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#2119556 Room Temps get hot the computer shuts off

Posted by Nyt on 17 April 2014 - 12:33 AM

Anyhow, I don't need a screen shot, the temps stay the same at 106C after nearly 10 minutes.

The room temp is cooler as well, and as you can see the GPU temps are not falling. 


No, WE need the screenshot to be able to help you.


You are sounding more and more like a troll...


Why don't you try this GTX480 in your LGA2011 rig that you mentioned in another thread ?

Or just get the Titan Black/Firepro you wanted in your other thread, then you wouldn't have an overheating problem ?

#2103599 Beyond: Two Souls

Posted by Nyt on 09 October 2013 - 10:30 AM

Well I'm enjoying it very much so far so here are my thoughts ...

The controls definitely take some time getting used to, and there's only two difficulty levels - One for people who "have never or rarely play video games" and one for people who are very familiar with video games - the 1st difficulty gives you more time for actions in slow-mo and it also shows you the direction to point the right stick in slow-mo events. I accidentally (I still don't know how) changed from the easier difficulty to the harder difficulty with no arrow prompts and it ruined a few minutes of the experience before I realized I could change back the difficulty. The Quick time events are really tricky as mentioned in the reviews because without the arrow prompts you will get very frustrated as it is near impossible to guess which direction to move the right stick. Even if you play tons of video games, go for the easier difficulty unless you have the amazing reaction speed of a Formula 1 or Indy car driver.


The graphics are beautiful, as is the acting - which is the best I have ever seen in a game. Really glad that Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page are in it - I can't see anyone else being able to pull off such a strange storyline to such an extent that it feels absolutely believable and a story you want to play through the whole night and finish 

Aiden is a really cool concept, and it is a little iffy at first since the controls for Aiden aren't fully explained in-game (probably because I haven't played the "Advanced Experiments" dlc which apparently teaches you the controls better) so you should really read the small manual to understand all of Aiden's powers.


The non-linear storyline is strange since it requires you to think and rearrange events (but the loading screen shows a timeline after each level so you can kinda wrap your head around everything that's going on) but the game pulls it off quite well.


Storyline is very paranormal, sometimes straying to really strange, but I like paranormal stuff so it's nice to have a game which deals with the theme in a mature real-world sort of way. Although if you don't like paranormal stuff, you probably wont enjoy the game that's pretty much all about a secret entity.

Worth the money if you are like me and don't mind paying the $ to experience an emotional 10-12 hour journey that feels like a movie in which you are the actor.

#2071015 2013 Firearms Discussion

Posted by Nyt on 07 January 2013 - 03:19 AM

Well that was fun :) Fired some rounds and it was not as bad as I thought.


It was worse watching my dad firing first because the flash out of the barrel was bright and kept making me blink every time he fired down range.

I could barely see the flash when I fired my shots... So I'll definitely look away when my dad fires down range in the future.


The recoil was not very bad at all.


I think the scariest experience was when I pulled the trigger and nothing fired but I realised that we skipped over a bullet in the chamber when my dad showed me how to pull the hammer back to make the trigger sensitive (Edit : I just remembered it was called "Single action" I think, but I didn't really like single action since I preferred being able to feel the trigger being pulled and firing).


I followed all the tips on safety that were in this thread and that my dad told me and everything went perfectly.

Doubling up on ear protection was a very good suggestion, the sound was like playing Far Cry 3 loud through my headphones which was bearable. (Edit : The indoor range we went to had different long rooms that were sound proofed since it was in a fairly urban area and each group rents their own room per hour so it was just me and my dad in one room which made it more comfortable for me and there was nobody else at the range in the other rooms so it was nice and quiet.)


Missed the target on my first shot since the target was only an A4 piece of paper. Once we arranged the targets to form the size of a human chest, my shots were on target around the middle of the chest so I'm quite happy ... :)

#2063081 This is what a true radiator looks like

Posted by Nyt on 22 November 2012 - 02:36 AM

The biggest aircooling radiator I've ever seen.

Meh, would rather have three of these - http://www.frozencpu...e_Radiator.html :woot:

#2040973 CrossFire and SLI

Posted by Nyt on 28 July 2012 - 11:18 AM

And just for the OP, using an Nvidia card for PhysX with an AMD card used to be possible with hacked/modded drivers but it is really too much effort to even consider it now-a-days

#2039317 Video Crashes During Gaming

Posted by Nyt on 20 July 2012 - 09:33 AM

There are drivers even newer than 12.5 so maybe try 12.6 WHQL or 12.7 beta and see if they work

#2039280 Video Crashes During Gaming

Posted by Nyt on 20 July 2012 - 04:04 AM

What drivers are you using and have you tried different drivers ? Sometimes the latest AMD drivers arent the best for stability.
Does the sound loop when these crashes occur ? And do you have to reboot to get rid of the crash or can you just Ctrl+Alt+Del out of the game or is it completely frozen ?

#1876984 Intel Core i7 2600K and Core i5 2500K Reviewed

Posted by Nyt on 02 January 2011 - 11:33 PM

Awesome ! I cant wait for Socket 2011 if its anything like these cpus . I hope Bulldozer can be like this too .

#1873586 Corsair H70 or Coolermaster V10

Posted by Nyt on 22 December 2010 - 09:19 AM

It hasnt cracked anyone's mobo yet , but it does bend the mobo and it could break it if exposed to high g-forces .
I dont know why you are even considering the V10 , it sucks at cooling and is massive and is a danger to your pc . You could also not fit big ram coolers .
If you want a massive cooler , get the NH-D14.

#1873551 FPS game .. need to know the name

Posted by Nyt on 22 December 2010 - 08:03 AM

What springs to mind is Mirrors Edge , its a game that incorporates Nvidia PhysX

#1864566 GTX 595

Posted by Nyt on 20 November 2010 - 01:00 AM

At least we now know Nvidia can compete with AMD's dual gpu 6990 . I hope this gets made into production since there were many plans on dual GTX470 and dual GTX480's but they were never made