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Yesterday, 04:37 PM

It's Hammer Time,.. check today's BTC candlestick chart,..  the open, high, and close are roughly the same price, with long lower shadow twice the length as the real body,.. https://www.tradingv...BITFINEX:BTCUSD


Online Trading Concepts,.. Hammer Candlestick,..  http://www.onlinetra...cks/Hammer.html

In Topic: Gtx 1080ti sli

Yesterday, 03:52 PM

They have pre-owned GTX 1080Ti FE cards on Ebay for $900 buy it now,.. a few new buy it now, auction bid  1080Ti FE cards selling for $1000 to $1,200,.. someone snagged a new auction bid 1080Ti FE while I was checking prices for $960 just 5-min ago.

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Yesterday, 01:38 AM

Poloniex took FLDC wallet down for maintenance this month, for about one week on March 8th,.. I made a small deposit 2-days before wallet went down on March 6th, and the day wallet came back up my deposit was showing on March 15th,.. so I made another small deposit on the 17th and deposit was showing in less than 2-hours.


Not sure what they fixed on FLDC wallet, but seems to be working much better now,..  https://twitter.com/...760457655701504   just made a large deposit at 3:00 AM and is showing at 3:30 AM today.


Still lot's of folks having issues with other coin wallets on Polo,.. wouldn't want to say FLDC wallet is 100% fixed yet,.. but my last two deposits went smoothly,.. and I now have a boat load of FLDC coin in my Polo wallet waiting for price upswing.  :popcorn:

In Topic: FLDC

19 March 2018 - 04:46 PM

Looks like FLDC is on the upswing, might break 200 this week.  :no: 

In Topic: Everything Cryptocurrency Thread!

17 March 2018 - 06:53 AM

The current volatility is completely normal when it comes to the cryptocurrencies space,.. cryptocurrencies fluctuating by 70% to 80% is normal.


Long-term investors need not fear the volatility,.. since we are here to stay for the long run, and have no problem holding the cryptocurrencies for a longer period of time,.. I generally hold my investments 12-months or longer before selling.


Only time will tell when Bitcoin resumes it's uptrend,.. you can only be sure of one thing,.. that most of the investors will be laughing all the way to the bank when it does.  :)