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14 March 2018 - 05:36 PM

Best home defense weapon is a shotgun loaded with bird shot.....you won't kill someone 2 rooms away like a handgun.

That depends on which ammunition you are using.

You take the cheap ball ammo and use that at the range for practice, and for self defense and Home Defense you reload and use hollow points. They hit what you are aiming at and then they stop there.

And once every 6 months or so you fire off the hollow points that have been sitting in the gun and reload your mag with new hollow points just to keep fresh ammo in there

In Topic: Firearms - Any Sport Shooting or Collectors Here?

14 March 2018 - 04:17 PM

I own a few rifles and pistols, and shoot regularly both indoors and outdoors. Over the years I have come to prefer a pistol with full metal construction. I own both a Beretta M92F and a Springfield 1911. The other feature of these two pistols I love is the external hammer, and that added visual security it provides. I like to quickly look at the pistol and see that its cocked or not.



Yes... I much prefer to see a hammer. Our H&K's had the decocker lever, but no safety. It was called a Variant 3. We carried one in the chamber and half cocked all the time...lol (yeah, I know that sounds weird) The Sig P226 has a similar decocker that I thought worked nicely


I used the range's H&K USP 9mm for my requal 2 weeks ago. I thought it shot the same as the .40 I carried, and possibly even better. A little less snap and I get 2 more rounds as well. Ammo is cheaper and easier to find, so I've already decided I'm going with a 9mm regardless.

In Topic: Firearms - Any Sport Shooting or Collectors Here?

14 March 2018 - 01:56 PM

I've shot a few Glocks in the past and I wasn't too impressed with them to be honest. I know a lot of people swear by the 17s and 19s, but they're just not for me. On top of that, I've always thought they were ugly. Oddly enough, I think the PX4 Storm is also rather ugly but it shot pretty nice. I had a hard time trying to adapt to the grip on it though. I'm pretty used to my blocky shaped pistols like the H&K in the Sig. The Beretta was a little swoopy and comfortable but in a weird way. I think I would have to shoot it a lot more to get used to it. But to be honest, I'm finding the Sig I like as well as H & K's on that gunbroker.com website for under 500 so that is cool.

In Topic: Firearms - Any Sport Shooting or Collectors Here?

14 March 2018 - 11:54 AM

I don't blame you for not listing off all your toys for a reason like that. However, I do like hearing people's opinions on different manufacturers or calibers or what is your favorite type to shoot or what you've maybe had good luck with or bad luck with Etc

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14 March 2018 - 08:07 AM

We are basically getting these for safety reasons on top of the fact I kind of like going to the range anyway. Our neighbor down the street has something going on in his garage and we have many individuals on a daily basis at will park in front of my house and walk all the way down to his garage and come back out within 5 minutes and leave. The local police department hasn't done anything even though they have been called multiple times about this. A friend of mine who is on the police force came right out and told me that is the recipe for a drug house. They parked down the street and walk to not draw attention to the house.

My daughter has noticed this as well and she's starting to get a little leery of even walking home after school when she sees these cars parked in front of our house. We literally live one block from an elementary school. These people's park in front of our house and then sit and look around, and you got to wonder what's going through their head.

To top that off, we had an incident a couple months ago where we had one of the automated phone calls from the local dispatch. It didn't give any details other than there was police activity in our area, and we needed to make sure all doors and windows were locked and go downstairs into the basement to a safe space and we would receive a phone call when everything was taken care of. I called dispatch back right away and got a real person and they did verify that it was a real threat but they could not give details. Needless to say, I felt pretty stupid sitting in my basement with my family holding a hammer in one hand and a bat in the other. That's when my wife looked at me and gave me the nod and she says we are getting a handgun. The sad thing is, when all was said and done that night, it was some guy that had beat up his ex-girlfriend and had then barricaded himself in the house. So the police knew that he was not out and about in the neighborhood doing anything and they knew exactly where he was. So in my eyes, there was absolutely no need to panic everybody.

Aside from that drama, I'm looking forward to getting my card in the mail ASAP, and then going back up to the range and test firing a few more before I make a decision. The cool thing is, I found Black Market eBay. It's a website called gunbroker.com. I can pretty much shot for the stuff that I see in the gun store, but it is half the price. And my local pawn shop does FFL transfers for 30 bucks. My wife is also interested in getting something that will never leave the house so I may end up purchasing 2 anyway. I have bigger hands and I absolutely hate shooting tiny single stack guns. But she has small hands and they fit her perfectly so basically we will be looking for a his and hers set.