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In Topic: OCC Twitch Stream

Today, 09:48 AM

Just finished the stream and except for some odd audio issues I think it went fairly well.


Next week my plan is to try streaming some DiRT 3. Hopefully nothing comes up to disrupt that, but my weeks have been pretty crazy of late, so it is entirely possible.

In Topic: OCC Twitch Stream

Today, 09:00 AM

Starting the stream.

In Topic: Steam Daily Deals

Today, 09:00 AM

The Technomancer at 66% off: $10.19.

In Topic: Serious Statistics Reviewed

Yesterday, 11:32 AM

I kept messing around with the ability to make overlays, improving the process (it is now multi-threaded!) and trying it in different games. Wanted to play some DiRT 3 before DiRT 4 releases in June, so that is the game I did this testing on. It doesn't really like passing the F11 key I use to start OCAT through for some reason, so I had to work around this and the videos might not be in perfect sync (especially the display time video), but here they are:


This is the first display time overlay I've tried and I've change some of the styling from the frame time overlay (using a step graph instead of directly connecting the points, for example, and changing the y-axis) because I think it looks better and may be more appropriate with the data. Anyway, here is the display time data for the same video (possibly not in perfect sync):

In Topic: Steam Daily Deals

Yesterday, 10:37 AM

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition at 75% off: $7.49.


Weekend Sale (cont.):

Fallout 4 at 67% off: $19.79. Season Pass also on sale at 40% off. Free weekend.