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In Topic: OCC Twitch Stream

Yesterday, 12:21 PM

Okay, just finished making a recording and am uploading it now. Here's the link once it is up and processed:

In Topic: OCC Twitch Stream

Yesterday, 10:43 AM

Well, looks like there won't be a stream today because YouTube is refusing to work for streaming on the OCC channel. Can stream to my channel fine. Even changed the stream key for my channel's streaming profile in OBS to be the OCC key, and still won't working, which means unless the copy-paste clipboard selectively breaks for the OCC stream key, there is nothing I can do.

In Topic: OCC Twitch Stream

Yesterday, 10:24 AM

Well, I was about 20 minutes late because I was volunteered to help with some household technical difficulties, and now YouTube is deciding to have some difficulties of its own. I really wish I knew why my channel does not have these problems, but OCC's does every week.

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Yesterday, 10:20 AM

DiRT Showdown at 90% off: $1.49.

In Topic: OCC Twitch Stream

Yesterday, 09:13 AM

About 50 minutes before the stream starts.