isn't an option for it in game.

= Crashes:

= Misc: A Great place to go for tweaking your Mass Effect settings is Tweakguides:
(i have worked on graphically tweaking my game with settings mostly found in this guide, in addition to others, which i'll post later on.)

Posted Image
Mass Effect 2:

= Performance Tips: You can enable Anti-Aliasing VIA Graphics drivers for this Title, as there isn't an option for it in game.

= Crashes:

= Misc: Here is my updated (version 2.0a) Mass Effect 2 Mod, with many features added. Also comes with a Text file which you can read the changes i made. As always make a backup of the file a mod replaces, just incase you want to go back to the vanilla (unchanged) game, why you'd want to do that though is beyond me! :teehee:

Installation Instructions: Just extract, and Place in your Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked Folder, Overwriting the Coalesced.ini file.

Posted Image
Need for Speed: Shift:

= Moding:


Please bear in mind that i've only just started this post, and theres much to add as i go along. For now, I'm Hungry and tired, so im going to post this and come back to it, probably later today. :wave:

#1919214 Osama Bin Laden is dead

Posted by Kamikaze_Badger on 01 May 2011 - 08:20 PM

Stangley, this comes when Mr Prez is sliding in the approval rating. Bin Laden is a CIA Asset and is no more dead than me. It is a BS politcal ploy for the 2012 election. The government will now raise security and pass more bills in fear of retalliation to further enslave you. ALL IN THE NAME OF PROTECTING YOU.

Ah, I see that you work in the intelligence sector with a high security clearance that allows you access to such information, but for some reason are breaking OPSEC on a random internet forum because you've seen the evil that is the US Government and want us all to know, just like a good movie?

Or you're another paranoid individual who knows nothing of how intelligence gathering and covert operations work, and you think that the CIA would be so obvious with letting such things slip by? The government is far from efficient, but come on now.

#1914203 Crysis 2 Wallpaper

Posted by wevsspot on 16 April 2011 - 08:31 PM

Spent some time today cleaning up this screen shot of the Crysis 2 intro video.

Feel free to download and use if you like;


Posted Image

#1834380 Desk Mounted Gaming PC

Posted by buk355 on 28 July 2010 - 06:01 PM

Put some new vids up with updates and temp benchmarks.


Thanks Guys

#1830209 Forum 'Reputation System' Enabled For All Users

Posted by Andrewr05 on 15 July 2010 - 06:12 AM

What is wrong with staff receiving reputation?


#773949 [problem] - Winvista32+creative Audigy2zs!!!

Posted by kelm on 11 April 2008 - 11:00 AM

Hi guys...

Yesterday i installed Windows Vista 32 and no problem till now!

I went to www.creative.com to download the newest driver for my Audigy 2 ZS, and done! So i lost the CMSS 3D Stereo and when i started CoD4 i lost the 5.1 channel. Just play the front speakers, left, center right! The others(rear left and rear right) is mutted! \=[

Can any one help me or thats the is what is?


#2166193 Relegated: the 2009 xmas grand prize system.

Posted by robAP on 19 October 2018 - 07:53 AM

I went from active user to lurker in the last ten years, but I thought the place wouldn't mind some light reading.


I won the OCC christmas grand prize in 2009. The economy hadn't fully crashed yet and I was packing up to move across the country when Bosco called to tell me I won. I was astonished and was sort of slowing down my serious gaming in life (kid, work, wife, house, etc.) but this was a new injection. So a few months later, a big box showed up with all the goods. Most of which were supplied by Corsair and sponsors. So I built it, then moved. Over time it served me Very well. Very very well. And in my mind is proof that spending more money early on for the better components and using it for ten years will be the future ticket to any build for me...except for the GPU, as that gets replaced more often. (except for video cards) So as of yesterday, the system, which can still game very well, was prepared to move on to greener pastures... in the basement for use down there. However, in the process, I may have inadvertently extended its usefulness. Heres a spec list


OG system:

Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4ghz

gigabyte MA790xt ud4p

8gb 1333mhz dominator ram with cooling fan (which began a bearing rattle after 4 years but never outright failed)

2x HD5850 gpu's

2x SSD's

1tb storage

Corsair Obsidian 800D case (ginormous)


H50 cpu aio liquid cooler


I kept it like that until about 2 years later when I sold the incredibly huge and awesome flex piece of a case to my brother in law and put everything into a Corsair 550D silent case with factory foam sound deadening. Honestly, that 800D was way too big for the living arrangement I had and the noise....invasive to the rest of the house. Anyway now silent, It lived like that happily for years and years and indeed lived up to its name as a silent case. I highly recommend that.


Then I started having video problems with my 3 monitor setup and later discovered it to be a monitor cable. That's it. But troubleshooting leads me to procure an R9-280 GPU which as a single unit had 50% more ram and was better and faster than the crossfire HD5850s. Then the brother in law was going through parts faster than I was at the time and I swapped that out for a GTX-770 and sent the R9 to the nephews who were dying in Fortnite and had no chance with their gear....now they are living well. I bought a 16gb ram kit because I noticed I was running low on ram...8gb was not enough! But then that was with windows 7 and games weren't crazy intensive like today. So in goes the 16gb....at a slower speed by accident. This last year the brother in law sold to me his GTX-1070 and I gave up on selling it on...I'll keep that one for a good while longer.


So this is just the history of anyone else's computer. But this one has evolved and was still holding strong. It lacks USB3 and SATA3 and PCIe 3.0, I just have version 2 of everything. I started to feel I was missing out on throughput and speed and what not. I moved the OS to a 128gb SSD five years ago and that's decently faster and nice but I just don't like bottlenecking myself. So I planned the next computer as a Ryzen 2600 and M.2 drives, etc. But in moving this to a new case to get the nice case ready, I bought some PCIe cards. One for USB3.0, and another for SATA3.


(I definitely should have cleaned the filters a bit more often. That's about 8 months worth Now that I think about it.)




The USB3 is a gem. Perfect. I now have 2 ports in the back and the front ports connect up. I'm golden there. The SATA card works! It actually boots from PCIe now without any drivers yet, and the SSD speed? If anything it's a little bit faster but then that 830 samsung isn't nearly as fast as the 850's or 9xx one's today. My steam library is on 3 x 500g segates in raid-0. The read speeds on that are 100gb/s. Ptshhh! That's going M.2 as well as the OS next build. But the SSD speeds are now in the low to mid 300's on that SATA3 card. Not a bad $24!


(new home, new 600w Tt PSU, just need cards and cooling)




So I have, with the Pci band-aids, still a very decent computer. Never for video encoding or any of that but for casual games, good resolution on 1080i, and everything I need to do I could probably be just fine for another 5 years as I reach nearly 50 years old but the video cards will begin to be constricted in the pcie 2.0 slot. So It will work in the basement soon, running the Zwift cycling training software, MAME stuff and possibly file server duties now with now 10 SATA ports.


So here it is, in the Thermaltake V31 case (I highly recommend using one of these. They have a lot going for them) until cyber monday comes along and I order up the new goods.



But there is a thought in all of this. At what point is the right point to upgrade and still have some sort of value to your craigslist/ebay parts? This is well beyond that but still very functional. 


Anyway thank you for reading. Someday when you win the grand prize, you can have the same joy of nearly free computing for 9+ years. Thank you, Bosco and OCC, for being a great place for all of us techies.

#2154529 Annual OCC Contest Thread

Posted by eunoia on 30 May 2016 - 02:04 PM


#2153106 Annual OCC Contest Thread

Posted by Fight Game on 27 March 2016 - 04:06 PM

The new member with 3 posts, not only expected to win, but told us he expected to win.  Wow. 

#2144104 Ssd upside down in case?

Posted by IVIYTH0S on 18 July 2015 - 12:51 PM

The benefit of flipping it upside down is now your read speeds and write speeds are inverted so you'll have faster writes now! :)

#2111663 is going up to 1.3v safe at 4.4 ghz?

Posted by nd7rmn8 on 04 January 2014 - 07:57 PM

Why not start by at least telling us what processor it is.  You could be overclocking a potato for all we know.


potatos produce direct current... due to the lack of alternating voltage, overclocking is unlikely.


Now, if all you want to do is produce alternating current from a potato battery (or any dc source), your clockrate is limited by how fast you can switch the electrodes back and forth.  Of course, a true overclocker does everything manually.  By my estimate, with practice, a 3-4 Hz increase could be realistic over short periods of time and increased stability should come with experience.  I would suggest a large fan, as well as some water cooling for yourself, however, I doubt 24/7 stability is possible, regardless of the cooling method used.  On the plus side, a 3 Hz increase over 0 Hz is technically an increase of infinite percent. The limit of (3/X) as x approaches zero from the right equals infinity.  Just don't approach from the left. In that case you would have a decrease of negative infinite percent, and if left that way for too long, risks contributing to an earlier heat death of the universe.


note: its been over a decade since calculus, math may be a little rusty.

#2074145 Belkin Acquires Linksys From Cisco

Posted by Stonerboy779 on 27 January 2013 - 09:42 PM

Ahaha love it



#2069869 Gun control

Posted by VaporX on 29 December 2012 - 06:38 AM

In the end I think it is about making the person in office appear useful. For example here in Illinois a few years back we had an effort made to pass a law that required a person be over 18 to purchase certain video games. I pointed out on the show that roughly 90% of all game purchases were done by Mom and hence this would not be an effective law. However the general populace applauded this effort because they felt like it made them safe. A retired Politian and I sat down one even and talked and he explained that situation.


You see the truth is many of the things that people want to be protected from they cannot be. There is no law that will stop someone coming into a house and killing you if they choose. No amount of police officers on the streets or harsher penalties can stop this from happening. So instead of telling this to the people and focusing on the issues they can do something about, the political hacks make issues that are meaningless their priority because to the people they appear to care. It is a pure political move with zero impact on ever really protecting anyone.


The Illinois law above was being pushed after another round of blame video games for the worlds ills. It was the hot button topic and so even though it would do not good they passed the law and made good press with the public. Here is the funny part, they all KNEW the law would be struck down in court and passed it anyway, free good will and all.


The same today with gun laws. There is NO gun law that could be passed, even a pure ban, that would stop gun violence. To be honest when you consider the percentage of gun crimes committed by legal gun owners and how low it is, I am not sure a complete ban would even do much to lower gun violence. The issue is that something terrible happened and people do not feel safe. They have to find a blame and so the Politian's,. never one to not turn a tragedy into their gain, start putting out scape goats like Guns and Video Games. Notice BTW the Dems push hard at video games but kind of let violent movies slide, oh they get mentioned but not as aggressively. Shows who pays the most in campaign contributions.


The part that truly is evil to me is that in principle this is the same tactic used by evil men to rule nations for centuries. Remember Hitler used the Jews to explain all the ills of his nation and demanded the rise against them. Now I know we are not there yet but how long before we run out of things to blame and start blaming a certain segment of the population instead? Do not believe it will happen, it already does, how often does the left and the right blame the others for some action that takes place? We are on a dangerous slope as a nation.


Finally tell me if any of you have heard the press ever just come out and say this kid was a nut job. I mean without adding after that the need for gun laws or killing off gaming. I mean just laying the blame at the feet of the person that pulled the trigger, not at a lack of anything or what the latest thing to blame is, just at his feet.

#2069340 Official 2012 OCC Christmas Contest

Posted by Disparaitre on 25 December 2012 - 11:47 AM


#2019498 My rant.

Posted by Waco on 19 April 2012 - 11:34 AM

I don't mean to be an ass...but crappy attitudes like this are why people hate Americans and their attitudes. :)