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Monitor overclocking, I need answers ;A;

03 March 2017 - 04:15 AM

Since Google does not help me finding my answers, I come here for some trustworthy advise.


I have a laptop at the moment (G751JY) with a pretty good 75Hz Gsync monitor on it.

Now, I tried overclocking it, and came out at a solid 100Hz.


Obviously my question that follows is, is it "safe" to leave it at these numbers?

Tried a few tests and it stays stable for the time that i tested it (used a webpage as well (http://www.testufo.c...test=framerates) and it stays "Valid" for all the time I have it open.


Main concern is, does the lifespan of the monitor degrade if i use it at 100Hz, and if so, any estimates of how much?


I know these are pretty much guess work questions, but if someone has experience in overclocking monitors and lifespan, I would gladly read it.

R.I.P. Satoru Iwata ;A;

12 July 2015 - 09:59 PM

Japanese video game maker Nintendo has said its chief executive Satoru Iwata has died of cancer at the age of 55.


When I read this news I looked at it with some disbelieve.

I grew up (and probably many of you too) with Nintendo consoles and the fact that the master mind behind it all has passed away at such a young age, is quite a shock.


Hopefully Nintendo will come through these sad times.




Never Forget.

It has arrived! TRUE next-gen!

24 March 2015 - 03:04 PM


Not the hero we expected, but the one we needed.




Adblock doesnt work on windows 8.1 chrome

06 March 2015 - 03:07 AM



My mom has a windows 8.1 laptop, but is bugged by the annoying ads she gets on youtube, or any site really.

I installed adblock (and adblock plus, and even pro) but it does not work at all.

No ads are being blocked, no matter what site she is visiting.


Is adblock broken in windows 8.1, or is there something i am missing?


Thanks in advance :)





Ok, i found the problem, she had an extension installed from unisales, this was even rooted in the HDD.

She doesn't know how she got it, but i got rid of it and now we are ad-free thanks to a working adblock :P 

Facebook images not displaying correctly, not sure if i need to addres

02 December 2014 - 07:23 AM

But i still do :P


When ever the OCC FaceBook page posts something like a review of an item, it shows something completely different than the actual item :P


It could be just in my end though, but i thought i'd share it either way.


A few images to give a perspective:




That XFX 285 looks pretty badass though, not sure if that fits in any case  :teehee: