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Max-Q GTX 1070 in ultra slim chassis – GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro Intro

01 September 2017 - 08:27 AM

Starting from 2011, MSI had been serious about the gaming market and studied the field for years.
As long as it’s been through, as much as it can get for the brand awareness and richness in product lines.
GT series is mainly for high-end extreme performance position while GE series is taking the mainstream line.
The one which personally appreciated is the GS series, packed with high performance hardware but made with slim-shape looking.

This time we would like to share the review for new coming MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro.
The dimension is 380x249x17.7mm, weight is around 1.89kgw.
By packing the latest Max-Q Nvidia GPU, thickness of GS63VR’s is below 18mm to fit the regulation.
It’s hard to believe it belongs to high performance position by its slim shape in 15.6 inch laptops.

Let’s take a look at the A cover, it’s made by brush metal and aligned with dual muscle lines like the racing car’s hood to enforce its speedy scene.
Still remembering the sharing of GS70 in 2004, the design only appeared to flat one.
In addition, I am highly appreciated this colorful picture with shinning sunshine on the GS63VR.

Let’s check the dragon logo plate on the A side, it’s been made by Corning 8H glass and modified little bit by removing the black “Gaming G Series” wording.
It glows during the booting and seems more elegant than previous design.

Then we check the B side which is surrounding the LCD.
Above the screen area will find the 720P 30fps webcam, with dual digital microphone aside.
This matte 15.6 LCD panel here is featuring 120Hz/3ms with 94% NTSC color gamut.

Black brush metal is surrounding the keyboard area, we can say the design idea of C side is same as A side.
The Steelseries RGB gaming keyboard, as usual, have been adopted to MSI high-end laptops with Silver-Lining Print.
When there is request to change the color scenario, you have to use the Steelseries Engine software to handle it.
The tactile has been evolved and feels better than previous generation.
The left-right click on touch pad have been form as one piece, surrounded the red diamond cut design to show its elegancy.
Right hand side of the touch pad would be the feature stickers to show those main features and technology of GS63VR.

Front of the C side set 7 red indicating lights,
starting from the left which are “Sleep”, ”Storage access”, “Numpad”, “Caps lock”, “Blue tooth”, “Wi-Fi”, and “Battery”.
A slightly change of the power button,
which had been moved to the edge of C side since last year, it will be initiated by pressing deeply more than one second to prevent the booting of accidentally touch.

One of the advantages of GS63VR is the 180 degree of the flip angle.
The tiny holes on the upper area of C side are designed for air flow, not the space for speaker sound.
And there is LED indicator in the middle to show the figure of power button, looks special while booting and experiencing it.

Right hand side of the machine can see the IO area,
from the left hand side which are power button \ USB2.0 \ Thunderbolt 3(usb3.1) \ HDMI \ mini DisplayPort \ power connector.

IO on the left hand side of the machine,
starting from the left which are Kensington lock \ RJ45 connector \ SD card reader (XC/HC) \ USB 3.0 x3
Gold plated audio hole for 3.5mm Hi-Fi headset and microphone, especially the headset supports ESS SABRE HIFI technology.

MSI GT62VR High-End gaming notebook with GTX 1060 overview

27 December 2016 - 09:51 PM

This year in the IT world, the most popular trend and the most sought after topic would be the VR application, the so called “age of VR.”
Its impact on the PC industry extends all across the gaming world and not just gaming desktop PC and gaming notebook; even its multimedia capability will be influential in future.
However, the requirement for the hardware is still considerably high; for PC it will need at least a GTX970, or a GTX980M for the notebook, specifications usually carried in higher end PC.

Our test subject for today is MSI’s GT62VR 6RD DOMINATOR.
MSI has been working diligently in the gaming market, especially with its notebook products often refreshes faster than its competitors.
With NVIDIA’s recent launch for the GTX10 series GPU, MSI also launched numerous models that are VR Ready compatible.
After opening the box, we saw the nicely enclosed notebook pack along with a vacuum compressed MSI backpack

This backpack made with softer fabric was designed for GT62VR, excelling in comfort but a bit bulky;
even after putting a 15.6inch notebook inside, there is still a substantial space to put more items in.
Personally I think the backpack looks stylish and yields impeccable comfort after wearing it for some time.

GT62VR Accessories
Driver CD, quick manual guide, product pamphlet, warranty card, SteelSeries RIVAL 50 mouse, DELTA 230W power adaptor, and power cable.
Even with NVIDIA’s new power efficient GPU, it still needs quite a bit of power, hence having a bigger adaptor is inevitable

GT62VR is 390 x 266 x 39.8mm in dimensions, weighing at around 2.94kg, which is still quite hefty for a 15.6inch notebook;
but it is to be expected from a high performance notebook equipping better components, large heat-sink and fans, speakers, and additional DRAM slots for expansions. Similarly to high end models like Dell Alienware 15, close in dimensions, but GT62VR is still a bit lighter.

A side is built with the usual black metallic strips, creating that engine-cap-like design.
What’s different from the previous GT62 are the two red strips on each side to accentuate speed,
it even lights up as you turn on the machine, greatly increases its already futuristic appeal

B side is the 15.6 inch frosted IPS panel, with 1920 x 1080 FHD resolutions.
The bezel itself is frosted and with a touch of sparkle to elevate the texture and quality.
On top is the 1080P, 30Fps WebCam, and two dual-digital microphones on the sides

C side mostly consists of black metallic strips, much like A side.
You could see SteelSeries gaming keyboard which is usually used on MSI’s high end models. With silver lining printing keyboards,
RGB is highly customizable in terms of colors and lighting patterns. Furthermore,
the keypads are soft to touch; but compared to WS72, the latter has more feedback.
The left and right buttons below the touchpad are isolated but responsive, and are less likely to mistakenly touch them

There are 4 stretched buttons on the top right corner; starting from the right is the power button that emits a white glow when turned on;
then the SteelSeries keyboard color switch that enables customized RGB options;
next button works much like a sharing/streaming button that allow users to stream real time during gameplay;
and the last button is the turbo fan boost, maximizing Cooler Boost 4’s heat dissipating technology

5 indicator lights at the front of C side
Starting from left is hard-drive processing, Wi-Fi, battery/charging, Caps ON/OFF, and NumPad ON/OFF
The panel can be opened to 180 degree, also one of GT series’ unique features

Big 4K screen workstation – thin and light MSI WS72 revealed

16 September 2016 - 09:22 PM

In the past, it was more common for workstations to position themselves among computers on the PC market.
Their built-in graphics card could significantly enhance the level of work efficiency for 3D CAD or video editors.
Combining these two working environments’ demands, 
nearly three years later companies started to produce their workstations as a brand product line.
After all, all workstations position themselves as high-end products with the specifications required by the professional users who prepare a certain budget for this kind of product.
I’d like to share an overview of MSI WS72 6QJ. As you can see on the box, 
the logo is different from the Gaming Dragon logo as its light green and “workstation” highlights the product positioning. 
The large backpack also has the same logo.
WS workstation series and the company’s GS series share a high degree of similarity in appearance. 
They both belong to the slim design product series. Even though the screen size ranges from 15.6” to 17.3”, small weight and thickness still deliver extraordinary performance.
The dimensions are 418.5mm x 287mm x 19.9mm, the weight is found to be about 2,630 gram. 
It’s lighter than GS72 (2.6 kg) and its thickness is below the one Intel 15-inch Ultrabook’s specifications state (21 mm).
WS72 is a great combination of both an Ultrabook’s slim design and high-performance hardware.  
The backside of the backpack is made of very solid materials. The separator inside is also quite thick. In terms of overall creativity, 
some individuals may think that there’s still space for improvement and that GS70 looks better. 
Improved texture and fashionable design would let people like it more.
WS72 6QJ Included accessories:
CD drivers, Quick Start Guide, Product Features Guide, Two years warranty, DELTA 150W power adapter, power cable, Mini DisplayPort adapter, MSI dedicated mouse.
A-side is covered with black brushed metal with a car hood design.
Probably due to the materials change, WS72’s metal touch is obviously better than GS70’s.
The main design of GS72 from Gaming Series is the same as WS72; the new generation of materials and design are now being introduced.
When the laptop is on and in use, the logo illuminates light green enhancing appearance of the texture.  
B-side is a 17.3-inch screen which is UHD 4K with a resolution of 3840x2160.
It features a wide view IPS panel and supports 100% Adobe RGB color gamut which enhances the color accuracy.
WebCam with fixed focus lens is FHD 1920X1080p and is capable of recording video at 30fps.
The frame is made of matte plastic material. The thickness is within the common scope and seems to be thinner than WS60. 
As for the internal mechanism these high-end hardware designs are necessary, 
C and D parts need to have a certain volume to in order to achieve high performance.
As a concept of big length and width in the machine, 
if the length X width dimensions let the frame area be narrowed then it will definitely improve the thickness.
WS72 can be this thin and there are no other competitive models which have the same length x width dimensions but are larger in weight. 
It’s therefore already considered to be a good level product.   
Most of the C-side is also covered with black brushed metal and is similar to A-side.
The actual surface area and the body thickness are similar to Dell Alienware 17.
The notebook is equipped with thin full-color Steelseries keyboard which is common for MSI high-end notebooks. The default color is blue.
Using the software, users can choose the backlight color they want as well as display color mode.
Individuals used to think that Steelseries had soft keys, however this time WS72 has improved the force feedback.
In terms of high-end notebook market, WS72 has improved the feeling of typing on a keyboard quite a lot.  
The power button is in the top center and is illuminated with white during notebook’s use. 
It’s illuminated with orange or blue when dedicated or integrated graphics card is in use, respectively. 
The speakers are still by Dynaudio consisting of 2 channel- and 4 usual speakers.
Four single speakers are located in the chassis area which is a more special location for the sound to come out. 
The following paragraph includes detailed comments regarding the sound. 
The grid above the keyboard is used for cooling, not for the audio. 
On the bottom left of the C-side there are 7 status indicators. 
The left are right buttons feel like scissors design. 
It will take some time to get used to the strength control. 
Line out \ Line in \ Headphone-out
On the left side, from left to right: GPU cooling grid\ RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet \ HDMI \ Mini-DisplayPort X2 \ USB 3.1 X2 \ Line out \ Line in \ Headphone-out

windwithme Computex 2016 & Show Girl

04 June 2016 - 11:55 PM


Computex 2016
15.6 1.89KG / 17.7mm


Backpack PC& HTC VIVE VR

WorkStation WT72

17.3 3.95KG / nVIDIA GTX980M SLI

GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming


X99-Designare EX

BRIX Gaming UHD - GB-BNi7HG4-950

MSI GE62 Heroes Edition with UHD 4K display and GTX970M graphics analysis

30 March 2016 - 06:11 AM

During the past 2 years, laptops positioning as Gaming products became almost major brands on a battleground.
Along with PC gaming having global prevalence, gaming products also possesses a very important position on the notebook market.
Dell considered an early-entry gaming brand, however MSI has already been dedicating itself to gaming notebooks market for years.

In pursuit of high performance, MSI featured product line includes GT series and more affordable GE series,
also slim and lightweight of GS series, and the recent new GP series which is more affordable than GE as a mainstream gaming.
Each price range offered at a different product segment, which lets user consider and choose from a wider selection.

The product we are testing today is GE62 6QF Apache Pro
In cooperation with a famous game from Blizzard,
MSI launched limited Heroes of The Storm Edition, which is presented in a special edition carton sleeve.
To the right of GE62 is a special backpack,
it packed in a vacuum for a size reduction purpose and looks ever more attractive than the previous review of GT72 backpack.

GE62 6QF Apache Pro Heroes Edition included accessories
CD drivers, quick start guide, product features guide. two years warranty card, MSI gaming mouse.
slim type DELTA 150W adapter and a power cable.

At first, you can see the HEROES OF THE STORM game characters design on the A-side of the notebook.
The standard edition has a metal aluminum cover with racing shapes,
and comparing to the previous GE60 generation with a piano paint, this shell is more attractive.
Because the Heroes of the storm edition has full-color IMR painting design,
so both A and C sides had to be replaced with plastic material.

The dimensions are 383(W) x 260(D) x 27~29(H) mm with a 2.4 kg in weight.
Since the 15.6-inch is equipped with high-specification hardware, it feels light when lifting the notebook up.
Although notebooks with embedded CD-ROM usually created additional thickness, the thickness of the GE62 design is fairly moderate.

B side is 15.6-inch glare 4K screen of 3840x2160 resolution, as Samsung currently offers only glare version for this type of a screen.
The general GE62 version includes 1920 X 1080 matte display, but this GE62 version has a different panel.
The black border around the screen is matte and is covered with glitter embellishment to enhance the visual quality.
The WebCam above the screen is 720P and is capable of 30FPS. Built-in microphones are on both sides with stereo mic support.

Though C-side is also made of metal on the standard edition, in the Heroes Edition, due to IMR printed design, it had to be modified became ABS plastic material.
SteelSeries keyboard consists of 3 lighting zones providing a rich choice of full color selection switch through SteelSeries Engine.
The trackpad with the left and right buttons, has sensitivity level better than GT72S

There are 3 matte-textured buttons on the top right.
On the right is the power button, the indicating LED will turn blue when the notebook power on.
In the middle is the SteelSeries keyboard button which lets you switch between different lighting modes with different Macro keys.
On the left is the cooler boost button, which represents Cooler Boost 3 cooling technology and provides higher fan speed with excellent thermal environment.

Underneath is a non-removable battery, 6-Cell Lithium Ion with the power of 51wHr.
2.1 Sound System is based around the surface while an woofer is located at the bottom left black netted area.
In the center of the bottom there are 3 blue LED status lights indicating of hard drive, power and WIFI.
The speakers are on the left and right sides of the bottom, which bring a more direct sound to the user thanks to the special design.

IO area on the right side.
From left to right: DC power jack \ SD(XC/HC) \ USB 2.0 \ HD-DT-ST DVDRAM