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Question: Sapphire HD5870's Cost

26 October 2014 - 09:14 AM

Does anyone know why the Sapphire Eyefinity 2GB HD5870's are going for so much on eBay? I had one that I couldn't sell on this site for $50, but I put it on eBay and it is now bidding over $200 with a week left.


I was suspicious at first, but I checked around eBay and it seems all the Eyefinity editions are going for close to the same price. The regular 1GB reference cards are not. I know that the 2GB of memory is not THAT helpful... certainly not enough to increase it's value by 4x's. I also don't think Eyefinity is the reason, as you can find cheaper newer cards capable of large multimonitor setups.


The only thing I could guess was this had something to do with bitcoin mining or the fact that Apple sold OEM versions of the 5870 as upgrades for Mac Pro users back in 2010/2011. For people who want to upgrade their old Macs, I think they have to use that card. But it is not the same as the Sapphire Eyfinity I don't think, even though both can connect 6 monitors.


Anyways, I am just really curious what is going on here... anyone have any ideas?

LuckyDeath's Rig (Parting out)

24 August 2014 - 08:28 PM

I built this rig back in 2010 and it has been solid... except for the crap OCZ Agility SSD that finally died. I have decided it's a good time to start over, so I am parting out all the (fully functional) pieces I won't need anymore. I'll be keeping the PSU, RAM, & case for my next build. Pics available on request.


1) Sapphire Radeon ATI 5870 2GB (Eyefinity 6 Edition)- I bought this brand new in 2010 and have been running it in X-fire with a 2nd 5870 (see below) since 2011. Great card, and in X-fire I still play many newer games on high settings. 


2) AMD Radeon 5870 1GB - Bought used in 2011 and has been running stable every day since then. 




3) Asus P67 Pro + Intel Core i5-2500K.- The motherboard was bought brand new in 2011, and I have been able to push this CPU up to 4.8GHz with it (using an Antec Kuhler 920 liquid cooling unit). The mobo also includes USB 3.0, headers and 8x/8x speeds in SLI/XFire. The CPU was bought brand new in 2010, and it has been 100% stable. This CPU is a quad core, overclockable, and is a great CPU for a mid-range gaming system. I haven't had any bottlenecks with this processor. 


4) Antec Kuhler 920 Liquid Cooling unit: comes with all mounting hardware, two fans for push/pull configuration, and disc for Antec ChillControl software to monitor temps and change fan speed profiles). Asking for $65 $45 OBO


I have done business with several OCC members in the past... though the last couple years I've been focusing on my new kid and Android vs my old overclocking hobby, I still lurk here and read reviews from time to time. 


I don't sell a ton of items, but when I do, I try to make it a positive experience:

Link to my HeatWare: http://www.heatware....l.php?id=75969?

My eBay: http://feedback.ebay...tab=AllFeedback

Home Theater Gurus?

17 October 2012 - 09:28 PM

So my wife and I just bought our first house, and the previous owners left speakers throughout wired for us. Great, right?

Except I have literally zero experience with home audio setups. Now I've got a mess of wires coming from a hole in the wall, and my wife is threatening to chop them off if I don't do something with them! See below

Throughout the house, there are bookshelf speakers. By the wall itself, there is a Subwoofer, some kind of audio channel switcher and a couple more bookshelf speakers.

The Subwoofer:

The Audio Channel Switcher Thingy

There are also four wires coming out of the wall that aren't connected to anything. I am assuming these are wired to the bookshelf speakers throughout the house.

So from what I have been told, I am going to need a receiver to wire all of these speakers, subwoofer, and my home theater setup. My home theater setup currently includes an X-Box 360 (connected to TV via HDMI), Blu Ray Player (connected via RGB Component), and my Uverse DVR (connected via HDMI).

What I need help with is:
1) What kind of receiver do I need to buy? I'm looking to keep this affordable, as I am (obviously) not an audiophile. It doesn't need to be 3D ready or have any next-gen features. Just sound decent and be easy to use, with reliability/quality. Taking all recommendations for this!

2) Assuming these speakers all work, is this sound system at all relevant? I mean if this setup looks antiquated or from the 90's, I'd rather not waste my time in trying to keep it alive.

3) If the speakers are broken and/or are so old as to not be worth using, is it possible to just swap them out for new ones and leave the current wiring in place? Is there any new technology that would cause compatibility problems with this type of wiring?

4) From the pictures I have posted, and the information I have given, is it possible to give a semi-detailed explanation of how I would go about hooking all of this up? I would be forever indebted to you!

I can certainly repay the favor for anyone who takes the time to help with this. I've got spare PC parts (i.e. Optical Drives, SATA cables, 120mm Fans) that I will happily let you pick from if you need any.

Thanks for the help! :cheers:

GPU for friend's build

30 July 2012 - 06:13 PM

Putting together a build for my friend, and I've got him down for a 3570k and a Z77 chipset... but I haven't had time to really read reviews on the nVidia 6xx and ATI 7xxx cards to this point.

Basically budget is $150, would like the card to play most games at 1920x1080 (details don't have to be maxxed, but med-high would be nice). Also, the card has to support up to 3 monitors no gimmicks.

The 3 monitors immediately made me think of ATI, but it won't be gaming on all 3 monitors so eyefinity isn't totally necessary. But nVidia may have improved their offerings in multiple monitor support recently for all I know.


Thanks! :cheers:

Mobo Won't Restart

28 April 2012 - 06:26 PM

So I took apart my PC today to dust out my case and such. Put it all back together and boot up.

I get an error message in my BIOS that 'Overclocking has failed, F1 to setup' so OK, I go into my BIOS and set everything back to 'Auto' and such.

I click 'Save and Restart' and it saves, then instead of restarting it shuts down.

It boots up just fine, but I cannot get it to re-start. In Windows clicking 'Restart' just shuts it down. Same when I try my 'Restart' button on my case.

This is mind bottling, to say the least. Anyone know what could be causing this?

(Yes, my BIOS are up to date... and yes, it works just fine after it boots up)