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#2151475 Win 10 Questions

Posted by HarryTaco on 25 January 2016 - 10:51 AM

Wow, so its been a long time since I posted.  


Here's the deal.  Over a year ago, I bought ALOT of new hardware for building a new computer.  I bought a 4790 guaranteed to run @5ghz.  I bought MSI Z97 series mobo, Corsair Vengeance RAM, two GTX9770's, New SSD and 1terrabyte HDD.  ALSO a lot of other hardware like a new case and some water cooling stuff for the CPU.  I will put an everday OC on the CPU.

 We are all overclockers here to one degree or another.  Here is my problem with Win10.  I went out shopping Win10 today as I really will do the build now, immediately.  I am reading horror stories about Win10 not allowing MB overclocks and other disturbing issues about lack of control over certain items.  I hate to be disturbed, when I am gaming, with some self-important update from Microsoft. Taken care of on win7, but not so sure about win10.

As Gamers and Overclockers here, most guys are doing their own custom builds.   What can I hope to expect with a purchase of Win10?  Should I just buy another Win 7 pro? I know Win10 will support directx12 but what good is that if I cant OC and tweak my system?  What good is Win10 if it is going to use Hardware resources and bandwidth to report all my Metadata to some greedy advertisers.  What about all those unneccesary mobile apps that you cant get rid of that Microsoft thinks you need on your PC?  Are these issues we can deal with or not?

I have enough experience with Windows OS's to get my self in trouble and occasionally succeed to changing things up.  Are there any OS Wizards here that might lend a little knowledge on how to tweak Win 10 to make it behave?  Is this even necessary?  Common you guys, I know who the smart men are here.  Give me some answers, hehe.


Humble thanks in advance.

#1966866 picture rant on the liberal art majors and half of the Occupy Wall Str

Posted by HarryTaco on 27 October 2011 - 07:40 PM

Somehow I liked this thread. Not because i find Damians post funny. Its only okay and I kind of sympathize with the retaliations. I think its the life it brought out in everyone. I kind of learned things about the posters here.
So Damian, thanks for that, hah. Yeah, there was a little humor there in a kind of shallow way but I do agree that the Arts have their place in society and if you are talented and dedicated people will appreciate your contributions.

#1933179 People you hate to love

Posted by HarryTaco on 15 June 2011 - 06:33 PM

Tiger Woods, LeBron, Britney,His Airness,Back Street Boys, Inxxs,Ashton Kucher,Richey Cunningham, and that new little sucker Boober, catch my drift?

Oh Im sorry i didnt read well the whole article... "BUT CANT", you say? I failed then.... I can easily HATE these phake, plastic, over hyped, over exposed, players.

#1834545 Important Notice About The Forum Reputation System

Posted by HarryTaco on 29 July 2010 - 06:59 AM

I never thot much of the Rep idea in the first place. It always turns into an Epeen thing just like everything else. You get into a disagreement with someone and yes it becomes a tool for revenge.
Why the Mods and Admins here decided it would be a good thing is a mystery to me. Guys want to have the highest rep in the membership and you look to see how they earned it and find nothing accept some kind of workage between friends. Just like giving some kind of Title or Value to post count. Anyone with good common sense to go along with some intelligence will look right past those kind of things anyway and zero in on quality of posts, one at a time.