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Anyone used a G3258 yet?

30 August 2014 - 07:10 PM

Hey guys! Long time no see!


I've been out of the loop for quite a while now (work, classes, yada-yada...) and I'm kinda itching to create a build again..


First things first, I've two 'build project' in mind and sadly I only have time and money for either one:


1. A "home server" for storing videos, pictures, music, etc...

Basically a PC that will hold back-ups of all my family's precious moments, digitized documents, etc,

(2 seperate drives, one willl be accessed periodically from other PCs in the house to back-up individual files while the other would back-up the first drive every month or so)

It will also act as a HTPC connected to the home router where my family can move movies (or other things) and stream them to the SmartTV in the living room (or connected to the TV right away, whichever works)


2. A new PC for my Dad.

He's been using my rig that I left at home for a while now and recently, the board just went ka-put. The processor is safe, fortunately, but this is precisely why I'm asking for opinions from you guys...


I've done some reading/catching up on the G3258-AE but something is still a mystery to me: Where is it aimed at? Is it for HTPCs? Home Workers? etc...?

Since its overclockable, surely its aimed at overclockers one way or the other. But in terms of performance, how would you use it in real-life tasks?


I was thinking that I'll be getting this chip for a new build for my Dad, then get a new board for the Phenom II and use it for the "home-server" build. But I've no idea how the G3258 stacks up against the Phenom II.

Obviously, a "home-server" as I've described above wouldn't need some serious fire-power.

Meanwhile, my Dad uses his for reading PDFs, making presentations, light-editing some pictures, ocassionally ripping movies for his iPad, etc.. (You know, day-to-day task of an all-rounder PC)

So which one should I get for my Dad and which one for the home server?


That's why I'm looking to see if some of you guys had a chance to play with one already and perhaps share some thoughs on the matter. Is it a good enough chip to plug a GTX760 to it for gaming? Is it an overkill OC chip for writing up documents and day-to-day tasks? Is it too hot or too power hungry for a HTPC? Those kind of stuff..


Any sensible inputs would be appreciated guys!


Cheers! :cheers:

Help on coming up with an odd yet sensible system? (I hope)

29 June 2013 - 07:16 AM

Long time no see OCC!

Gosh, I've only been inactive for ~4 months here and yet it felt like a whole year :rolleyes:


Have been really busy for the last 4 months. Studies were a B**** and the exam period was a complete :wallbash: . I usually consider myself as "Smart-ish" (never had bad grades yet never had outstanding ones either) but this time, all my fingers are crossed.

Why am I telling you this? Well I'm planning on continuing my studies anyway and I'm pretty sure it'd be even more difficult to find some free time, especially during exam periods. I had barely used my system for anything and eventually gave it to my parents (their system went south and I couldn't care less what happened). Have been practically living off my notebook since the end of 2012 (hooked to my 22") and it's starting to get to my nerves. Its slow (seems like some issue with the OS and didn't have time to do a back-up and fresh install), runs incredibly hot (streaming youtube got it to ~80c and I don't even know how) and thus cannot be used for any games (Missed Tomb Raider, Black Ops 2, Metro Last Light, CRYSIS 3; just to name a few). And now, just when I completed my BottleHead Crack Amplifier, the drive won't spin my music CDs! :pfp:


So, with my notebook being useless for any demanding task and my likely diminishing free time in the next couple of years, I've been contemplating on building a system that would at least allow me to game a bit and yet not be a complete waste if I can't use it on a regular basis. Something in the lines of:


- Can game on 1080p with moderate - high setting

- Cost effective (needless to say, money is going to be a bit tight)

- Compact (I'd likely be going abroad so being able to carry it with me could be a plus, but not necessary)

- Silent (As of right now, I've no space for a case so I'd set it up on my open shelf, along with my console, DVD/CDs, books, etc)

-> Essentially, a system that is powerful enough for things like Games, Word/Excel/Powerpoint/, Ripping videos, etc (those things you do day to day) and yet not so powerful as to waste money (am I making sense here?)


Guess I'll elaborate a little. I don't need games to run on Ultra with various AA/AF settings, etc. I just want it to run without stuttering and yet be good enough graphics wise that its pleasing to the eyes when I game (no rough edges, etc while I play through the story). As long as its playable and looks good enough to the naked eye (in the midst of all the actions etc of the games), it's not wasting money or resources IMO. I want it to launch Firefox quickly but not instantaneously, just that it doesn't take ages to open (like 1 minute, 2 minute, etc. I'd like it to be within a few seconds upon launching). Same goes for Word/Excel/Powerpoint/iTunes, etc. Video ripping, I don't need it to be ridiculously fast. (e.g ripping a 120 minute video in under 30 mins). I just need it to rip within reasonable time (1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour; not 12-24 hours). Needless to say I want it to be cool enough to let me do some little overclocking if possible to 'future proof' the system it being silent is definitely a huge plus. I guess in some ways, I'm wishing for it to be similar to console. It can run games with beautiful graphics and smoothly, without being too expensive. (Really Psych about PS4! Finally, Kingdom Hearts 3!) But consoles wouldn't let me do presentations or rip DVDs or sync my phone.


I hope I'm doing a good job here in painting a picture... I've no budget in mind but I guess right now I'm sure I want it under $800. The cheaper the better.


Right now, I'm thinking of APU. The 5800K/6800K with a NH-U12S would definitely be very nice I suppose. Its able to play games at low-medium setting, with medium-high setting barely playable (30FPS or so... (?)). Adding a 6770 and do a hybrid crossfire would be nice in getting playable framerates at reasonable quality, I think(?)

I'm having trouble putting the pieces together. If I had $1000 to spend then I guess it wouldn't be a problem (4670K, any good Z87 board, GTX760/HD7950, 600W PSU etc. Done deal.) but it would be an overkill for me (I don't need 760, heck my old GTX 460 would do what I want) and therefore a waste of money.

Things like "What board should I get for the best combo?", "If I spent more on this, what should I skimp on?" and similar questions are preventing me from putting the pieces together. Also I may or may not build this system in the near future (I might even wait for Kaveri, depending on my situation) but I'm sure that I'd build a system be it next month or a year from now.


So guys, I'm really, really hoping that you can help me here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks :cheers:


Recommend me an AMD 970 board?

23 November 2012 - 08:05 PM

So it seems that my ASRock board died yesterday after a sudden power outage in my neighbourhood, and now I'm thinking of getting a new board. Looking at it, I don't see why I shouldn't just get an AM3+ board anyway..
I figured I won't need anything higher than the 970 chipset since I won't even think of going CFX/SLI and I wouldn't need all those goodies of the 990X/FX boards.
Problem is, I'd still like to get a board with a bit more 'oommph' so that I can use the unlocked core of my 720 and overclock it as well... The ASUS M5A97-EVO R2.0 seems to be just what I needed but sadly it isn't available here in Indonesia.

So, long story short, can you guys recommend me a good 970 board that can be used for some mild overclocking of my Phenom II X4 20BE?

Budget is around ~IDR 1200k or US$125
I'll be buying from either here or here (prefer the former)

If all else fails, I might even try buying from the US since my brother's in Michigan. Won't be back till around next year so it'll be a 'last resort'



AMD Catalyst 12.11 Update

22 October 2012 - 02:57 AM


Will have to wait for November but I say "It's On nvidia"..

:thumbsup: for AMD. Let's see if there will be price war :evilgrin:

Help on a Photoshop Dedicated System

03 October 2012 - 07:10 AM

Hey guys,

So a friend of mine came up to me and asked if I can build him a system dedicated for Photoshop.
Now I've always gone with the principal that 'Any gaming system would be able to handle Photoshop just fine,' but in this case, this system is 100% intended for editing photos (well maybe some browsing, playing music and occasionally watching movies but you get the gist)

The problem is, I can't figure out what GPU to use on this system. Honestly, I've never really understood how much of an impact does GPU have on Photoshop and if I have to look for certain specs (Amount of VRAM? Number of Shader cores?).
Also, he told me that he'd like to bring this system with him when he go overseas for his studies (Don't ask me how he's gonna do it, I have no idea) so I thought it might be of some benefit if we use an 80+ Silver/Gold PSU (?)
It'd also be great if I can fit an IPS screen within the budget but I have my doubts..

Budget is +/- IDR 10 million (~US$1030)
And the parts would be bought from here: http://www.waroengkom.com/ (Preferred but I'll look at other stores if some parts are not available)

Here's what I got so far (Edit 6 Oct 12):

CPU - i5 2500K (IDR 2,012,000)
Board - ASrock Z77 Pro4-M (IDR 1,078,000)
RAM - Patriot Signature Line 2x8GB 1333MHz (IDR 674000)
GPU - Zotac GTX650 1GB (1,225,000)
PSU - Silverstone SST-ST60F-ES 600watt (IDR 645,000)
Case - NZXT Source 210 (IDR 500,000)
Monitor - LG IPS225V (IDR 2,100,000)
SSD - OCZ Vertex 4 128GB (IDR 1,185,000)
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB (IDR 766,000)

Total: IDR 10,185,000

As you can see, I'm about to go over the allocated budget if I keep this longer. It's 10PM and my mind doesn't seem to be in working order to find ways in cutting the cost down..
Any advice on lowering the cost, probably cut corners, and especially suggestions for the GPU would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :cheers: