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Possible solution for building home automation audio preamplifier

15 April 2017 - 12:24 AM


I am building home automation hifi audio preamplifier, which consists of motherboard and arbitrary number of audio zones.

Every zone is represented with PCB volume controller board (volume control IC with stereo audio input and audio output).


Now, the end user will be able to upgrade/downgrade this pre-amp with adding/removing audio zones (minimal 1 zone - classic stereo, maximum 8 zones - true zone preamp).


At power on, the motherboard with main microcontroller (Microchip PIC32MX795F512L datasheet: http://www.kynix.com...12L-80I2fPT.pdf) will have to figure out the configuration of preamp, i.e., figure out the number of zone pcbs, inserted into motherboard.


What are the possible solutions for this task?