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Win 7 with USB 3.0

21 November 2016 - 10:22 AM

Ok im just giving up, throwing in my man/IT card.


I have spent the good portion of the day trying to make a bootable usb drive with windows 7 pro 64 bit with usb 3.0 driver.


I bought an intel nuc computer but it only has usb 3.0 ports on it.  As soon as i get into the windows install i no longer have keyboard and mouse.  Ive read tons of internet pages, watched numerus youtube videos and download countless programs.  but i cant get the 3.0 driver to install.


If anyone has a iso or has the know how to do this for me i would forever be in the debt.  I also have an ftp link you can upload it to that i can pm you with.

Pci-e cable end

03 October 2016 - 10:01 AM

Hi everyone


So im on the verge of building a new computer.  One thing I want to do is do a small mod for the Pci-e cables for the GPU's.   The PSU will be on the bottom of the case with an aluminum plate between it and the cards.    What im looking for is almost a passthrough plug for a 6 pin Pci-e cable, really what I want to do is plug the cable from the PSU into the bottom of the plug and then use a premade sleeved cable from the top of the plug to the card.



Anyone have any idea if they make such a plug, I've been racking my brain trying every webpage I can think of.

cad computer from dell

02 April 2015 - 08:12 AM

Hey guys in need your help.  I have two options im looking at right now.



1) Percision 7910


CPU e5-2603 v3

memory 16GB 4x4GB 2133Mhz




2) Percision T1700


CPU E3-1271 v3

memory 16GB 4x4GB 1600Mhz


Rest of the stats are the same


quadro K2200



Would it be better to go with option 1 with the slower cpu but faster ram or option 2 with the faster and more threads cpu and slower ram?     The cad software we run is  Delcam power mill 2014 and solid works 2014

car audio system running off computer PSU

16 February 2015 - 06:01 AM

Ok guy need a little help, here is my old system



Its a very old picture but gives you the platform im working with.  So this is my work toolbox, i do maintenance on large CNC machines and the guys and i like to listen to music while we work so i threw this together a few years back.


RF punch 200.4 running fronts for tweeters and rears for mids on a set of polk audio m30 bookshelf speakers

RF punch 500.2 running at 250 watts @ 2 ohms on 1 channel for a alpine type r 8" sub

O2 headphone amp plugged into my iphone all running off a silver stone 850watt PSU


While this setup does ok Id really like to improve on it.   Since i had a wisdom tooth pulled out last tuesday it gave me a week off work and a lot of laying around to decide to upgrade my setup.


so with that being said here is what i have come up with with spare parts from friends


Alpine 9887 headunit + bluetooth attachment

Focal solid1 amp powering 4 Alpine SWR-8D2 8" subs @ 4 ohms

Focal solid2 amp powering Focal 165A3 3-way component speakers

hoping to use the same 850watt Silverstone PSU from last setup, if not i have a 1200watt sitting at home.


Wheels on box will be upgraded to 6x2" wheels giving me 7.5" of clearance under the box so i can fit up to a 6x55x18.5 sealed or ported box underneath the tool box.   Components will have custom boxes made for the top of the tool box.


This is where im hoping some of you guys can jump in and help me.   I know i can run the HU off the PSU but every time i turn off the PSU or unplug the cable i loose all setting on the Headunit.   Is there a way i can run a small set of like AA's @ 12v to keep the memory on the headunit for being wiped out?

What games are you playing?

28 October 2014 - 07:24 AM

Just a quick simple question.... I'm always looking for a new game to play so I figured see what everyone else was playing.


Over the last month I've played,


Life is Feudal   I see this game taking a very long time to play, its still in the alpha/beta stage and for a new player its very hard to get started.   I didnt play it much as every time i logged off i could never find the server i was on to continue where i left off at.


Windward  Coming form someone that loved Sid Meier's Pirates I gave this one a try.  I haven't made it to far into the game but if you like sinking ships its fun,  game can be very repetitive at times and trading is almost a job and almost un-needed in the game.  You would have to set up an excel sheet just to keep track of what town needs what and what town produces it just to make any profit off it.


Banished spent countless hours on this game for the past 3 days, its like being a mayor back in the 1500's building and growing a town, micro managing your resources and population, and any sort of disaster could ruin everything.  Had a tornado hit my village last night destroying half of it and kill 180/200 people.