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New SSD causes unstable Overclock

17 September 2012 - 11:55 AM

This drove me insane over the weekend. On my desktop (i7 920 @ 4.0GHz) I upgraded my SSD from an OCZ Agility 2 SATA II to a SanDisk Extreme SATA III. I install the drive, set it up in linux properly, everything seems good.

So I get setup to transfer windows 7 over from the other SSD. I copied windows over quite a few times thinking I messed up my transfer (was using linux to do it). After straightening up the MBR and BCD, windows seems to be working ok. I was really excited now, I throw guild wars 2 over from my HD to enjoy some short loading times, at first I’m ecstatic, and look shiny new Nvidia drivers! .

After a few minutes though, the computer locks up, blue screens and reports an 0x116 and the nvlddmkm.sys. My first reaction is to blame something I did so, oh crap maybe the nvlddmkm.sys must have gotten corrupted. Hopefully it was just the drivers, reinstall a few versions of those and still freezing. Ugh, don’t know where my install disk is (the only one I can’t find *stares at the golden retriever*) and the big part of why I don’t do a fresh install. So I try to recopy windows a few times, fsck, chkdsk, all kinds of linux ntfs tools, stuck on it must be a corrupted file and I don’t see anything other than S.M.A.R.T saying everything is good at this point. Then I try going back to my original SSD, and the problem is still there. Damn, maybe I ran into a perfectly timed hardware failure.

So I go through all the stages to check my graphics cards (the 0x116), power, temps, power supply, and I resolve nothing. I even up my PCIE bus voltages to see if that’ll help. Nothing fixed. I even 100% the fans and get that hairdryer noise going, the temps stay under 65C, and it still happens, only it takes a little longer. Just long enough to make you think it’s fixed.
I may have only started by changing one thing on the PC to try and control the variables, but that didn’t work so I get mad and decide to just burn an install disk and do a fresh install, reset everything in bios, start from complete scratch. Reinstall and all that stuff. Then I don’t freeze, at all. My CPU temps weren’t going higher than normal, but whatever it was about doing SATA 3 made the ICH10 angry from then on, raising the voltage probably didn’t help that part either. I dropped the OC down to 3.6 GHz and left finding the new limits of my overclock another day. Works great now, but really, wtf SATA III and screw you BSOD errors.

edit: Corrected magical random numbered formatting.

1mm bezel? Only offered on a tv..what?!

12 July 2012 - 11:05 AM

I wanted to check out the new monitors released at CES and well..I just have to rant about this. It pisses me off so badly... At CES2012 LG shows off their newly released 1mm bezel 55" TV. How do they miss a sizeable target audience that has been begging for since Eyefinity came out? They promote this feature as helping feel more like a cinema? Did they miss that projectors do that cinema feel better? It doesn't even make sense because the bezel (a flat black one at least) is closer to a cinema screen outline than no bezel at all...

Come on. It doesn't even have a VESA mount if someone WAS willing to spend the 6k+ for 3 of them. That is just insulting at this point. So I have yet to figure out why they can make a 1mm bezel for a 55" screen but the designs for monitors being release it seems all but impossible for a manufacturer to do this on 20-30" screens.

It's like these companies dipping their toes into HMD (Head Mounted Displays)*cough* Sony *cough*. It's a novelty because they refuse to make the product people would want, and just rehash the something already done. If you're going to make an HMD, make it FULL(if not beyond) field of view, yeah you can't see your peripheral vision as clearly, but it has very important cues that are important for immersion. Isn't immersion the entire point of consumer HMDs? Yet not one manufacturer has stacked their little HMD screens together to make this possible. Even with the less expensive low-res screens this would be a major improvement, and high res screens would just be watch the reviewer piss their pants amazing.

If they did full field of view for each eye and broke the image correctly(each eye sees a little of the FOV of the other eye), 3D would go from kind of cool enhancement to wish it was available for everything status. I'm tired of hearing about awesome features that you have to hope one day just maybe someone might decide could be a selling point for gamers..

Mod Cable modem (for Spoofing)

13 January 2012 - 09:01 AM

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any experience modding cable modems. I'm not looking at doing anything nefarious, I just want to spoof the current mac of my crappy cable modem with a nicer one (motorola surfboard sb6120).

Scenario: The cable provider only allows their specific model, but I spoke to a 2nd tier tech support (for the installers) and he said he couldn't suggest I do it, but said it is possible someone could *wink wink*. The thing is the cheap brand they use has issues when I actually use the connection heavily. I'm fairly sure it overheats and drops the connection when it thinks it will screw me over the best. Also, I have swapped it out previously only to still get the same problems.

I can't do anything with it this moment because I don't ahve a jtag connector laying around at home (yet), but my curiousity pushed me to inquire with you guys.

Best ?consumer? wireless router?

15 September 2011 - 06:31 AM

I think I have it narrowed down to my router going out, but I’m not sure and I haven't had enough time to narrow it down between the cable modem and the router. It doesn't help that the ISP says the modem is working fine on their end every time. Anyways, I tried a switch to extend the ports on the D-Link with a gigabit switch, and it was not having any of that. So whatever, it fails my expectations and needs to be taken out back and "disposed of." The cable modem has a gigabit port that forced me to upgrade from an earlier gamerlounge model. I have liked this model because it was trivial to have multiple xbox's running live with no connection or matchmaking issues which are my bane with any linksys routers that my small town carries. Also had a Terraria server (which means I need Dynamic DNS) and plenty of Netflix & pandora running. So short of swapping my internet connection to a business class connection (benefits include a larger upsteam, 5 static IP addresses vs 1 dynamic, maybe better QOS?, cons are :more expensive , lower downstream).

tl;dr Need gigabit router with 802.11N & dynamic DNS & doesn't give me hell with multiple xboxs running at the same time + will allow expansion with a gigabit switch. Does it exist? Loyalty has failed me, and separating marketing from reality is proving difficult.