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25 July 2016 - 07:45 PM

there's nothing had changed with this 2009 x58 rig but the 560Ti and the monitor since 2014.
yes it's an old fart yet it can do whatever i throw with it still,,, until my good buddy gave me these 2 bad guys plus a couple of corsair fans, for free! :whoa:













not even in my dreams i could go SLI and i just can't find the words how to say, THANK YOU Gejimayu! thumbsupsmiley.png

In Topic: The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

19 April 2016 - 06:45 AM

 Some stuff for the server BluePanda is going to yell at me about... :teehee:



Norco RPC-4020 20-bay hotswap 4U case

8 GB of Kingston ECC RAM to flesh out to 16 GB

Six SATA -> dual Molex power to power the backplanes in the Norco case


Yes, I have a problem. :lol:


grabbed my reading glasses :blink:

now where's bluepanda?! :lol:

In Topic: Case fan questions.

14 April 2016 - 08:22 PM

nice! just have a good airflow inside that case and it should be alright. your ambient temp may vary though. but i'm absolutely sure you have a lot better ambient that mine, we're hitting the 40's here now :whoa:

how i hate our summer.

In Topic: Case fan questions.

14 April 2016 - 07:06 AM

that would be fine. are you having heat issues btw?

i have these 1 x 140mm, 1 x 120mm both at front intake, 1 x 120mm rear exhaust + 3 120mm top exhaust; my rig seems happy with it.

In Topic: Case fan questions.

14 April 2016 - 06:35 AM

technically, negative pressure in any given room can be generated and maintained by having the air inside pulled out with an exhaust ventilation system, no forced air intake.

i preferred a balanced intake and exhaust ventilation system though, it's just me.