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Time for a new Monitor--Help and Suggestions Please.

11 March 2017 - 11:38 AM

So I now have the rig in my sig.  My monitor is a bust, as I was taking a chance, as many did, from this SKorean supplier.  

For the two days that it did work, I was struck with that new monitor euphoria playing Ghost Recon:Wildlands and Watchdogs 2.

Im typing this message on my old 27" monitor and it feels small.  Makes me laugh.

Im looking for something right at 30" to 32" with 2550x1440 or 2550x1600.  Frankly and I know its only my opinion but I think anything over 60hz refresh is overrated for gaming.  I can still kick azz and be happy with what I am looking at on the screen.

I don't really buy into the curved madness.  A Flat screen is enough for me.

A big question I have is that I cant remember if you can use a lesser resolution on a 4k screen.  Say, I liked and bought a 32" 4k capable monitor.  Could I then say Run it at 2550x1440 or what ever the ratio is for that screen??  It seems older monitors come with an advertised Maximum resolution but you don't have to run that RES if your rig cant push it out.

Is it the same for the 4k monitors?

Help Me Diagnose my computer problem

08 March 2017 - 08:57 AM

Well, I just finished my new build yesterday and got all the software squared away and even had a few hours of Gameplay on "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands".  It was beautiful. Build is in Sig.


Now, this morning, I was doing some stock trading for a couple hours, on my old rig, and made some profit, so I quit and tried to jump on my new rig and see about more Ghost Recon.  To my disappointment, I could not get my load out of the bios.  In fact the bios was only beginning to load on one side my computer monitor.  IT would stay stuck there and go nowhere.  How very disappointing.

My current efforts to resolve the problem---

Reset the CMOS--no help

Take out one video card--no help

Trade one card for the other---no help

Change power cord to the Card from power supply---no help

Traded out my new monitor for an old one----Low and behold, im up and running again!  How very disappointing.  


My 301 Sparta 32" operates with an AC to DC transformer.  I have seen a lot of them for sale on Amazon.  I mean this is a dedicated unit but it seems to be a popular buy.   My problem is, Im not sure if its the transformer or monitor.  What would you do if you were me?


Help Me Diagnose my computer problem

08 March 2017 - 08:56 AM

Double post, can a Moderator please delete this one??? Thank You.

Windows 10 First Experience

07 March 2017 - 12:41 PM

Bear with me while I give a little back story


Well, I'm embarrassed to say that I finally built my new computer with my new 2 year old parts, minus the several hundred dollars worth of water cooling hardware or my Enthoo Lux Pro. 

I used an NZXT Source 530 case and a Noc NH-D15s and will save the Lux Pro for the water as it is already modded to some extent.  Add a pair of GTX970s for my first SLI experience.

I got it all sorted out and installed along with my new 2-year old, 32", 301 Sparta monitor.


Now comes the good part, Windows 10.  I have been building for myself and friends and family since 97'.  I have lived through the same versions of windows as everyone else since that time.  I had a lot of question marks about Windows 10 but upon plugging in the key to my front usb port, all worries went away.

So far, this has got to be the absolute easiest OS install of my computer life.

I was concerned that I would have to adjust the board to boot first on my usb.  Nope.

I just turned on the juice and bam my OS was loading.

I was concerned that I would lose control over my OS like some, I read, had complained about.  Nope.

I just followed the easy to understand questions and made the adjustments I wanted.  Basically I answered no to everything.

I installed one GTX-970 at first, just to keep things less complicated.  I was up and running and after installing the latest Driver the monitor was running on its native resolution of 2550x1600.  I have been out there on the web getting my necessary downloads, Bitdefender, Auslogics Defrag, Ccleaner, Steam, spotify, Uplay, etc., no problems or major adjustments. 

My Desktop is very nice no need to use the Classic shell.  It almost looks like Classic, and is so close, that I have no problems sliding into it. 

Next was the kicker and the reason Im posting here at all.  I installed the second GTX970, and closed up the case. Turned it on and proceeded to open my NVidia control panel.  When I went to SLI settings I was shocked to see that it had already been turned on and configured for me.  WOW!

I am using an MSI Z97 board Gen 7.   This is the first time I have even tried onboard audio.  I plugged in my 15 year old Z2300 2.1 speakers and let the music fly.  WOW again!  I will never go back to a sound card.

Two Thumbs up for Windows 10.  I am very grateful for what seems an awesome OS.

New Sig Hardware to follow in a few minutes.

Some new kind of HDD tech with 5x speeds

01 March 2017 - 11:20 AM

Hi, Wasn't there some kind of new HDD tech that offered much faster speeds just recently?  Who offers this?  I don't see anything now on it but there were some adds I saw last December. Not here of course.