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Found my limits on the r5 1500x. sort of win.

28 November 2018 - 01:41 PM

I'm late to the Ryzen party, but this is the stop gap upgrade chip. I'm waiting for the 3k series ryzen which, for me, will be the 8 core and the one lasting the next 8 years+. In the meantime, I thought I'd see what I can do with this.


apparently [email protected] vCore is the sweet spot.1.3625 seems to work well @ 4.0 on cinebench. I'll try to adjust down a little bit towards that once I'm guaranteed stability.


Getting 4.1 is lots more voltage, takes 1.425, and [email protected] freezes cinebench. So if i want 4.1 for a daily oc I would have to fry it.


So I guess I sort of win a lottery here. I'll play with the memory timings and see if i can run [email protected] timings with the samsung b-die i have. That might really fine tune things.


Temps? Using the Corsair H115i platinum RGB pro thing, the one with colors over performance, and see 70c at about 60% fans. If I go 100%, it's loud and only 2-3 deg better.

[WTS] gpu cards. gtx770, more, etc.

15 November 2018 - 08:48 AM

I've collected these through time. All working system pulls. Using the 770 now even. Got a 1070 to replace it but may sell that later on depending on whatever. Probably keep it until the new amd stuff shows up. Where you see two, i indeed have two. ill cross them off when they sell.


evga GTX 770  ($140 shipped)  keepin unless i part out a system.

evga GTX 560  ($40 shipped)

evga GTX 560  ($40 shipped)

XFX  HD 5850  ($40 shipped)

XFX  HD 5850  ($40 shipped)

Sapphire HD 4850 (wtf? Yeah i still have one. $15 shipped)

HD 4650 (lol,was htpc card. $8.43)


ill ebay them shortly if no action here. The last two would make great emulator/MAME cards.

L0gitech g510 regular key mapping hell

14 November 2018 - 09:15 AM

i am using 0 instead 0f '0h' because the '0h' key n0w c0mmands minimize/fullscreen taggling instead 0f the letter...um..'0h'. This is after the kids were playing 0n the b0ard thinking it was fun t0 mash keys s0 i have n0 idea what they did 0r h0w, but n0w when it c0mes t0 fixing it, L0gitech has n0thing f0r me as every single menti0n 0f key maps 0r macr0s g0es t0 the G macr0 keys and setting them up f0r keybinding games.


Any0ne kn0w h0w t0 reset the G510/19 internal KB mem0ry? It sat in a desk drawer f0r 6-8 m0nths unplugged h0ping it w0uld reset itself....N0PE!



Relegated: the 2009 xmas grand prize system.

19 October 2018 - 07:53 AM

I went from active user to lurker in the last ten years, but I thought the place wouldn't mind some light reading.


I won the OCC christmas grand prize in 2009. The economy hadn't fully crashed yet and I was packing up to move across the country when Bosco called to tell me I won. I was astonished and was sort of slowing down my serious gaming in life (kid, work, wife, house, etc.) but this was a new injection. So a few months later, a big box showed up with all the goods. Most of which were supplied by Corsair and sponsors. So I built it, then moved. Over time it served me Very well. Very very well. And in my mind is proof that spending more money early on for the better components and using it for ten years will be the future ticket to any build for me...except for the GPU, as that gets replaced more often. (except for video cards) So as of yesterday, the system, which can still game very well, was prepared to move on to greener pastures... in the basement for use down there. However, in the process, I may have inadvertently extended its usefulness. Heres a spec list


OG system:

Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4ghz

gigabyte MA790xt ud4p

8gb 1333mhz dominator ram with cooling fan (which began a bearing rattle after 4 years but never outright failed)

2x HD5850 gpu's

2x SSD's

1tb storage

Corsair Obsidian 800D case (ginormous)


H50 cpu aio liquid cooler


I kept it like that until about 2 years later when I sold the incredibly huge and awesome flex piece of a case to my brother in law and put everything into a Corsair 550D silent case with factory foam sound deadening. Honestly, that 800D was way too big for the living arrangement I had and the noise....invasive to the rest of the house. Anyway now silent, It lived like that happily for years and years and indeed lived up to its name as a silent case. I highly recommend that.


Then I started having video problems with my 3 monitor setup and later discovered it to be a monitor cable. That's it. But troubleshooting leads me to procure an R9-280 GPU which as a single unit had 50% more ram and was better and faster than the crossfire HD5850s. Then the brother in law was going through parts faster than I was at the time and I swapped that out for a GTX-770 and sent the R9 to the nephews who were dying in Fortnite and had no chance with their gear....now they are living well. I bought a 16gb ram kit because I noticed I was running low on ram...8gb was not enough! But then that was with windows 7 and games weren't crazy intensive like today. So in goes the 16gb....at a slower speed by accident. This last year the brother in law sold to me his GTX-1070 and I gave up on selling it on...I'll keep that one for a good while longer.


So this is just the history of anyone else's computer. But this one has evolved and was still holding strong. It lacks USB3 and SATA3 and PCIe 3.0, I just have version 2 of everything. I started to feel I was missing out on throughput and speed and what not. I moved the OS to a 128gb SSD five years ago and that's decently faster and nice but I just don't like bottlenecking myself. So I planned the next computer as a Ryzen 2600 and M.2 drives, etc. But in moving this to a new case to get the nice case ready, I bought some PCIe cards. One for USB3.0, and another for SATA3.


(I definitely should have cleaned the filters a bit more often. That's about 8 months worth Now that I think about it.)




The USB3 is a gem. Perfect. I now have 2 ports in the back and the front ports connect up. I'm golden there. The SATA card works! It actually boots from PCIe now without any drivers yet, and the SSD speed? If anything it's a little bit faster but then that 830 samsung isn't nearly as fast as the 850's or 9xx one's today. My steam library is on 3 x 500g segates in raid-0. The read speeds on that are 100gb/s. Ptshhh! That's going M.2 as well as the OS next build. But the SSD speeds are now in the low to mid 300's on that SATA3 card. Not a bad $24!


(new home, new 600w Tt PSU, just need cards and cooling)




So I have, with the Pci band-aids, still a very decent computer. Never for video encoding or any of that but for casual games, good resolution on 1080i, and everything I need to do I could probably be just fine for another 5 years as I reach nearly 50 years old but the video cards will begin to be constricted in the pcie 2.0 slot. So It will work in the basement soon, running the Zwift cycling training software, MAME stuff and possibly file server duties now with now 10 SATA ports.


So here it is, in the Thermaltake V31 case (I highly recommend using one of these. They have a lot going for them) until cyber monday comes along and I order up the new goods.



But there is a thought in all of this. At what point is the right point to upgrade and still have some sort of value to your craigslist/ebay parts? This is well beyond that but still very functional. 


Anyway thank you for reading. Someday when you win the grand prize, you can have the same joy of nearly free computing for 9+ years. Thank you, Bosco and OCC, for being a great place for all of us techies.

GTX1070 superclocked

07 July 2018 - 01:00 PM

Been a while since I've done much here, but I do need to move some equipment along. OCC has been great to me so here's a decent deal on a fab card.


Working pull, just a few months old


EVGA gtx1070 superclocked. (mfg website)


$340 w/ free shipping via FedEx, 2nd day air. ( i get a decent discount on that shipping)


This is my brother in law's. He went for a water-cooled option because he is building a all water/quiet box. (His box happens to be my '09 occ Xmas grand prize corsair 800 case) He does not mine. Just online games. Let me know.