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In Topic: AMD is back! [Naples/Epyc]

25 July 2017 - 11:30 AM

I for one am thrilled that AMD is seriously back in the game.  Whom without a fond heart can't remember the glory days of AMD desktop processors like the XP 2600 Thoroughbred A/B.  Takes me back to the DFI glory days of NF4 chipsets affixed to DFI LanParty motherboards.  


I know that the particular article concerns Server class processors, but by all accounts the Ryzen looks pretty solid as well and eventually this technology has to bleed down to the consumer level right.................

In Topic: RAID or Simply "Copy" Files for Backup?

13 July 2017 - 09:08 AM

With the size of drives now raid 6 should be used instead of 5 if you are gonna use parity. Those rebuild times do play a huge factor for when a drive finally fails though...


I can get onboard with that.  Not necessarily because drive capacities have increased and pricing remains competitive.  More so because in RAID 6 you can have a disk failure, more un-correctable read errors, and still rebuild the array and recover your data.


But really, for the average home, small business user, I still believe that stand alone single drives stored in multiple locations offers the best most economical solutions.  When you get into enterprise it's an entirely different scenario then.  At our business some of our Master Service Agreements require that we archive all relevant quality, process and financial data for seven years after contract expiration.  We still use tape backups in addition to our onsite / offsite data retention and storage solutions. 

In Topic: RAID or Simply "Copy" Files for Backup?

12 July 2017 - 11:46 AM

The only RAID configuration I'd even begin to consider for backup purposes would be RAID 5 and that would require at least 3 physical disks.  Personally I stick with 2 independent disks that I make backups on.  One independent disk is locally housed in an enclosure, the other I keep offsite at my office (this in addition to the backup disk that is physically installed in my tower).  

In Topic: Microsoft's Edge Browser Struggling to Attract Users While Chrome Dominates

10 July 2017 - 09:30 AM

Microsoft had one chance to get Edge right when they released Windows 10.  Instead Edge was quirky, unreliable, wouldn't play some streaming online video sources correctly and the list went on and on.  Then there were the security and privacy issues that compounded the conspiracy theorists (imagined, real or otherwise) about how much information MS was collecting about you while you were using the OS, much less the browser.  Some folks (like me for example) even gave Edge the benefit of the doubt and came back literally months later only to find that nothing had really changed or improved in the meantime.


It's awfully hard to improve market share or market penetration when your product is so much worse than what is already available from your competition.

In Topic: Rotating Debug Codes but system appears to work fine?

10 July 2017 - 09:08 AM

On many motherboards with LED status readouts, the AO simply means that the BIOS has handed over control to the OS (boot drive).  This happens after all of the devices and hardware have been detected and initialized.  I always though of it as "A-OK".   :)


I can't explain why you get different the two different random AO or 04 codes, but if the system is functioning properly I wouldn't worry about it.  Remember, there are literally billions of motherboards out there that don't have onboard diagnostic LEDs   :)   And the ones that are still in service seem to work ok.