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Vertical Video Card Mount Mod

01 August 2017 - 11:42 AM

Hey gang,  A new video card is one of the biggest expenses you'll invest into your custom PC build. My thought is "Why don't we show them off?" 
I want to inspire people to not be limited to traditional system layout.  I've created a GPU mount that allows mounting your card over the 120mm fan hole or anywhere in your PC simple modifications. The Stage 2 version doesn't require cutting opening for monitor cable(s). It's made from .5" thick solid aluminum to support the weight of large non-reference coolers or water blocks. 

Cooler Master Mastercase 5 / Pro Custom PC Build

09 March 2016 - 11:43 AM

Finally, I get to build something for myself :D The opportunity presented itself after Cooler Master sent me their new Mastercase 5 ($109.99) to evaluate and brainstorm retail accessories / bolt-on custom parts as part of their "Make it Yours" campaign. The Mastercase Pro is the same chassis as mastercase 5, but includes window panel and top cover for $139.99. If I kept waiting for personal time to build a PC for myself, it would have never happened due to lack of free time. I have to admit, I didn't like the Mastercase at first. I captured my mod zoo staff/friends unbox Mastercase 5 / Pro in my VLOG. I feel Cooler Master missed a lot of details that could have made the case even better. Especially since CM marketed it as "modular" and designed for DIY liquid cooling. It falls 40% from it's marketing pitch, but the overall build quality and finish is outstanding and eventually won me over after dismantling and re-assembling the case. Here is my final thoughts about the Mastercase, keeping in mind that I look at cases from perspective as PC Customizer and Case Modder.
*Overall Build Quality, Fit & finish.
*Top panel / cover design options are nice.
*Modular HD/SSD tray design and mounting options are best to date.
*240/360/280 radiator option for front is nice.
My suggestions REVISIONS:
*Top radiator mounting location should be offset, to clear DDR slots on some motherboards 
*100% Riveted chassis?! I understand using rivets over screws to save time in manufacturing, but at minimum, the mid section floor should be removable for better access. 
*Lack of Water pump and reservoir mounting. CM's competitors started embracing DIY cooling market over year ago, by including mounting options for reservoirs and water pumps.
*Mastercase 5/ Pro window panel is very flimsy. The "smoked" poly window is bluish/purple and has very poor clarity for viewing inside the case.
Inspiration for the custom painted exterior will be the 1970 Porsche 917 from Steve McQueen's "Le Mans" movie. His 917 from the movie was chassis #022 and purchased in 1970 from Porsche by Steve McQueen's movie production company, Solar Productions. It was also the company that would bring the movie "Le Mans" to the big screen. This is the car that McQueen's character, Michael Delaney, starts the race in, and "crashes" late in the race, "writing the car off." The car that was crashed was really a Lola T-70, painted and rebodied, to look like a 917. Many innovations in cinematography, were first tried in this movie. They even went so far, as to weld brackets to the front frame work of the 917, so they could mount a camera to shoot Steve, and the other drivers, in the cockpit.
I'll replacing the Mastercase 5 steel side panel with this clear side panel window, 
I'll replacing the Mastercase top grill panel with this clear "moon roof" style top window,  http://mnpctech.com/...anel-clear.html
Cooler Master Mastercase 5 Chassis assembled with final coat of Gulf Racing Blue paint from 1970 Porsche 917 race car
Porsche 917 inspired graphics are finished on the Cooler Master Mastercase 5 / Pro. Next stage is clearcoating everything.

DIY Guide: Painting Trim on White Corsair C70 Vengeance PC Case

30 November 2015 - 03:42 PM


White Corsair c70 Vengeance Mid Tower case. I've chosen to paint the front bezel and window trim Red. You can use this guide for painting the plastic trim on any manufactured PC case.


Here is my suggested Tools & Supplies:

NOTE: I prefer using SEM brand professional self-etching primer for all of my paint projects because it's compatible with all material types and dries within 60 minutes in 60F - 75F temp environment. You won't find this specialized product at retail auto part stores. It's normally found at Autobody Specialty suppliers or Amazon. It's very toxic for your lungs, so apply in well ventilated area and wear a filtered respirator mask which is recommended with any other Aerosol paints as well. I can guarantee your paint job will yield same results as mine if you use different paint brand / type in different stages as mine or environmental temps.

Large Phillips Screw driver
Large Flat head Screw driver
Micro Flat head Screw driver
Red Scotchbrite Pad
SEM Self Etching Primer (Substitute brand OK)
Rustoleum brand Automotive Enamel, RED
Rustoleum brand Automotive Enamel, CLEAR (not pictured)
Super or Krazy Glue

Red Scotchbrite Pad


I will also be swapping out the window to non-ventilated version.


You need to remove the 16x Black screws in the Corsair c70 side panel to remove the factory window and plastic trim.





Black plastic Corsair c70 plastic window trim removed.


To remove the front bezel trim, you need to remove the fan filter.


The bezel trim is held in place with tiny pegs on backside of the trim. These pegs were melted by the factory to hold the trim in place.


Use the Large Flat head screw driver to scrape off the top of the melted pegs. You will use Super glue later to re-install the bezel trim.


Use Micro head flat head screw driver to pry off the bezel trim.



The front bezel trim is actually four individual pieces, but you can keep the bezel intact while painting it.

DIY Guide: Taking Apart Gentle Typhoon Ball Bearing PC Cooling Fan

25 November 2015 - 05:09 AM

The Nidec-Servo's Scythe Gentle Typhoon (Model# D122C). This fan has been regarded as the best static pressure optimized fan by DIY PC community since it's release in 2008. The original D122C is no longer made, but there is limited stock available at some online retailers. Last year the D122C Scythe GT fan was resurrected and manufactured as "Darkside Black Edition" by Dazmode. It's the same specs as the original, but now has Black fan blades. Many PC Modders including myself have painted these fans to fit the color schemes of our custom PC builds. I've been asked several times over the years how to remove the metal c-clip without losing or breaking it? This is my DIY guide to removing and installing external retaining ring or c-clip. Like many others, I've also lost these tiny c-clips while learning the best technique for handling this task. 
Nidec-Servo's Scythe Gentle Typhoon Factory Spec PDF link, http://www.nidec-ser...pdf/D1225C.pdf?
Speed:  2150RPM
Air performance : 68.8CFM
Nose: 34db (25cm from the fan, free air)
Power: 12VDC, 0.123A (0.63A peak max)
Operational voltage range: 5-12V (~900rpm-2150rpm)
Bearing: Ball
Expected life: 100000h/35c or 55000h/60c
Appearance: Full black
Dimensions:  119 x 119 x 25 mm / 4.68 x 4.68 x 0.98 in
Perform this task with Safety Glasses, the tiny Black metal retaining ring (c-clip) can and likely will pop off, so perform this task in a clean workspace, so you can find it. I suggest doing the work on a large white bed sheet and holding a large magnet near the fan hub as you remove and re-install the c-clip, to increase you're chances of not losing the c-clip. I haven't found a source for ordering replacement c-clips yet, but I'm still searching. 
Here is my suggested Tools & Supplies
Heat Gun for removing the fan label. Hair Dryer on HIGH setting will work as well.
10" Wire Cable Tie 
Large magnet (not pictured)
External Fixed-Tip Retaining Ring Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
External Fixed-Tip Retaining Ring Pliers, http://www.saeproduc...ring-tool.html?
The fan blade looks as if it would snap-on and off, but not the case.  
We need to remove the back label to access the external metal c-clip on the fan shaft.
Swipe heat gun or hair dryer back and forth over the label.
Use the Tweezer to peel off the fan label.
Stick the fan label on a clean metal surface while you perform your work. 
You will tie down the fan hub with this Twisty tie. The fan shaft has a retention spring inside. You need to compress this spring, so you can remove the metal c-clip. If you don't, it's almost a guarantee that the c-clip will fly off the shaft faster than a bullet. 
Using Twisty tie to compress the fan hub spring, by tying down the hub to the fan frame.
Close ups of the Black metal c-clip inside the Scythe Gentle Typhoon.
Insert the two prongs of the Retaining Ring Plier inside the jaw of the c-clip.
 If you have a large Magnet, Position it near the fan hub, just in case the c-clip pops off.
Holding the black metal c-clip in the Retaining Ring Plier.
You will widen the jaw of the c-clip and need to bend it back to it's original opening, so it maintains it's grip. 
Hold the c-clip in the Tweezer while using a Needle Nose Plier to compress jaw of the c-clip.
Doing this will allow you to re-use the metal c-clip.

DIY Case Mod Guide: Modify Corsair 900D / 750D / 350D for airflow

22 November 2015 - 05:40 AM

This is DIY Case Mod Guide for modifying your Corsair 900D / 750D / 350D, but technique can be adopted to any case bezel to help improve airflow to your Liquid or Aircooled PC system and I've been given permission by Bosco to offer 10% OFF VOUCHER CODE for all OverclockersClub forum members at my webstore MNPCTECH
Tools & Supplies:
Modder's Mesh, Round Sheet, http://mnpctech.com/...dders-mesh.html
In Order of Usage
1. Ruler or Measuring Combination Square,
*2. Pen & Black Marker,
3. Phillips Screw Driver,
4. 3" Painter's Masking Tape,
5. Safety Glasses,
6. Rotary Tool,
7. Rotary*1.5" Cutting Wheel,http://www.mnpctech....DremelDisc.html
8. Jigsaw Power Tool, 
9. 18 TPI bi-metal Jigsaw blade, 
10. Hand File,
11. Blue Painter's Tape, 1" wide, 
12. ScotchWeld DP-190,
(Optional) 3M Applicator Gun EPX Plus II and mixing tip, for ScotchWeld,
13. Disposable Latex Rubber Glove, (for applying DP190 into mesh)*http://www.amazon.co...e rubber gloves
14. Cloth or Rag,
15. Modeler or Xacto Knife,
17. Filtered Respirator Mask,
18. SEM Self Etching Primer, Black,
19. Krylon "Rust Tough" Semi-Flat Black Enamel (or Plastikote "Engine" Enamel),*]http://www.amazon.co...ough black flat
Corsair Factory Front Bezel Plate.
Corsair gives you 3/16" gap around the plate from the factory for airflow. This modification will be huge improvement for cooling your system.
The front plate pulls off without any effort. It's removed for accessing and cleaning the Corsair 900D's three 120mm front cooling fans and filter.
You have option to remove the Four plastic mounting pegs, or leave them on throughout the entire modification process. It's your choice! The pegs are fastened on with Phillips head screws.
The best tape is 3M Scotch 233+ Green tape
3M Scotch Green 233+ masking tape is used by Automotive Paint Professionals. It's highly conformable to curved surfaces on both metal and plastic. It has good adhesion in a large range of weather conditions. It will peel off without leaving any sticky residue. Most Auto Body Supply Stores should be stocking this tape. It's also readily available online. 3M Scotch *233+ tape has a premium price compared to other tapes, but it performs the best*