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#2162153 Could use some ideas getting an old game running

Posted by cjloki on 03 November 2017 - 04:14 AM

i have tried and tried again to get crysis running but no joy,...i just caint make it work on the newer OS's ... my steam version, same thing...sucks




Thank me later. :)

Going to give this a try when home.

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#2136274 Microsoft to give away Windows 10 as free upgrade

Posted by cjloki on 29 January 2015 - 09:10 PM

i put the win10 technical preview on one of my older machines last week, just to test it out, (and posted a few of my findings on my facebook) and while i had intended to dig deeper into it beyond the gui, this week, i got called back out to drive for this saturday and won't have time to do it justice...soo maybe when i get back from this next trip i'll be able to look deeper into win 10...

mean while, just the gui changes are a bit weird and will take some getting used to, (my first impression was something like win 7 crossed with ubuntu and some win 8 thown in) but that's just me...i had really gotten used to the active corners of win 8-8.1, and those are now missing, there is an option to set your gui to open in metro style or you can keep the metro attached to the start button popup, sort of win 7 style, and scroll thru the metro icons with the mouse wheel in the lower lefthand corner...basically the gui is pretty familiar and reminiscent of it's predecessors and should be fairly easy to navigate by anyone who regularly logs in here on OCC...


i have received the tech preview response app invite today, but havent had the time to give my feedback yet....maybe tomorrow...

#2111657 is going up to 1.3v safe at 4.4 ghz?

Posted by cjloki on 04 January 2014 - 06:20 PM

idaho or red  ?

baked or fried ?

#2107814 downloadedl from cnet cpuz got pup conduit malware bytes

Posted by cjloki on 23 November 2013 - 09:46 AM

does anyone remember back in the day when cnet was absolutely reputable and loathed this kind of addon bloatware tagging ? ...years ago cnet was all for us enthusiasts, and would never think of this...i used to put much faith and trust in these guys, and zdnet too, but now not so much...

#2087416 Quote background change? Can't read!

Posted by cjloki on 04 May 2013 - 06:53 AM


Some of the icons have stopped working for me on the mobile site as well - perhaps IP Board update?

Updates for IPB mean downgrades and bugs :lol:


how about this ^

#2086892 The Great Debate: TN vs IPS

Posted by cjloki on 29 April 2013 - 06:48 AM

waht the hell are you guy talking about....tn ? ips ? ...good grief i'm old or something...

#2084929 Taking 26th

Posted by cjloki on 15 April 2013 - 08:12 AM

I was a SETI guy for years and then heard about folding here. I can't remember who was the inspiration behind me @ OCC but I give you all credit. :slap:

I guess being in the medical field I thought folding more apropos.

Endorphiend is next on the hit list...25th in 3 days or so...love the 3770. It's about 2.5 times my CPU/GPU in my HTPC :)

for some reason I don't understand my Sheila gets all cranky when I have all the machines folding,...i don't get it but if not for her I'd fire all my junk up and catch up with you in short order...you better get moving there bro in case I change my mind...

#2084374 Bad day thread

Posted by cjloki on 11 April 2013 - 01:19 PM


While some might find it a good day, for me yesterday was a bad day...


  • Dental appointment revealed I need over $4000 worth of work done...
  • Thermast in our bedroom caught fire and wife put it out before it took off.
  • Truck brakes are in need to repair, started squealing yesterday
  • My daughter got an eviction notice from her apartment
  • Some software I was testing trashed my main gaming system....

I know it could be worse but seriously..... Feel like I lived through a country music song.


Who in their right mind would find that to be a nice day? i read the first point and i already shuddered


this could actually go in the good day thread because when the daughter moves back in, her contributions to the family coffers will help with the cost of the truck brakes repairs and thermostat repairs, (of course daughter will gratefully help with the thermostat fire cleanup effort)  and papa can use her car until the brakes get fixed, that will lessen the ed's financial burden enough to set aside some money for some dental work and the family bonds will grow stronger due to familial closeness and all...now i feel all envious and warm inside  ! and all that's left to do is a few minor computer changes and bam...all good again

#2081856 What I did today .......

Posted by cjloki on 26 March 2013 - 11:07 PM

werkin on case mod stuff: attachicon.gifWP_000126.jpgattachicon.gifWP_000127.jpgattachicon.gifWP_000128.jpg

you walking dead junkie too ? ...n yup, must create brains, braaiiinnnss :teehee:


today i drove 680+ miles from ogden utah to riverside ca with 41,000 pounds of ice cream,....mmmm, me glad to be home

#2078920 Need help OC'ing a old rig

Posted by cjloki on 03 March 2013 - 10:00 AM

First let me begin with saying that I'm new here and fairly new to OC'ing, so please bare with my ignorance of the subject. I have recently received a old rig that personally I feel has some real potential to have new life brought into it. The rig was given to me because it was "broken" but aparently the old owner knew nothing about computers, since all I had to do is replace the RAM to get it to fire up. Anyhow, here are my system specs:


Model : BuyMyPC ClientPro 585
Serial Number : 426616******
Mainboard : Intel D975XBX
Serial Number : BQBX63******
BIOS : Intel BX97510J.86A.1487.2007.0902.1724 09/02/2007
Total Memory : 1GB DIMM DDR2

ok sorry, i saw this, and made a presumtion...my bad...nevermind...

#2075437 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Posted by cjloki on 05 February 2013 - 09:13 AM




This game was beautiful. Excellent graphics, excellent gameplay., etc. The only bad was it was too short and u can't go anywhere .. the places to go are very restricted.


btw what's wrong with faces? i think they were really GOOD and also who cares much abt that? The important is the gamplay




yeey double post >.>


and you're right warw, the facial animations are eh for the most part, but while deeply involved in game-play i didn't think about it...and i've recently started it all over again, so i'll be retrained when the new one comes along ! oh and btw from the little bit i saw in the trailer it seems to have the same sort of look and animations as the assassin of kings does...i like that we'll be able to roam around and change how we approach the challenges on our own, that sounds very cool to me...



should i be ashamed of myself because i quited the witcher 2 because the part of the story i got was so boring? (and i was stuck at that too >:C)

it was the part when a witch was terrorising the soldier and i needed to get info from the hookers to banish her >.<


for some reason the witcher is just trying to hard for being to serious, i hope they go a bit looser on the next installment.


looser like full on sex scenes hehehe, my fav is getting geralt laid ...

#2075170 Bittorrent client suggestions, please?

Posted by cjloki on 03 February 2013 - 05:46 PM

utorrent ftw !

#2074551 Tier 5 Contests

Posted by cjloki on 30 January 2013 - 08:15 AM

back when i first heard about the tier level program, i remember feeling a little bit skeptical at first and thinking "there's no way i'm gonna pay to belong to a free tech community forum", and but then the more i thought about it, the more i felt like this one community has become my sort of #1 webtech home, so why not ?...


...now granted i'm not the most tech-savvy guy in the world, but i do get around alot on the web, and know how to root out information and solutions when i need 'em, and where to look for them if need arises,(especially when i'm working on a new build or project that i'm having difficulty/trouble with) but i haven't come across or know of any other tech site that has the kind of advanced help and highly educated staff and membership, along with the all inclusive friendly, family type atmosphere that this site has without all the flaming, sarcasm and childish b.s. that i've seen at other sites out there... if you need help or answers, it's right here, and ya don't have to pay for it because this community is very happy to lend a hand and help out,...it's just the way they do it !...


...so i said to myself "why not just go all the way and be "all in"... for me it's not about the prizes or upgrades i get from leveling up, (but i do like the extras too) but it's more about being able to give back to the community that i fit in with and get so much good help from, and being able to assist staff to do more for us as a group...(the more i help out , the more they get freed up to do more for us)... 


...and as for the cost to level up goes, for me it's not about how much it costs me, as much as it is about what i get for my money, ...OCC has more than paid me back in tech support and suggestions, humor and friendly conversations and entertaining sidelines that have me in stitches sometimes, and then there's all the research and fact finding, all the reviews and sharing that they do for us...all the pluses like the annual CES run and other events that staff brings to this community !...


i get ALOT for my money here at OCC ! ...so i'm feeling just a little surprised that there aren't more "members at large" taking advantage of the t5 upgrades and opportunities, and choosing a higher level of belonging...

#2072432 Sure is quiet in here.

Posted by cjloki on 16 January 2013 - 08:29 AM

isn't the word quiet spelled quiet ? quite so i believe !

#2069385 Official 'What Did You Buy/Receive for Christmas' Thread

Posted by cjloki on 25 December 2012 - 06:39 PM

some shirts and a pair of harley jeans, chocolate bars and i won and awesome ssd from occ,...but beyond all that i got to be home to enjoy christmas with family and close friends....best gift of all !...