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#2108368 Bloatware on pc

Posted by tazwegion on 30 November 2013 - 05:48 PM

Seems in todays world its all about giving you everything you dont want, if you dont want they ram it down your throat anyway...



Or sneakily "piggy back" it on something you really want and D/L... I guess that's the nature of "freeware" these days?  :doh:

#2002348 Awesome parenting

Posted by tazwegion on 17 February 2012 - 05:05 PM

Interesting video... but given the various gun legislation around the world it was purely and simply a means to an end, elsewhere it may have been a baseball bat (OR bucket of water) etc. the Father was relatively composed but obviously hurt at being publically shamed by his Daughter's FB activity and lack of respect for both her family & herself, his action was dramatic for "effect"...

All I keep hearing about is people's (and children's) rights, we teach it in our schools & we talk about it in various media BUT what about our (collective) responsibilities? responsibilities to our family, society, employer and Nation... simply put we must learn to adjust to coexisting with others and recognize (and address) our own selfish impulses especially if they will lead to collateral damage to others.

Chores are character building, an effective alternative form of punishment AND teach responsibility including the value of money (where an allowance/pocket money is introduced), "cash handouts" help no child/individual... unfortunately and perhaps it's a reflection of current societal values but people are losing sight of the basic principle of if you want something YOU need to work for it, there is no such thing as automatic entitlement.

Punishment should be reasonable and proportionate that doesn't negate corporal punishment because it's necessary during a child's life to set and enforce boundaries, a warning means nothing without the spectre of punishment, keep in mind that prior to children reaching the "age of reason" their brain's wiring hasn't developed sufficiently to adequately process information (and why they are unable to judge speed and distance safely ie. near roads), later during their development cycle bans, groundings and confiscation are an increasingly effective means of punitive measure.