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In Topic: Wireless N Connection Constantly Drops To 5.5 Mbps

02 July 2018 - 06:06 AM

Ultimately, I solved the issue by buying a TP-Link Archer USB WiFi Adapter.  Also, two weeks ago, I bought a new Linksys dual band router.


I am getting a rock solid 150 Mbps connection on my system with 5.0 Ghz network, and I am connecting to Comcast at about 109 Mbps with 100 Mbps service.


The odd thing is, my TP-Link USB WiFi Adapter seems to be rock steady at 150 Mbps.


Placing my old Toshiba laptop in the same spot, the adapter will report varying connection speeds between 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps on the same 5.0 Ghz network.


What gives?  My desktop won't go above 150 Mbps but never goes below, either.  Doesn't fluctuate at all.

In Topic: Wireless N Connection Constantly Drops To 5.5 Mbps

02 March 2018 - 03:17 PM

Well, I was just streaming a YouTube video and my connectivity dropped from 72 Mbps to 5.5 Mbps.  I took some screenshots.  2 screenshots with bad connectivity and 2 screenshots with good connectivity.
The amount of wireless networks picked up does vary.  In one screenshot there are 3 networks, in another screenshot there are 8 networks, and then I saw around 18 or so (just an estimate) but they dropped off before I was able to take a screenshot.
At any one time, there was only one overlapping network, but that comes and goes.
I was able to "revive" the network by disabling and enabling the network card.  I took the "GOOD" screenshots AFTER taking the "BAD" screenshots.
I should note, I ran a speedtest on my phone while my desktop computer was having issues, and this issue does NOT affect all devices on the network.  I took a speed test on my phone sitting at my desk where my desktop computer is and then another speed test within a few feet of my wireless router and it was relatively unchanged, around 30 Mbps during both tests!
What do you make of this?  Let me know if you require any additional info!  Thanks.

In Topic: Wireless N Connection Constantly Drops To 5.5 Mbps

26 February 2018 - 02:27 PM

Here's something else I just noticed.  I was watching a youtube video and it briefly stopped so I checked my connection status in control panel.  I was connected at 144 Mbps but the signal strength was NADA.  I wonder if it attempted to switch over to 40 Mhz or something.

Either way, it went back down to 72 Mbps with full signal strength bars.

Doesn't explain the drop to 5.5 Mbps which will be coming eventually.