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GOG Adds User Profiles to its Platform

Today, 09:28 AM

Steam is the clearly dominant PC gaming platform, but it does have competitors, such as GOG that has carved out a niche of offering classic games, DRM-free games, and the completely optional GOG Galaxy launcher. Now it has finally launched its own User Profiles, allowing players to share information across its four seconds, Feed, Profile, Games, and Friends. There are also new privacy settings to go along with these profiles, so you can control what is and is not visible, which is something Steam recently added as well.

The centerpiece of these new user profiles is the Feed, where you can see what your friends have been playing, achievements, milestones, screenshots, forum activity, and general thoughts. You are free to provide your approval as you wish and to share your own stuff here as well. Your Profile is naturally going to be about you and your gaming accomplishments, such as how much time you have spent in your games, your latest achievements, and a look at what your friends have been doing too. Under the Games tab, you can see a list of all of your games along with different stats, which can be sorted and compared against your friends. The Friends tab provides a summary of their activity, including what games are most popular among them, so you can join them in multiplayer or find something to enjoy yourself. Some of the stats, like achievements, time played, and milestones will rely on using the GOG Galaxy launcher, but all users can still take advantage of the user profiles even without using the software.

Source: GOG

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AMD Might be Making Combat Crates with MSI

Today, 09:12 AM

This is a somewhat interesting piece of news, and could also prove helpful for some, though there is an odd point to it. According to VideoCardz, AMD is working with MSI to offer "Combat Crates" which including a Ryzen CPU, compatible motherboard, and MSI RX 580 Armor graphics card. Only two of these crates are known of by VideoCardz, with one offering a Ryzen 5 1600 and the other a Ryzen 7 1700, while both come with a B350-based motherboard. You may have noticed that odd point now, as these are 1st generation Ryzen parts, and not from the freshly released 2nd generation Ryzen platform. While these parts are hardly poor-performers from last year, it still seems a little odd, but depending on the pricing, this could be exactly what some people are looking for. By bundling the graphics card with the CPU and motherboard, it might be a way to sell these parts to people looking to build gaming PCs without breaking their budget on mining-inflated GPU prices.

We will just have to wait and see if these are officially announced, and then if this partnership will extend to more Combat Crates from MSI, or even to other AIB partners.

Source: VideoCardz

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AMD Might Still Launch a Ryzen 7 2800X

Today, 09:01 AM

Last week AMD launched its 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs, with the Ryzen 7 2700X at the top of the stack. If you remember the first generation products, you will remember the 1800X had been the top offering, with the 1700X below it. The lack of a 2800X led many to speculate for reasons why, but for AMD it is because the 2700X and Ryzen 7 2700 cover the performance and price points it was aiming for, with these new 8 core/16 thread parts. However, Jim Anderson, Senior Vice President at AMD apparently hinted a 2800X could appear on a later date, depending on Intel's response to the 2700X. Many of the reviews I have seen describe the 2700X as a worthy choice over Intel's Core i7 8700K, because while the 8700K can still offer greater gaming performance, the 2700X is not far behind, and with its addition two cores and four threads, it offers even better performance in multi-threaded workloads.

Source: Tech Power Up

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Developer Campo Santo is Joining Valve

Today, 08:53 AM

Campo Santo, the developer of Firewatch, has made an unexpected announcement recently that it is joining Valve. The San Francisco-based developer will even move up to Bellevue as part of this, while it continues to work on its next game, In the Valley of Gods, which will be a Valve title. This merging comes after meeting the Valve employees, in whom Campo Santo found another group with a passion for making and producing entertainment, while Valve saw in them unique experience, as well as valuable and diverse perspectives.

Source: Camp Santo

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AMD Invites Resellers to Share Stories of Competition Trying to Restrict Sales of Radeo...

Today, 08:45 AM

Last week AMD finally provided an official response to the NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program, though GPP was not specifically named, where it promised a commitment to freedom of choice and working with AIB partners to create new brands to sell Radeon products under. That was not all AMD did last week as Scott Herkelman, Corporate VP and General Manager of AMD Radeon gaming, and a former NVIDIA executive, went to Twitter to reach out to resellers. This was during an AMD sales event held in London and in his Tweets, Herkelman states some of those attending shared stories of the competition using "funding and allocation to restrict or block your ability to market and sell Radeon based products in the manner you and your customers desire." Herkelmen than invited any others who have such stories to reach out and share them with him, so they can work together to ensure gamers have freedom of choice.

Since the story of GPP being potentially anti-competitive and anti-consumer even, NVIDIA has been rather quiet, as Forbes notes. However, the author of the original piece, Kyle Bennett of [H]ardOCP, claims NVIDIA has started a disinformation campaign against him, including claiming he was paid by AMD for it. Bennett denies any payment, but did state in the original piece AMD approached him and other news outlets about the story. He is the one who decided to do additional digging into GPP, as "there was no story to be told" from just the information AMD had presented, and uncover what he shared.

Source: Forbes

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