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In Topic: Flash Player problems?

09 January 2017 - 09:12 AM

thanks to Nimrod and ANTITHAT for the prompt responses............After taking the precautions that have been suggested, I think that I've configured both Firefox and Opera to not run Flash before asking permission.


But, I guess that I am still vulnerable if I am on a site that requests to use Flash, and if I answer "yes" because I want to view the content, I am still vulnerable at that point. I'm using F-Secure as my security software, hopefully it will detect something malicious..............not sure about that.

In Topic: Is there something about Windows 10 that makes Thunderbird slow?

11 September 2016 - 03:50 AM

OK, so how do I proceed to troubleshoot this? Is the problem with my computer or is it with Charter.net email? What are the steps to take to troubleshoot, and in what order?

In Topic: Is there something about Windows 10 that makes Thunderbird slow?

16 August 2016 - 01:03 PM

Any reason for not using gmail to access your charter email? Or using firefox? 

well, I like Thunderbird and am comfortable with it..........is there an advantage to gmail or firefox?

In Topic: speaker problems with Windows 7 64-bit

05 June 2016 - 03:39 AM

I will look for VLC player and give it a try................please forgive my confusion, but what is a "flac mucic file"?


Also, I updated my sig to show Windows 10 64-bit

In Topic: speaker problems with Windows 7 64-bit

04 June 2016 - 01:50 PM

after thinking about this for a while, I don't think that a headphone splitter is the answer.


Here is my setup:

  • I have 2 small computer speakers that are plugged into the green (front) audio out jack on the motherboard.........these are my front speakers.
  • Also, I have 2 different small speakers that are plugged into the black (rear) audio out jack............these are my rear speakers.


So, this is not a single quadraphonic system from a single manufacturer, rather it is 2 separate stereo speaker systems that are connected as a quad system, I don't think that that should make a difference.


When I use the "Asus Realtek HD Audio Manager" program, I set the speaker configuration for Quadraphonic, and then hit the "test" button, and everything works well............the software plays a sound through each of the 4 speakers (one speaker at a time) and I hear the sound through each speaker in the correct order.


So, I believe that my hardware is set up and configured correctly.............the problem is that not any of my other programs utilize the rear speakers..........the front speakers are working, but I get no sound through the rear speakers.............yet when I then run the Audio Manager program and do the test, then all 4 speakers are working.


So, do I need to tell Windows 10 to use quadraphonic sound, or tell Windows 10 to route everything through the Realtek software, or something similar?


I'm not having any luck trying to figure this out.