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In Topic: Acer Predator X34 Reviewed

25 January 2016 - 09:27 PM


The monitor has a 4-star rating on Newegg out of 75 reviews and a 4.1-star rating on Amazon out of 42 reviews.

Umm, yeah, but if you care to actually read the positive reviews a large amount of them still complain about BLB. Some people can live with it, but i think if you dish out $1300 on a monitor it better be perfect (like some people got it). Other thoughts: some 3 or 4 star reviews basically say "oh, great monitor, but started to flicker/stopped working/etc" which pretty much it should get 1 star because you cant use it but people still put up good rating (for specs maybe?). I'd say stars in reviews is not really an indicator. Same goes for amazon, the first result i clicked had 44 reviews and most 3 star had "minor" issues like inability to OC to 100Hz, which in my opinion should be 1 star because if the monitor does not work as advertised then it is not the monitor that i wanted. Pretty sure 2 star reviews had similar issues or worse. Some reviews had terrible experience with a number of monitors and had to RMA, but it still couns towards the same stars. Getting us to the point where 5 star reviews (where the screen is perfect - or, should i say, passed the QC) are only at 60% and 1-3 star are at 30%, meaning 1 out of 3 units is bound to malfunction in some way. Quite a gamble for $1300.



My unit had not one, but THREE issues at the same time, so yeah, i'd go as far as to claim that the monitor does have quality control issues. When i saw your screenshot of a black screen with logo on it and there was no visible lightbleed i cringed with envy :D

Here is what mine looked like


Ouch, that is quite bad; definitely glad mine isn't like that. I've been using it on a daily basis and it's still working like a charm.


I'm not saying there aren't plenty of people that had issues, but Vapor is making harsh accusations about a company with no proof and I find it hard to believe his 1/12 story (and he has a history of spouting BS in the past). It's one thing to say to be wary, but it's another to accuse a company of fixing reviews.

In Topic: Acer Predator X34 Reviewed

21 January 2016 - 10:00 AM

My own experience as well as that of many other people I know that have bought the Freesync and Gsync version of this monitor is that Acer needs to work on quality control. Out of a total of 12 people buying these monitors only one had a good experience out of the box. Speaking with many reviewers it seems they are getting cherry picked monitor.

As stated before, my monitor did not come direct from Acer and saying reviewers are getting cherry-picked units is quite the accusation of which you provide no evidence.


The monitor has a 4-star rating on Newegg out of 75 reviews and a 4.1-star rating on Amazon out of 42 reviews. I'd trust those samples rather than your undocumented personal sample. Every monitor/product will have the occasional bad seed, but to claim a quality control issue because you were unlucky is ridiculous.

In Topic: Steam Hardware Survey Details NVIDIA Dominance

19 January 2016 - 07:03 AM


This is a Steam Hardware Survey and you can't do much gaming with integrated graphics, so the huge disparity should not be surprising.


You'd be surprised with how decent the newer integrated stuff is. I've been playing GTA 4 and Dirt 3 at 1920x1080 with medium settings on my Intel 6100 and they run pretty smooth.


So you're playing an 8yr old game and 5yr old game, respectively, at just medium settings? I rest my case.

In Topic: Steam Hardware Survey Details NVIDIA Dominance

18 January 2016 - 06:20 PM

This is a Steam Hardware Survey and you can't do much gaming with integrated graphics, so the huge disparity should not be surprising.

In Topic: Tom Clancy's The Division

17 January 2016 - 03:01 PM

Disappointed its not an open world game. It would have been interesting if it was setup like DayZ or Rust. Everyone on one map, where you can raid AI bases and fight other players. Now its more along the lines of a Destiny/Warframe. Play your co-op missions, then enter an separate open pvp zone.

I wonder if the dark zone will be a purely kill on sight zone. Also PVP will not be on even grounds like DayZ and Rust, where stats are static. We'll have to see how huge of a difference a geared character is vs someone with lesser gear.


I'm hoping Ghost Recon Wildlands to be my open world co-op game.

It's most certainly an open-world game; I believe you meant you're disappointed it's not an MMO, which I never expected it to be. And I for one am glad it's not. Everything I've read from people who have played the alpha have said it's much better than Destiny, so I'm holding out hope.


As for The Dark Zone, this is how Ubisoft describes it:

The Dark Zone is the PvP-enabled area populated with enemies and other players. The reason it’s PvP-enabled and not strictly labeled as a PvP zone is pretty simple: you ultimately make the choice whether to engage in PvP or not. As you probably have seen by now, most squads in the Dark Zone are there because they want to get some of the better loot in the game. At any given time, other players can either help them get that loot, or they can try to take it from them. Choosing the latter means that you’ve gone rogue, and will be designated as such to other agents – who are then free to kill you without going rogue themselves.


Wandering through the Dark Zone is an incredibly intense experience. When you come across another squad of agents, there’s a moment where you wonder if they’re going to turn on you, or if you should turn on them before they get the chance to steal from you. On top of that, even the normal enemies we came across seemed much stronger than those outside the Dark Zone, making the decision to engage or avoid much more important.


It sounds interesting and I for one like that PvP is separated out so you can actually enjoy the story and gearing up on your own until you're ready or want a change of pace.