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#2123477 SmartDNS by

Posted by MercuryDoun on 14 June 2014 - 09:07 AM

If you change both the primary and secondary you will have a hard time reaching any local network resources, so if you have other networked computers, network printers, network storage, etc. you'll probably want to leave your secondary DNS as your default, if you don't have many/any local network resources changing both is ok.


Overal it shouldn't hurt anything so long as it's a reputable company. They could technically direct you anywhere on the internet with fake DNS and get you fake banking sites and stuff and steal your log in info.


But if a google search proves them trustworthy you should be fine.


Just remember to change it back to your defaults, or to google DNS when you are done with the world cup. You don't want your DNS queries to be coming from half way around the world, it could add a lot of latency to your internet traffic.

#2106945 Disk space dissappearing?

Posted by MercuryDoun on 14 November 2013 - 12:11 AM

 What to do when you guys encounter such situation. It seems that my computer have been occupied too much and there's a warning keeping coming out to disturb me.



The programs may take up too much space. Regularly delete unimportant stuff and u can add an external hardrive. However, an external hardrive is usually

much more expensive than a simple disk clearing software. Try disk cleaning software. I've seen some of my colleagues are freeing their computer with

Colorful Disk Clean. If your PC is windows, you could get one. My colleagues seem quite satisfied with this program.



Guys... It's spam...


Two different accounts with 1 post each... Not the mention someone posted on the forums here a week or two ago about the same program. Then the similar style broken English in both posts? Id be willing to bet that both posts came from the same IP if an admin on the site can see that... Sorry but ya...



#2040537 X58 Chipsets suck

Posted by MercuryDoun on 26 July 2012 - 08:31 AM

yep ill send ya 6 sticks (two sets) 3x2gb 6-8-6-24 t1. I have 3 sets of them so you wont completly kill the hole rig :thumbsup: they also overclock like no mans business, i was hitting 2100mhz at 9-11-9-28 t1 think i almost hit 2200mhz, its somwhere in the 3dmark 11 forum like page 14 -16 or something like that. think it was merc and i having a battle to see who could get their ram the highest

Yeah but at those speeds i was using 1.55 and even 1.6 QPI to run at those speeds and timings... Point is for X58 QPI voltage is extremely important for 6 sticks or high speeds... Or both... Lol.

I forgot about our little memory battle... That was fun Posted Image

#2007505 N00b FAIL OC i7 990x Sabertooth X58

Posted by MercuryDoun on 08 March 2012 - 07:17 AM

FSB that number you were talking about changing from 133 to 166, is now BCLK.

So you can increase that from 1 mhz at a time until you do whatever speed you reach, but see, you have a unlocked extreme edition CPU. For you to overclock all you have to do is increase the CPU multiplier and you are on your way!

Your 990x stock bclk is 133, and its stock multiplier is 26, giving you 3.46GHz, if you increase that multiplier from 26 to... say 30, you'll be at 3.99GHz, so on and so forth!

Maybe this will help: http://www.overclock...r-930-to-4-0ghz

The article is kind of old, and since you have an unlocked CPU that guide isn't of much use to you in the standard sense, the reason i link that guide to you is because he goes into detail about what each setting is. It will really help you understand what you are changing and why. You'll probably need more help, i know i did, but it's a great start! You'll definitely want to overclock using the multiplier, you wont need to change the bclk unless you are reaching for a high as you can go overclock.

#1996604 E8400 vs Q9300

Posted by MercuryDoun on 01 February 2012 - 06:46 AM

yes it is...i've got it in my cupboard

so would you or wouldn't you?

If it's free try it! You should be able to get adecent clock out of that 9300, in the end 3.6GHz+ 9300 > 4.1GHz E8400. Whats worst that happens? its an awful overclocker, only hits 3.2GHz you think or feel it performs worse than your OC'd 8400 and you swap the 8400 back in? Sure wasted time and effort, but other than that, what have you got to lose?

#1976328 Starship Troopers Remake in the Works

Posted by MercuryDoun on 02 December 2011 - 01:22 PM

Not gonna lie... im interested to see how this turns out.

#1957581 Is Relativity Correct? Faster-Than-Light Speed Detected: Discussion

Posted by MercuryDoun on 23 September 2011 - 10:17 AM


Warp 9
Posted Image

#1955105 Bulldozer & Ivy-bridge

Posted by MercuryDoun on 13 September 2011 - 11:05 AM

Could it just be that CPU-z has no clue how to read BD's architecture, i mean the whole 2 core in each module thing could be fairly confusing actually.

#1951716 water cooling?

Posted by MercuryDoun on 31 August 2011 - 07:32 AM

Hay thanks guys!!

Okay im feeling ashamed of my stock cooler, after i bought the new rig i realised that i have forgot about the cpu cooler!! i like the idea of the closed-loop for the CPU only but thats not really where my problems are!! i don't really know how to mesure the ideal or what ever temps but what i do is open up "MSI AFTERBURNER" and then run a benchmark, so my card are clocked to 1GHz (1,004Mhz) and wen running the benchmark it does about 64 decrees!! now thats a bit hot for me!! and plus the small case makes the rest of the things hot.

This is why i was thinking water cooling!! something like a THERMALTAKE BIG WATER that uses 2 CD ROM drive bays...... although i read a couple of reviews and it seems that no one like it.....!!!

my main consers is the bottom GPU it reaches temps of 69 - 75 and that scares me!!

as you can see here there running at 23 and 30 with 0% GPU usage!!

i will run the benchmark again tonight and then show you guys the temps!!

Teehee... 64-75c on those graphics cards when clocked at 1GHz is COMPLETELY AWESOME!! Sure water cooling might bring those temps down a bit, but its absolutely not required. Those temps are amazing! Per Nvidia's Website, the max temp for those GTX560Ti's is 99c!!(Click the link to see for yourself.) That means no damage will be done to your cards unless you break that 99c for an extended period of time. Now running it at 85c+ will probably shorten the lifespan of the card. But point being is, 75c max @ 1GHz on the card?? You got it backwards, you shouldn't be concerned, you should be jumping for joy!Posted Image

Now get a real heatsink/cooler on your CPU and overclock that bad boy too!!Posted Image

Oh... and those water cooling systems from ThermalTake suck something fierce. Plus i don't think they have made any new ones in quite awhile. Most of them were made for the socket 775 or earlier stuff, it wont have anywhere near enough cooling ability to handle todays hardware.

#1951701 water cooling?

Posted by MercuryDoun on 31 August 2011 - 06:22 AM

Hay tanks for replaying!! um okay lets see i have the COOLER MASTER HAF 922 here is a pic of what it looks like...

and i actualy forgot another thing.... my case gets transported a lot, so according to me water cooling would give me trouble

okay so as you can see there isn't really space in my case.. and i would probably need a bigger PSU, i think myne is suffering with its current load!!??

I cant help but notice that stock intel cooler on your CPU... IMO you dont need water cooling, what you need is a REAL heatsink. Here are some suggestions on awesome heatsinks that would work perfectly for you, not only giving you great temps at stock speeds, but also allow you to overclock that lovely i7-2600k you have to 4.5Ghz+!

Hyper 212+: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16835103065, best bang/buck heatsink on the market. Its not the best, but its certainly not the worst, and its worth every penny it costs. You wont be able to get the almightly 5.0GHz with this cooler, but you will definitely get some overclocking head room.

Zalman CNPS9900MAX: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16835118075, If red LED's arent you thing, they make a MAX-B with blue LED's. Same cooler/fan, just different color lights. Fantastic cooler, comes REALLY REALLY close to the Megahalems in performance, close enough that you could say whichever thermal paste is used, could make one or the other the winner.

Prolimatech Megahalems: http://www.newegg.co...1&Tpk=Megahalem, I have this cooler, its really great. You just need to get 1 or 2 high CFM fans for it. So it has an added cost for 2 120mm fans.

Noctua NH-D14: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16835608018, This here, is still the best air cooler on the market and crushes everything except custom water cooling in performance, and it crushes closed loop water cooling systems from Antec and Corsair. But looking at how much room you have in your case, id say this cooler is too big for you, it would take some work to get it to fit, and you would definitely have to stop using your ram fan to make it fit.

In your situation, close loop water coolers might be a good idea. You dont have a lot of extra space, and the small water block you need ti put on, wouldnt interfere with your memory's cooling fan. Here is a few of those you could look at:

Antec 620: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16835209049, cheapest of the closed loop systems id recommend getting, good performance roughly on par with a Hyper 212+(which is less than half the price...)

Corsair H80: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16835181016, Fairly expensive, but good closed loop. Its still not as good as the NH-D14 or Megahalems/Zalman, but its still good and uses next to no space

Antec 920: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16835209054, Second best close loop cooler on the market. Its a great cooler but comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Works great, takes up very little space comparatively, and should keep that i7 of yours nice and cool. The only closed loop system better than the 920 is Corsairs H100, which has a double 120 radiator and is great. But takes up alot of room that you dont have without removing that big fan you have in the top of your case, Which is why im not recommending it.

Hope this helps!

#1939140 Ticking hard drive

Posted by MercuryDoun on 11 July 2011 - 07:16 PM

That ticking noise... It means the hard drive is dead, like hardcore dead. Ive never heard of a drive that after making that metal tinking noise that ever started working again except by sending the drive in to a special place that can pull the platter out and recover the data. Its extreme expensive and doesn't fix the drive, just a way to get the data back, and it typically costs $100's of dollars per drive.

JUST to be totally sure, try a different power cable, its possible the drive just isnt getting enough power. It's probably not going to fix it, But you never know!

Basically your drive is dead, hope you had backups and its time to buy a new one!</div></div>

#1931278 Just got a HD5850

Posted by MercuryDoun on 08 June 2011 - 01:15 PM

Lol @ 5850=dx9.

Anyway im feeling like a fresh install is in order.My systems felt a bit bogged down for a while now anyway.

Bit of a mission doing that though so ill hold off for a bit.

Well if its been over a year a reformat is probably not a bad idea. But Why dont you try to use Driver Sweeper first? It works pretty well. I just used it to swap the ATI HD 4830 out of my brothers computer to a nVidia GTX260. Runs perfectly now even having switched brands.

Here's all it takes to wipe out the old drivers:

1) Download and Install Driver sweeper at the link provided above.
2) Use the AMD Catalyst Install manager to completely uninstall all AMD drivers.
3) Reboot computer, Press F8 After BIO's posts and before windows starts to get into the boot options, boot into Safe Mode. (This step is important as it will prevent any video drivers for your current card from loading thus allowing them to be completely removed, as drivers in use cant be uninstalled)
4) Run Driver Sweeper, Select all AMD/ATI drivers and Applications and clean them out! Also if you happen to have any nVidia ones installed such a PhsyX which some games will automatically install even if you dont have an nVidia card. You should take the time to clean/uninstall it now too.
5) Download and install latest drivers for your ATI HD 5850
6) Win? Hopefully at this point you are rockin out with awesome graphics and high FPS!

Hopefully this will fix any problems your having and you can put off any annoying reformats for another few months.

#1920199 Keep my old video card

Posted by MercuryDoun on 04 May 2011 - 06:33 AM

Im pretty sure a 9800GTX+ is all you need for PhysX. So long as the 9800 wont be blocking air flow to your 480... you really dont want to stop or slow any air flow to those 480's.

#1905777 Dan's Computer News Updates and Stuff...

Posted by MercuryDoun on 23 March 2011 - 08:28 AM

omg i7 is not entry yet again i already mentioned that, 2ghz v 1.8ghz? entry level sandy bridge is i3 midrange is i5 and higeher end is i7 in case anybody says that again.... your post is too long so i didn't read it :P

whoops didn't see all other posts...what is this longest post day today?

I officialy ban very long bosts on this thread :lol:

Its ok Dan, i pretty much destroyed anything he can say about "Entry Level" again. If he says that i7 is entry level again hes just plain ignorant. If you read my post you will see i point out how many things the guy is wrong about. You should read it, Plus my post is spaced well so its not a wall of test that is hard to read.

#1905741 Dan's Computer News Updates and Stuff...

Posted by MercuryDoun on 23 March 2011 - 06:10 AM

AS i posted earlier the Llano did better in your video because it was put up against a ENTRY LEVEL Sandy, either way you slice the cake both companies are dealing with 1st gen chip integrated Graphics which as always they will be mediocre until the tech is polished and refined. Until then 9/10 times a Gamer is going to apt for a Stand alone V Card or in a Lappy's case a mid to high end Graphics chip for their gaming needs. my last post was geared towards laptops because i read 2 pages of Laptop gripes and about needed a better v chip to make the lappy use less power and gain battery life. as far as the "bulldozer" is concerned OFC it will out perform AMD latest and greatest Phenom ll 1100T by leaps and bounds but i HARDLY doubt its going to run laps around a Intel core i7 990X. AMD is going to tach on cores which WOULD be nice if it wasnt for the 90% of consumer products including Software and Games that barely just now support 4 cores. MOST games/Software is only optimized for 2 cores with a small fraction optimized for 3 and 4 core systems. Taching on cores isnt really what will define the NEXT GEN of Pc computing but adding technology that fully utilizes the 2 and 4 core systems and allowing them to "crunch" more data per clock cycle and mainstream the data flowing into the CPU and using less power and lowering the Load temp. think of this example you have 2 fictional cars. one you put a bigger motor into to get your fictional 500HP the other you Modded/tuned using a turbo, ECU updates, exhaust and manifold upgrades in tern optimizing the power output without changing the actual motor size to get your 500HP. The end result you have a motor change on one and and a "tuned up" one on the other hand both with same HP but the tunes up car more then likely in a test setting will do better. the engine only modified car being the CPU( More cores) to the very modified original engine car ( 2-4 cores but new tech that optimizes and enhances the Data crunch per clock cycle saving Temps and Power. THis is a sense is what Intel was headed towards with the Sandy Bringe and soon Ivy Bridge line. everyone thought they were just gonna tach on 2-4 more cores ( 6/8 Cored CPUs) instead they dropped the HyperThreading and went with a TurboBoost 2.0 And SSE/Chipset revisions the end result is a CPU score almost as good as thier 6 core lines. What AMD decides to do with the Final release of Bulldozer is still up in the air, but the adding of cores tied in with Software thats not optimized for 6 and 8 core CPUs leaves a consumer with a "futuristic CPU thats still in a sense stuck in the 90's" some may argue with me on this and say well im set up for the future then. Yes and No. Yes maybe in 2-3 years you will have software that is utilizing all 8 of your cores but by that time not only will your CPU be prolly half the price you paid but im 100% sure there will be a list full of "Bulldozer ect" cpus that are around the same price then as you paid now and 2-3x more optimized. So in a nut shell your going to more then liekly lose money buying these "nextgen" CPUS now when we dont need them as opposed to 2-3 years form now when software utilizes them.

NO, that was not a "Entry Level" Sandy bridge that was put up against the Llano quad-core. It was the i7-2630QM which is the bread and butter of the laptop quad-core sandy bridge, SURE there is going to be better ones but only those that cost significantly more money. the 2630QM is the equivalent to the i7-720QM(or 740) and just like the 720 it will be by far the most popular laptop sandy bridge quad-core. Yes there is higher performance laptop quad-core's but that doesnt change that the 2630QM is probably in the same price bracket as the usually cheaper AMD quad. Also i just noticed, currently no other Sandy bridge i7 quad-cores for laptops are released yet(check Intel's site, while many other model's are announced, none at this time are currently released besides the 2630QM) that that makes the Llano compete against what is currently the fastest laptop quad-core Intel currently offers. Turns out too, CPU performance wise the 2630QM its beating the $1000+ i7-940xm which was the first gen i7, fastest laptop processor ever... Hows that for hardcore? GG AMD putting that Llano up against the BEST Intel currently has to offer and winning!

1st gen Integrated GPU?? Have you ever seen any first gen i3 or i5(dual-core)? EVERY single i3 and i5(dual-core) has a the first gen Intel HD in it, Check out the column in each link that says "Integrated Graphics" Then all the Yes', then take notice of all the first gen i3's and i5's with it. What does this mean? Nothing really, just pointing out that you are uninformed.

"Intel was headed towards with the Sandy Bringe and soon Ivy Bridge line. everyone thought they were just gonna tach on 2-4 more cores ( 6/8 Cored CPUs) instead they dropped the HyperThreading and went with a TurboBoost 2.0" ??? Drop Hyperthreading??? WTF are you talking about, all i7 sandy bridge CPU's have it, and all sandy bridge i3's and dual-core i5's have it as well... And just like last generation they didnt put hyperthreading on the i5 quad-core's to separate them from the big boy i7's.

Lots of games already use more than 4 cores and pretty much every game out this year will use more than 4 cores. To be honest if its not a video game or a video encoding why would you need more than one or two cores, so that you can type faster in word?? Download pr0n harder? With more cores come exactly what end users of today are looking for, high performance multitasking!! Multiple cores for multiple programs ensuring the best possible speed and experience with as many applications open as you desire. Just because you clearly lack the ability to open more than one browser at a time to do alittle research BEFORE you post a comment doesnt mean other people dont.

Also if im not mistaken, wasnt AMD the first to introduce a 6 core CPU to the market? And it still got smoked by most of the the 1st gen Core i7 Quad Cores? that should be a very vivid Foreshadow of these 2nd Gen CPU's, AMD is first, But Intel takes that and puts out a CPU that smokes it. In this case Intel had the first on chip graphics, AMD more then likely will have a CPU that performs better Graphically speaking then the 2nd gen Core i line but Intel has yet to release its 2nd gen Core i7 Extreme Edition. So more then likely whatever "Bulldozer" brings to the table will be left in translation to the Core i7 EE with its released( which knowing Intel will be after "bulldozers" release to keep Intel as an enthusiasts icon), we've seen this time and time again since dual cored cpus have been a standard. and since then the general rule of thumb has stayed the same AMD= Budget, Intel= Performance.

Your mistaken... Again. The 6-core Phenom II's was the best answer AMD could offer to compete against the socket 1366 i7 which launched in Q4 2008(the i7-980x having come out in Q1 2010). The first Phenom II x6 was launched Q2 2010. Does this help your point that first gen i7 quad-core's destroy Phenom II hex-cores, yes it does. A CPU that was released one and a half years after another really ought to be able to be better... But to be fair when your working with an Architecture as old as the current gen AMD CPU's its no surprise, now that Sandy Bridge is out AMD is effectively TWO Generations behind Intel as The Athlon II and Phenom II core architecture is really competing with Core2 Quad's still. What does a 2nd gen i7 EE have to do with beating the future Bulldozer release? They already have the multiplier unlocked K-series and thats all an EE is, only its stock clocks are higher, WHOOPI!! Could have taken care of that myself with overclocking.

Personally in my opinion(So have fun trying to rick roll me with this and troll or whatever and say what you will but its my OPINION so i can say what i want as im not being factual in this upcoming statement.) My guess is Intel has Ivy Bridge finished and is just sitting on its hands giggling waiting for AMD to FINALLY launch Bulldozer. Bulldozer is going to Obliterate All current Intel CPU's including the i7-995x... Then Intel is going to say "Awwwww, thats so cute, It only took you 10 years to beat us again!!!" **High-fives all around AMD** And then Intel will say "Have you met my friend Ivy Bridge?? Hes got 8 hyperthreaded cores!" Then Ivy Bridge is trounce all over Bulldozer, Intel will Lawl, AMD will curse under its breath. And EVERYBODY wins because yet again AMD will have to bottom out its prices to stay competitive and everyone gets new and better hardware at good prices!

Also sorry for being a jerk, up until now i was having a bad day/week. I feel better now lol.