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In Topic: RANT: Facebook..........

19 April 2017 - 12:10 PM

I'm about done with facebook at this point. Much like everything else it has gotten to the point where every fake news story is touted as truth. Every person has an agenda and it really is just become plain old bullshit every day of the week. Its a place for snowflakes to flourish and create mountains out of mole hills.  


Its a place/space where everyone becomes judgmental behind a keyboard and spouts their bullshit opinions.  I'm all for free speech but some people need to just STFU and go back to hiding in their protected little worlds.  I really do not have time for it any longer. I will find a new way to keep in touch with those who matter in my life.


It's a sad state when someone gets their feeling hurt because of a picture of a gun! That used to be the tool we needed to effectively provide for our families. Imagine if a snowflake had to kill an animal to survive this harsh cruel unforgiving world.......


Amen to that Coors!

In Topic: Ignorant to Wi-Fi---Help please

19 April 2017 - 10:49 AM

88 views and not one response.   Oh well.  I got it figured out anyway.   AV1200 Gigabit passthrough powerline modules.  The amazing things they come up with these days.  thanks for nothing.


Sure that there wasn't any ill will intended by the lack of responses.  


Sounds like you found the appropriate solution for yourself through your own research so kudos for that.  The powerline modules will probably work fine depending on the age and condition of the aluminum and/or copper power wires pulled throughout the house.  With the wireless standards and performance levels now at 802.11ac revision 2 (heck even the N standard at 450Mbps is adequate for gaming and HD video streaming) as long as your hardware selection was appropriate an entire wireless based system would have worked too.


The [email protected] 5260 router has some impressive specs. and supports 802.11ac through 802.11n/g/b.  So as long as you had picked a solid adapter supporting the same ac or n standards you would have been fine.  I've used multiple USB wifi adapters and have been underwhelmed in the past.  But the latest HTPC build I did incorporated a PCIe wifi card and it has performed flawlessly.  The distance on this particular installation was 43ft from the router to the HTPC and transmitting through an interior wall that was 50/50 brick fireplace and wood/drywall construction.


There were several options for keeping everything over the air and any number of them could have worked extremely well for you.  You can build out a nice wifi network on the LAN side of the router based on the hardware you had and hardware that is out on the market today.  

In Topic: [WTS] Gigabyte r9 290 4GB

19 April 2017 - 10:26 AM

I think if the seller had other payment options available this card would already be gone............  Just an observation.

In Topic: Microsoft Discloses What Data is Collected by Windows 10

06 April 2017 - 10:08 AM

Wouldn't it me nice if MS would just publish a laymen's guide and description explaining what they collect at basic and full collection levels and why that collection is important or necessary?  Apparently not.  Instead their TechNet article launches into data extensions, data fields, registry entries and a host of other crap that most non-techies can't even grasp.


While I applaud the MS effort in "explaining" for the tech crowd, once again they have failed the every day joe/jane user.

In Topic: RANT: Facebook..........

05 April 2017 - 11:46 AM

I understand that it seems to be getting ridiculous, but I also know that people themselves have become more ridiculous as well....


No comment  :)