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In Topic: L0gitech g510 regular key mapping hell

Yesterday, 04:14 PM

Try using the Reset button in Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard:


You will get a warning (keyboard mappings will reset to there default values, Continue? ,.. click Yes


Guide shortcut: https://blogs.msdn.m...your-shortcuts/

In Topic: FLDC

11 November 2018 - 04:17 PM

Welcome back road-runner, great to have our Team leader back folding for 12772.  ;)

In Topic: FLDC

07 November 2018 - 05:44 PM

There are some links on folding coin white paper v4.0,.. Robert Ross should be able to help you track down your distribution,.. when ever he reply's to your email.  


you can try [email protected] support, post request on Vijay Pande's [email protected] Help desk.  https://foldingforum...wforum.php?f=24


Perhaps you broke the bank, they ran out of coin.  :lol:

In Topic: FLDC

07 November 2018 - 04:53 PM

Send, Jasson Da' Boss a PM over @ EOC,.. he is Administrator for folding forum, and I think he can help you track down your distribution payout.  :cheers:   

In Topic: Can I use Sniper All Same 4x4 Modules in a MSI 970 with AMD 6300

07 November 2018 - 04:39 PM

Aloha ,

Hey guys I got these also now from the same friend and ... FREE Also.

What do you think about these for use.


I have another ....P C that is the same ....MSI 970 MoBo in it.




DDR3  1600 CL9-9-9-924

PC3-12800 4Gx4


You made a typo on description,  F3-1200cL9Q-16GBXL should be (F3-12800CL9Q-16GBXL.


That kit shown in attached photo is listed in your motherboard QVL, and running a 4-matched modules kit would be much better than running two dual module kits. Nice score, you need to buy your friend a cold beer.  :cheers: