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OCing with ASUS Software

09 February 2016 - 03:05 PM

Bear with me, the last thing I OCed was a Q6700 and a Q9450...


I'm using the Asus software to overclock my i7-6700K. The tool is pretty hard to understand and has no descriptions for anything, so I'm a bit confused. So far, I've managed on getting it stable at 4.6 GHz on 1.328 volts.


BLCK: 100 MHz

Ratio: 46

CPU Cache Ratio: 41 X

CPU Core Voltage -0.060 V


Ram is at 3190 MHz at 1.3530 V.


Temps are good, 30 minutes of OCCT and the max temps for each core didn't go over 75 degrees, and hovered around 65.


I'm perfectly happy with 4.6 GHz, but would like to know if there's a more efficient way of achieving the same speeds. I'm gradually dropping the vcore during the stress test (1 notch every 5-10 minutes), but the voltage doesn't seem to change even after I modify the setting.


More importantly, should I even be doing this via software, or should I just do it in the bios?


Also, solely basing myself off this, it seems I got lucky and have a chip that overclocks nicely!






Edit: Decided to try something a little tougher. Prime95 heated things up a bit and I'm getting a little closer to 80 degrees. Running stable at 4.6 GHz with only 1.296 volts, though. I'll keep bumping it down and see how low it'll go without crashing.

Notebook screen goes black when watching videos

01 February 2016 - 09:11 AM

I've been banging my head for a while with this issue and can't figure it out...


I have a Clevo np2615 notebook whose display turns off during video playback or while playing video games. It has a 4th gen i7 with intel 4600 integrated graphics. It isn't a heat issue, a driver issue, or a backlight issue. Could it be a faulty part? I'd hate to throw this laptop away as its barely a year old and cost over 1000 bucks. Usually the only fix for this display issue is to hit the power button to make it sleep and then wake it back up. It'll happen on and off the charger. I've looked very closely and the backlight isn't just off, there's absolutely nothing displayed on the screen.