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In Topic: Killed my GPU. Can I recover it?

23 May 2018 - 12:39 PM

Thanks for the replies, I asked my electronic professor and he's allowing me access to the lab (and the adjustable heatgun inside). Fingers crossed


Any idea if its possible to fix shorted copper lanes inside the plastic? My fix worked but its definitively not the most reliable.

In Topic: Killed my GPU. Can I recover it?

22 May 2018 - 04:07 AM

The fan issue is a physical one, a visible scratch merged two lanes on the pcb, and makes it impossible to control the fans via the card. That's an issue I solved, problem was the program responsible for regulating the fans got shut off by a performance enhancing program and the card slowly cooked itself to death. Also this is my brother's system, it has my old 2600k. Enough for youtube vids at 720p... I'm at fault since I recommended the asus game booster to him without considering the dangers.

In Topic: Vega question

06 August 2017 - 07:20 AM

Its not the casual miners that got me concerned, but those assholes that buy up trucks full of the cards. Vega is supposed to be double as effective compared to polaris, and overall gain is 3% while taking half the space.

Depends where you live I guess.

I'm going to buy a 56 and 64, and return the one that has the least performance/value. If the prices do go up I might end up selling it on ebay



?Off-topic: My brother managed to contract a mining virus. It was using 100 procent of gpu and a lot of internet bandwith! Lukely he was smart enough to shut down the system. The past 6 years I did not use a anti-virus program save for manually scanning with malwarebytes, but seems that responsible browsing makes quite a big difference. Never thought this was possible, the more you know I suppose

In Topic: Vega question

06 August 2017 - 05:43 AM

True I might just buy one and don't open it, wait for benchmarks and then decide what to do.


I am aware of the bundles, but the monitor deal is not available in europe, the cpu is a 1700x whereas I can overclock a 1700 to the same performance for 100 less, the motherboards are all atx. So the

bundle is of no interest to me whatsoever, and even if I could get the monitor deal there are problems with freesync (ironic isn't it)

The 770 with blower is dead silent compared to my former gigabyte rx480, that thing sounded like a plane taking off. Might be a problem with the card itself though


And performance wise both the 1080 and vega64 should be able to do ultrawide wqhd, as it is almost half the pixels of 4k. I'm more concerned with consistent framerates, and amd has been making a point about minimum framerates...
Although nothing is confirmed, and amd has been known to publish half-truths before

In Topic: Where are my ROCCAT Mouse, Brothers and Sisters?

06 August 2017 - 04:27 AM

My kova plus has a broken middle mouse button and the double click problem. Not very reliable. Better than steelseries though, my rival 300 has horrendous driver issues. I bought a corsiar sabre, lets sede if it can survive more than 2 years