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Free to a new home!

25 May 2016 - 06:13 PM

Free to a good home


1 lightly used Kingston SSD Now V series 128 GB solid state drive. 


Since figuring out what my first review was and how long I have been a staff member at OCC was equally not a challenge I figured that I would go with something a bit more challenging for this prize. The only investment is time. No post count limits, no FAH points although that would be nice addition to the team. I would like to keep this as US and Canada based unless you can contribute to the shipping although it should not be terrible.  


Many of you know what I do for a living. I work for the most recognized brand in the world Coca-Cola. The question is how long have I been with the company and in what capacities have I worked.


First hint: I am not in sales.......




Google Voice

17 January 2016 - 02:13 PM

Anyone have any experience using a Google voice phone number? Dialing out and receiving calls are my concerns. 

Finally decided to built a new daily driver

24 September 2015 - 05:54 PM

My Core i7 920 is finally getting a bit long in the tooth showing its age and lack of raw speed. Its lost a step even though by most accounts it is still a pretty decent rig but is getting retired. So I started work on Mini-Me. This wont be a custom one off show piece. In fact it will be pretty far away from that and be just a good solid build with no windows to worry about showing how packed the chassis really is.  
Current specs include:
Core I7 920 @3.4Ghz
Noctua Cooled
12GB of DDR3 running at 2000Mhz
MSI Big Bang motherboard
1.5TB  disk drive
HD 6990
Red Flame CM Stacker 830 Case
Not bad right? That being said I wanted to put together a small form factor rig that performance wise just flat out performed it in every way. I took a look at what I wanted to build and then set out my plan. I wanted solid state drives since I had plenty of backed up storage space on my NAS and will only need to keep the basics and kick the rest to the storage system. Originally I was going to use an Intel Core i7 5775C and use the on board Iris Pro graphics in lieu of using a discrete card since I have a gaming system for gaming only and will use this again as a daily driver. After deciding on a small form factor build I needed to find a motherboard to fit into a Node 304 case. I needed a Z97 based board for this build because of the CPU I wanted to use.  I visited my semi local Micro Center since they usually have a fairly good size stock of returned ITX motherboards that if you look hard enough through the pile you can find a gem. Most of the time the boards are missing the parts you really need and after about 30 minutes of roaming through the re certified section I found a Z97I Plus from ASUS. There were others to choose from but this one stood out because it had everything and the price was knocked down by almost 50%. I dont usually take a chance but it was what I needed. I walked out with it for $100 and I had the makings of my first small form factor build with the parts listed below.    
Node 304 case
TT 750w non modular PSU
Z97I Plus motherboard
16GB Corsair Vengeance 2666Mhz
Core I7 5775C
OCZ and Kingston SSD's
Corsair H90 cooling
Pretty happy with my choices I thought about trying to shove a full on water loop in the case but decided against it on this rig because really the chip runs incredibly cool even with the voltage cranked up so an AIO cooler would work just fine. That opened up the cooling possibilities but I stuck with the AIO since space is really at a premium. Realising up front that a modular PSU would work best I just used what I had laying around and would find a way to make it work. 
Having a basic plan I started putting the rig together. Everything went in fairly easily with some velcro and wire ties and in the end ended up with this. But wait there is a discrete card in this system.......


22 September 2015 - 07:54 PM

Prime time usage that I get using their own speed test. Methinks they be throttling the speeds to make me upgrade. I wonder if there is a way to figure it out! Thoughts? The chat window was just an added dose of humiliation.