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Win 7 with USB 3.0

21 November 2016 - 10:22 AM

Ok im just giving up, throwing in my man/IT card.


I have spent the good portion of the day trying to make a bootable usb drive with windows 7 pro 64 bit with usb 3.0 driver.


I bought an intel nuc computer but it only has usb 3.0 ports on it.  As soon as i get into the windows install i no longer have keyboard and mouse.  Ive read tons of internet pages, watched numerus youtube videos and download countless programs.  but i cant get the 3.0 driver to install.


If anyone has a iso or has the know how to do this for me i would forever be in the debt.  I also have an ftp link you can upload it to that i can pm you with.

Pci-e cable end

03 October 2016 - 10:01 AM

Hi everyone


So im on the verge of building a new computer.  One thing I want to do is do a small mod for the Pci-e cables for the GPU's.   The PSU will be on the bottom of the case with an aluminum plate between it and the cards.    What im looking for is almost a passthrough plug for a 6 pin Pci-e cable, really what I want to do is plug the cable from the PSU into the bottom of the plug and then use a premade sleeved cable from the top of the plug to the card.



Anyone have any idea if they make such a plug, I've been racking my brain trying every webpage I can think of.

cad computer from dell

02 April 2015 - 08:12 AM

Hey guys in need your help.  I have two options im looking at right now.



1) Percision 7910


CPU e5-2603 v3

memory 16GB 4x4GB 2133Mhz




2) Percision T1700


CPU E3-1271 v3

memory 16GB 4x4GB 1600Mhz


Rest of the stats are the same


quadro K2200



Would it be better to go with option 1 with the slower cpu but faster ram or option 2 with the faster and more threads cpu and slower ram?     The cad software we run is  Delcam power mill 2014 and solid works 2014