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Vega question

06 August 2017 - 04:12 AM

This might be a bit soon, but I takes time to sell used equipment for a decent price.


I sold my rx 480 during the mining craze, and now bought a 770 for 60 eur to use in the meantime.

My monitor is a ultrawide 1080p freesync monitor, and I'm planning to upgrade to ultrawide wqhd.


Vega should be able to handle this res quite easily, but I'm concerned about the miners. Should I get a vega card as quickly as possible or wait for aftermarket cards? Time isn't really an issue, but if the prices skyrocket again...


Seeing that I'm going to upgrade my monitor anyway, I can jump to the green team. A 100hz uwqhd g-sync displqy costs 200 eur more, but might be more rewarding when volta launches. Same can be said for amd, as they will probably try to use infinity fabric on their gpu's.


Main concerns are Heat/Noise, overall cost and power draw, in that order. I require it to fit in a mini itx case, and be supplied by a 560 watt psu


What are your recommendations? I'm leaning towards buying a vega 64 and upgrading the screen later when they are a bit more affordable (maybe getting a ultrawide 4k). But with miners and the simple fact that amd will only get further behind on nvidia, it may be best to invest in the surest future


?Edit: The site registers enter as a question marks, with pale moon as browser

Patriot Viper 1066/single ch only or crash

18 July 2017 - 10:06 AM

After having a fair bit of trouble with motherboards, I now have some issues with ram.

i got a triple pair of patriot viper, cl7, 1333mhz for 20 euro's, paired with an 2500k and a asrock extreme 4 gen3. 


One stick works fine, two only boot up when I put them in A1 and A2 slots, no other config is stable. i can't get

the third stick to work, but 4 gigs is enough, at least for me. 


Problem is, as soon as I change the clock to anything higher than 1066, the pc either boots up and shuts down,

or crashes when loggin in windows. XMP just crashes the pc immediately after post. 



Now with both stick at 1066 the system is stable, but according to cpu-z they operate in singlechannel mode.


Is there a way to get them to work in dual channel and or make them work at their advertised speed? It probabily 

is a compatibility issue, the mobo is up to date but that didn't do anything.




I'm going to give up building after this, too much of a headache :/

No post, asus P67deluxge, q-code 14-19-20

30 June 2017 - 02:36 AM

Sooo I messed up.


I posted earlier about this board, and how I could only use the bottom pci-e slot.

My solution was to switch motherboards with the one of my brother's pc, 

as his case doesn't hinder the bottom slot to be used.


The board worked fine before with a 2600k, and I updated to the most recent bios

After I inserted a 2500k, I got no post.


So when I boot up, without even a graphic card nor display connected, one piece of 

ram (doesn't matter which slot), no sata drives, it goes in a loop, from 14 to 19 to 20.


Sometimes I get 00, but one of the ram sticks I used might be bad. When I press clear cmos

button on the back of the board, I get F3 (recovery image found).

Tried ram that worked -before the switch. 

Before swapping the parts It gets stuck on 20, this happened often.


Without ram I get error 14, static.


Things I tried: clear cmos, taking the board out and looking for shorts, reseating the cpu, there are

no bend pins on the mobo, trying different kinds of ram on all slots, putting the graphic card in all 3 slots. 

Power supply works fine.


Only variable left is the cpu, but I'm not really inclined to open them up again, I have only so much thermal paste.

Do you think I botched the board? Or maybe microcode error from the cpu? The cpu worked before the switch, 

and I took both out at the same time and put them directly in the motherboards.




At this point I'm seriously considering buying a new mobo and ditching this horrible motherboard

Only one pci-e slot working P8Z68

26 June 2017 - 11:55 PM

This motherboard has been nothing but trouble. I used to have no 

signal to the monitor, so I had to use a old amd card to flash the bios.


Now it can take other graphic cards, unlike before the update. Trouble

is, I only get a signal in the bottom pci-e slot


Why is that so bad? It leaves only 1cm between my gpu and the power

supply, causing my 780ti to reach temps of 85 degrees at load.

The other two slots give no signal to the monitor, even though the 

mobo code is A0, which should mean everything works.


The horrible driver support from asus doesn't help either, had to get 

the bios from a third party website.



Any ideas how to remedy this? Worst case I can put the psu outside the 

case, or get an aio for the card, but that would ruin the aestethics



i7 2600k

Asus P8768 deluxe (non-gen3)

Corsair pro 850 watt modular psu

gigabyte oc 3x 780ti

Kingston fury 8gb 1333mhz


No signal to monitor

29 May 2017 - 07:13 AM

My brother had his communion, and was gifted money he wanted to spend on a pc; part of it is

of my old rig, but everything worked. The chip was getting worn out however, so we bought a used one

online. Friendly fellow, but maybe not so.


I put the cpu in my old mobo (asrock Z68 extreme 4 gen 3) and it started, without signal. Same with the 

second mobo that was practically free with the chip (asus P8Z68delux).


I tried a single stick of ram in all 4 slots, tried kingston 1333, hynix 1066, hyperx 1333 and corsair vengeance 1866.

Psu I tried with seasonic x560 and corsair 850 pro

Gpu's are amd rx480 & r9 290x, nvidia 9600gt.



Error code (on both mobo's) are B2, A2 & A0. The A2 is with the 9600gt so I guess that one is done for.



I tried using displayport, hdmi & dvi.



I made an appointment with the guy, he claims everything when he checked before selling. I am pretty sure I can get him to take it back,

although not at full price. Everything points at the cpu, or am I doing something wrong?


I never had this much trouble getting a pc to work, and the only constant is the cpu



Please advise me, I'm stuck