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What is best back-up drive?

11 June 2018 - 07:31 PM


I had a backup drive that died and Win 10 keeps popping up a window asking to re attach my backup drive.

I can't turn it off.


Seagate Backup Plus Desk Hub 4TB External Hard Drive Black STEL4000300 $165 Australian.


Seems cheap when a 2 TB drive is 99 dollars.

ADATA HV620 2TB 2.5in USB 3.0 External HDD Black

Water pump fast and slow

22 February 2018 - 12:11 AM

Hi folks, How are you all? Still 'puting?

I ran Hardware Monitor and played Elite Dangerous Horizons.

My water pump is EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM Pump bought recently to replace my old TT500.


The speed of the pump is from 1214rpm to 2513rpm.


The power is the old 4 pin peripheral plug. The cpu fan header is 4 pin, but the wires to it are only two. So it can't be PWM.

I did wonder if the pump has a built in PWM.

Got any ideas people?


Another thing, FYI, I stopped one fan of my 360 rad and made no difference to the H/W/monitor temps.

Review Question on heat, or cool?

05 February 2018 - 04:03 PM

Quote[Mind you that all our tests are performed at a room temperature of roughly 21 Degrees C. We decided to go with the Core i7 4790K as it literally is the hottest processor your money can get you. You guys all know that once overclocked with added voltage, the temperatures get out of control big-time.

We've been battling the question whether or not to actually use a Core i7 4790K on a Z97 motherboard. The Haswell processors all have poor heat transfer from the silicon die to the IHS. Fact remains that this CPU is what the Guru3D audience buys -- and as such you -- would want to know how these coolers perform]quote

After reading Guru 3D review of the H150 Corsair cooler, I need to see what members think of my system temps.
I have that CPU in Asus Z97-Pro Gamer.
Asus GTX 980 Strix @ 4.4G
360 radiator with 2 X approx 900 rpm and 1 X about 1500 rpm.
The CPU has a good water block but can't find the details.
The 980 Strix is water cooled with EK full cover VGA water block EK-FC980 GTX Strix Acetal/Nickel.
Both waterblocks share the one loop.

Using Elite Dangerous with idle on the pad the cores ranged from 34 to 44 degrees centregrade.
Whilst flying and fighting, the highest was 64 degrees.
In the past, on a hot day, 30 degrees ambient, the temp did reach 78 celcius.
The ambient for this temp was about 26 degrees.
The ambients mentioned are in my computer room.


Are there better CPUs for this board that run cooler?

Or should I de-lid and risk destruction?

Tom's hardware login?

19 January 2018 - 03:52 PM

I hope somebody can help me sort this out.

You guys are usually the best for advice.

I wanted to sign into Tom's Hardware.

My username or password were flagged as incorrect.

I sent email from onsite to say I forgot my password.

Answer was "We just sent you an email to update (or change?) your password.

No email.

Did the same thing as above, this time making sure my email was accurate.

No email.

Played game.

Tried Tom's again, said email was sent.

No email.

I'm wondering if there is a problem with Tom's Hardware that anybody knows about.

You see, if they can't send me an email, it would be pointless (ATMO) to re-register.

And If I did try to re-register, I would expect Tom's to say that my email was already in use.

Monitor fail

13 January 2018 - 06:22 PM

My LG W2442PA monitor failed this AM.

4 out of 5 capactors bulging. Same as a few youtube videos.

Australia, being a small buyer base, I was not going to spend a week and lots of miles to get new capacitors.


I ordered an AOCG2460PF Gaming monitor. Reviews are good for gaming. About a hundred dollars more than in the US.


First, my water pump and then my monitor. What next? :rtfm: