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Qualcomm Alleges Apple Gave Source Code to Intel

Yesterday, 12:00 PM

A lot of parts go into making modern smartphones, so the companies making them need to work with many other companies, and apparently this can get rather complicated and tangled. Some years ago Apple and Qualcomm started working together to supply chips for the iPhone, and the two companies have also been fighting legal battles for some time as well. One of the suits brought by Qualcomm is that under the companies' agreement, Apple must allow the other company to audit it for the purpose of ensuring the source code and tools from Qualcomm are being properly protected, as they are trade secrets. That suit claims Apple has not been allowing such an audit, but now Qualcomm is claiming Apple has actually been turning over some of the source code to Intel, so it can improve its products.

Qualcomm claims to have unearthed this from the documents and other evidence shared as part of discovery for the lawsuit. Now the company wants to add this much more serious charge to the lawsuit. This case is to have its court date in April, if it remains on track.

Source: CNBC

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Absolver: Downfall Releases with 50% off Sale

Yesterday, 07:22 AM

Today sees the release of the Downfall expansion for Absolver. This expansion, which is free for everyone, adds a new game mode, combat style, and School challenges for competing against rival schools. To mark the occasion, the game is on sale at 50% off on both PC and PlayStation 4 for the next week.

With the expansion comes the Downfall Mode that set players, solo or with friends, on a path through the Adalian Mines, fighting your way through upgraded enemies to reach three boss fights. The Faejin Combat style has been added as well, with its blend of offense and defense using percussive strikes and fluid power, making it a complex style for experienced players. The School challenges allow players, once they have reached the rank of Disciple, to fight in 1v1 combat trials using only the school's decks and powers, to see which school can win and at the end of the three-week long season, win reward.

Source: Press Release

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AMD Submits Linux Patches for 'Next Generation of Processors'

24 September 2018 - 04:12 PM

They are still some months away, but it AMD's next series of CPUs are already appearing in patches for Linux. Today support for architectural extensions for Platform Quality of Service was added by a series of patches, with the next generation of processors specifically mentioned. The purpose of these extensions is for monitoring the usage of system resources, by one or more processors, and the allocation and enforcement of limits on these system resources, by one or more processors. The QoS sub-features these new processors will support are L3 Cache allocation enforcement, L3 Cache occupancy monitoring, L3 Code-Data Prioritization support, and Memory Bandwidth Enforcement (Allocation), according to the kernel mailing list.

As Phoronix notes, these features are likely only going to be enabled for the next series of EPYC processors, and not seen on the desktop Ryzen CPUs. Phoronix also notes these features seem similar to Intel Resource Directory Technology. We may see more information on the next series of AMD processors in the foreseeable future as at least the EPYC 2 CPUs they are expected in the first half of 2019 and will need Linux support when they launch.

Source: Phoronix

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Intel H310C Chipset Apparently To Be Fabbed on 22 nm Process

21 September 2018 - 03:09 PM

Intel has reportedly been suffering from a 14 nm production shortage, which has resulted in a lack of supply for the current generation of CPUs. Now it appears to potentially help address the supply issue, Intel is taking a technological step back for the H310C chipset. Typically Intel chipsets would not be on the same manufacturing process as the CPUs they support, but as Intel has been unable to move on to the 10 nm process it has been working on, the chipsets have progressed to also be on a 14 nm process. Now Intel is reportedly intending to manufacture the H310C on its 22 nm process, alleviating some of the demand on its 14 nm fabrication systems. This would be a new variant of the currently available H310 chipset, which has been produced on a 14 nm process.

Being a lower-end chipset, the H310 series will likely not see a significant loss of performance or efficiency from this move. Still, this would indicate Intel is in an undesirable situation as it needs to transition one product to an older process to satisfy demand for others. The question now is if Intel may need to move more components to older processes as well.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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Samsung Reportedly Planning to Slow Memory Chip Output Next Year

21 September 2018 - 02:47 PM

It was earlier this month there were reported expectations of memory prices coming down next year as Intel CPU shortages impact laptop shipments. Now there are reports that Samsung at least might decide to slow its production of memory chips, keeping the supply tight and therefore the prices high. This would impact more than Samsung though, but also SK Hynix and Micron Technologies, which also produce memory chips. If this happens, it will also mean these companies would likely cut back on investments in new equipment and materials.

Source: Bloomberg

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