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Switch Wiring And Bicolor Led Help!

09 December 2002 - 02:13 PM

I need some LED and switch wiring help here guys….

I just got back from RadioSh--- and bought two illuminated heavy duty rocker switches (red) and two bi-color LEDs in Chrome holders (red/green, dual anode).

What I want is this:

Rocker switches, glow red when off, no glow when on.
Bicolor LEDs, Red glow when off, Green glow when on.

To further complicate this, I have four 12” CCFls that use 3 inverters (one inverter is dual tube), and two 4” CCFls that share an inverter.

So when I finish, I would like to have all the 12” CCFls on one switch that glows red when along with the LED when its off, then when on the switch doesn’t glow but the LED glows green. In addition, I would wire the 4” CCFls the same way.

The switch (RadioSh--- cat# 275-0692) is rated for 10amps at 125VAC or 6amps at 250VAC and the LEDs (RadioSh--- cat# 276-025A, green anode, red anode, and common cathode) are forward voltage 2.0V, reverse voltage 3.0V, forward current 10mA.

Any help here is appreciated, this is my first time making a “bus” and I want to do it right.

Case Gallery Work With Pm System?

11 November 2002 - 12:20 PM

is it possible to have any comments submitted to your paticular case gallery file be copied to the PM system instead of looking at the case gallery to see what people think of your case?

seems a waste of bandwidth and loading time, just to see what comments have come in on your case.

Anybody Read German

28 October 2002 - 11:43 AM

Mikeock.net put up a guide I did on Saturday...here it turns up in German at Mhzpower...can anybody give me a good translation (we tried the automated ones, they turn out more confusing than the german).


Kind Of Like 1000+ Posts

11 October 2002 - 09:34 AM

Hey, LinuxProX;

How about something for the thread posters that generate 1000+ views, or 200+ responses, or something like that? There are only 5-10 of those around, and most of them are the contests...something for people to strive for, generate new and better ideas as a goal for lots of views? Or like a double-double in basketball (to prevent sensational topic titles)? "must have a thread with at least 100 replies, and 1000+ views" 10% reply/view ratio or better?

These are traffic just like 1000+ postings, and generate more discussion...

Maybe a different designation? Uber-conversation-starter? UCS for short.

This is the idea corner, so just an idea.

New System Specs, Want Comments

11 October 2002 - 09:16 AM

Okay, here is your dream chance to pick system components and see direct results in build:

I know everybody has their favorite brand, favorite processor, favorite Gforce, etc.

But...in about 30 days I will replace my cpu, motherboard, ram, and possibly my Hard drive (if serial ATA, or ATA133w/8Mb buffers are available).

currently on MSI (I know, not great, but so-so) KT333, Ultra (no raid). 2X256PNY PC2100 (the 266Mhz stuff), AMD xp2000+, Win98SE, PNY G4 Ti4400 128Meg. I run about 38C for the "on-chip" sensor for my CPU, and I'm going to add a top blowhole to my Chemming case from the FacePlate Mod I did and use it for the new system.

I am planning for something along the lines (for fsb and ram speeds) something like this:

Abit KT400 (whatever model this may be, Raid, possible PC3400 support if available for future use)

Corsiar PC2700 2X512 CAS 2

AMD XP 2800, for the 166fsb to go with the faster ram

Serial ATA drive, or ATA133 8Mb buffer (if available) X2 @80Mg Raid
What RAID structure? not sure when these will be around, but trying to maximize use of the new fsb structure of the 2800.

Enermax whisper Power, 540-600W? I am using a 600Watt CompUSA, want to upgrade, but want lots of connectors for my two cathodes, and 10 fans.

I will keep my Vidcard for now, maybe a g5 when they come, maybe wait to get the next step in about 6 months (g6 or whatever they will call it).

Ideas, comments, how long it will take? I know a couple items aren't even "on the market" yet, but I'm guessing they are coming pretty soon (like serial ATA).