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In Topic: Fantasy Football

07 December 2014 - 08:40 PM

Hey Clay, I feel compelled to kick your ass this week.  This crap has gone on long enough and it is time to be put in your place sir!

Hmmm, didn't see this post until now because I was sick all Thanksgiving week, but it looks like you didn't get your wish :P


And unless Matt Ryan throws for 10 TDs tomorrow, it looks like I'll whoop Alex and move on to semis!

In Topic: About that time

06 December 2014 - 04:06 PM

I'm with everyone else - the original PSU you chose is just overkill and money that could be better spent elsewhere...if not on hardware, then on a game to really test your new build. lol.


As for the GPU question, I'd always go with the best single-GPU you can afford over an SLI solution. That being said, you're certainly paying a huge premium for a GTX 980 right now. A better value would be the GTX 970 if you're that concerned about over-spending. In the world of computer-building, it's usually best to go one down from the top if you care about bang-for-buck.

In Topic: Dying Light PC specs released

06 December 2014 - 01:12 PM

Thank god they decided to ditch last-gen consoles. That would have been a disaster.

In Topic: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Reviewed

09 November 2014 - 02:50 PM

Jim is the one slinging personal attacks here, not me. If he doesn't understand that people have different opinions, then he shouldn't be a reviewer. I simply stated that difficulty does not equate to bad design; if he feels otherwise, that's his prerogative, but to attack me over my stance is juvenile at best. It's funny because Gabriel "attacked his abilities" first, but I guess because he added "good review" to it, that's okay. :rolleyes:


It's also hilarious the review quotes he selected...one saying the game is easy, the other saying he wishes the complexity at the end was present throughout. But hey, I guess you read into it what you want.

In Topic: im in gaming purgatory

09 November 2014 - 09:19 AM

What genres do you like and which games have caused you to be in this funk?