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Firearms - Any Sport Shooting or Collectors Here?

14 March 2018 - 05:17 AM

First off, the purpose of this thread is just to discuss different types of firearms or rifles or the collecting of such things as well as preferences for sports shooting or target shooting. I have zero intention of this turning into a crap storm of people crying about guns. So please leave your political standpoint out of this.

With that said, I worked armed security for many years and carried what I considered a fairly nice handgun. It was an H&K USP 40 cal. Along with that we carried AR-15s with Trijicon scopes. We had a lot of fun shooting these and even turn them into small competitions when we have our training days. Aside from that, I've been shooting a gun since I had my first Daisy BB gun when I was 10 years old. No aluminum can was safe.

Now, with the things going on in the world as they are, and a few incidences in my local area and neighborhood with a certain neighbor who has invited a few individuals who I would rather not see in my neighborhood, I have gotten permission from the war department to finally get myself a handgun, even though I've had my concealed carry since 2007. Yes, I know, it's 11 years late.

I am very much leaning on getting the same gun I carried for seven and a half years, but when I was at the local gun range a couple weeks ago, I decided to give to other pistols or run on the Range and I was very impressed with them. One was a Sig P226 MK25, and the other was a Beretta PX4 Storm. Both were 9 mm. I thought the Sig shot a lot better and I had a much tighter pattern, but it's also four hundred bucks more than the Beretta. So I'm having a hard time deciding between my comfort and my wallet.

Now all's I'm waiting for is my new concealed carry card along with the permit to purchase.

So, anyone else here enjoy their range time, and what do you got for toys?

Surveillance Systems - Need Some Pointers

13 February 2018 - 05:30 PM

So... This is the lowdown...


We bought our house in March of 2014. It's an odd type of neighborhood where there are houses only on one side of the street. Our house faces the back of the house that's a street up, etc... About a year ago, some people moved into the house 3 down from us. Since they moved in, I've noticed that the traffic on our street has been like an airport. An obnoxious amount of cars/people stop and go rather quickly from that new neighbors house. The thing I am NOT liking is the fact that multiple cars stop in front of my house, and then a passenger will get out and walk down to that neighbors house on foot. As they walk, they are texting and stopping and then going, etc... I was in my driveway watching one day and the lady stopped completely and wouldn't proceed until I was gone, although I watched her from the kitchen window. Then they walk into that neighbors garage and are back out and into the waiting car within 5 minutes or less. Many times it's the same crackhead looking lady, but she arrives in different cars. I currently have 7 different license plates as well as descriptions of drivers, etc... 




I started calling the local police last spring to report suspicious activity. I tell them what's going on, give them plates, etc... They do confirm that it sounds very suspicious as to what they are doing because if these people were "friends", they would just pull into their driveway or in front of the house. By the time dispatch sends a squad, the people are long gone. This has happened 7-8 times now. I did have a guy I used to work with that's a cop now call me back and neither confirm nor deny (hint hint) that they know who lives there, or neither confirm nor deny that they are familiar with several license plates I have provided. He would also neither confirm nor deny that they used to live in a certain house downtown that had a "mysterious" kitchen fire a little over a year ago and the house had to be torn down... but that's all he could say. My parents were over one day and my mom noticed the neighbor and knew exactly who he was because he is apparently banned from several stores in town including hers due to excessive shoplifting and other things...


But even with all the phone calls to the police, they've basically done nothing...




I came home from work and as I'm driving up the street, the silver Malibu is in front of my house AGAIN and the bald neighbor guy was in the passenger seat along with the driver. As I drove by slowly, they both glared at me and the neighbor got out and the silver Malibu took off and the neighbor guy walked up the street back to his house. He has a bad hip or knee and has to use a cane. Now... why didn't the nice driver drop him off at his own driveway? As he walked up the street, he kept looking back at me as I was on my phone. I kept an eye on him all the way up his driveway.


My 10-year-old daughter gets home before we do from work my 35 minutes... so she was alone in the house. She knows something is going on with the neighbor as well. She always asks why they park in front of our house and not their own, etc...



So.... Because of all this, I'm looking for something simple to use as far as surveillance equipment. I don't want to hardware the entire house and have 50 cameras or anything. Basically something I could put in the Windows and plug in (not battery operated) inside the house with maybe 4 cameras that feed wirelessly into a central box or something along that line.


Has anyone here used something like this or had luck with them?





Why Can't People Just Keep It Simple?

28 January 2018 - 01:51 PM

So.... I try to do my best as a helpful person to both friends and strangers, especially if I've had experience or have knowledge with whatever they seem to need help with. A few days ago a lady on my Facebook "For Sale, etc" group posted that she was looking for a decent gaming PC for her son. Their house was robbed and his good laptop was one of the bigger things stolen. She came right out and said that she is a single mom and only has $600-ish bucks to spend.


I won't ever claim to be a PC "technician" nor do I have a degree of any kind , but I know enough to be dangerous. What I will admit that I'm good at is research and finding Bang For The Buck deals on things, so I asked her a few questions regarding her needs.


First, the term "gaming PC" is a wide spread term and can be anything from playing solitaire to the most heavily graphics intensive stuff out there, so I asked her what games her son intended to play because that would be a big factor on how to stay within her budget.


She said he likes some shooter type games like COD and a few others.


I then asked what she all had for Monitors, speakers, mice, keyboards, etc... Apparently, she is covered in all that so basically the entire budget could be then spend on the tower itself.


I suggested online searches first so she could have plenty of things to compare and NOT have to deal with the in-person salesman type seller who may talk up his 10 year old boat anchor and possibly scam her. I broke it down for her how to be able to Google Processors and other parts, read reviews and check to see when they were released as well as looking up current sale prices on ebay, and then gave her a few specs to stay within.


I suggested her getting a few year old Dell or HP type tower that had the available slot for a good PCI Express video card and be able to upgrade the PSU if needed depending on the card. These would also likely already have an operating system on them as well so that would be another $100 she wouldn't have to spend.


I researched a few on ebay and Craigslist and found 4-5 good competitors well within her budget and one slightly above, but worth the extra $50 if she couldn't negotiate the price down.




This is where it gets interesting and infuriating....


The typical responses to her post of people trying to unload their junk and the idiots who cannot read and start suggesting systems $800 and more. 


One guy got very vulgar because she had to remind him of her $600 budget a couple times and he basically called her an idiot for even asking if she didn't want responses... Seriously?




Then.... out of nowhere swoops in this hoity toity "IT Professional" of 5 years telling her all she will need and TOTALLY blows the budget out of the water and proceedes to get technical with her about what he does for a living and these other "clowns" don't know what they are talking about, etc... I responded to him about staying in her budget and he basically waved me off because he is an.... "IT PROFESSIONAL" and this is what he does for a living. 


Wait... what did that have to do with a budget again?


This asshat was in complete salesman mode and was volunteering to even assemble it for her, etc...


Then SHE chimes in and reminds him of her budget, so he fires back with a slightly cheaper system, but still in the $1100 range...hahahahaha


He argued with her for a while about how NEW is better than stuff that's a few years old, etc... How again does that keep her in budget?



Lets just say it turned into a back/forth between the "IT PROFESSIONAL" and the "Clowns" on who knew more, etc....



Then the post had disappeared altogether. Apparently she got sick of it and deleted it, but then I got a personal message from her about what I had been proposing. She thanked me again for being the only polite person to chime in and actually READ what she had requested and not go through and belittle everyone else.


She messaged a few sellers on the craigslist ones I found that were already done. Waiting for their responses. Depending on that, the next would be the second option of a few year old Dell or HP that can be upgraded to do the job.


On top of all this, she added me as a friend on FB and is a management level Job Recruiter in my area... Good friend to have if the need arises. 




I guess I just can't wrap my head around snooty uppity people with "titles" who always have to use that title as an argument or a way to prove they are right. Those titles are usually just a piece of paper.....

Windows 10 FREE Upgrade Version Reinstall

20 December 2017 - 04:42 PM

On my vacation coming up, I'm going to be redoing my PC. The Windows 10 I have was the free upgrade version they had from 7, 8, and 8.1 a couple years ago, although I did download the ISO Image right from Microsoft and did a fresh install of it (not upgraded from 7), and then used my Windows 7 key to activate it.


Silly question....



When I redo it next week, Will my Windows 7 key still activate Windows 10 or will it throw a mild tantrum?

Windows 10 - Internet Explorer Startup on Boot - STOP IT!

03 December 2017 - 03:44 PM

I'm not sure why this started happening, but now my internet explorer always starts upon bootup. I'm assuming something with one of their recent unknown updates that I despise. I've gone into msconfig and the startup items and IE is not in there. What may be causing it? I do NOT use Edge