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In Topic: Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration (wired)

09 March 2018 - 05:48 AM



What do you mean exactly by "reinstalling" router? I've unplugged/reset it a few times, but no luck. But I don't think it can be a hardware issue, as the router works fine on Windows 10.



Sorry for the confusion,.. I was not thinking about loose connections,.. was referring to any netgear software on the Windows 7 OS and or netgear router in Device Manager on W7 OS. Something seems corrupted or is disallowed/blocked. "check current firewall settings". The free firewall (Comodo? Zone Alarm) could have altered your TCP/IP registry keys from there original configuration,.. or corrupted the log files,.. so your basically uninstalling and reinstalling everything,.. network adapter & driver, router & driver and all Netgear software that's on W7 OS,.. then resetting TCP/IP settings,.. as everything was working fine till you removed free firewall. System Restore may work also,.. if you have a restore point listed prior to installing free firewall.