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In Topic: OGKwon - Chieftec Dragon Modding

16 September 2016 - 11:17 PM

Aloha From Hawaii ,

No big deal but I did these my first time out with Computer modding a little.


That is a good looking build you are doing. I have both case's in a box here not being used for a while. I got these years ago and still have

all the internals and pieces. I did the original Blue Alienware one and used it for a while with a ...ASUS M2N32n-SLI in it till the MoBo went.

I modded the right case cover with a cut out of a Alien Head design and Plexi cover. Yours looks like it is coming along good and a lot of

potential also. I did all that you are doing and it was quite easy being a Mechanic and Welder by trade. The tin was easy to do so I just kept

on going till it was finished and useful. The way you are going is what I did for the fans to be better and more useful also.

I also have a original Dragon case I did modd also and it is stored too with the Alien. They are form the earlier years and in top shape also.

I got the Dragon for ...$10.00 Bucks from a old store here and I did it in a Very nice Burgundy color because it was all scratched up from use. I hyave everything that it came with in storage and might use them in the future.

I have a ...MSI 970 Gaming MoBo that I might use in the Black case the Alienware.

These are the cases I have stored away now:

Keep going till done and they will be great to use

Aloha and thanks for your posting of a great project coming about soon.

LongBike from Honolulu, Hawaii

In Topic: Going to install another MoBo and CPU

15 September 2016 - 10:22 AM

Aloha ,

Well this one is going great and just running fine now. Everything is updated and syncronized.

Thank you for all the support, Advice and Time spent to get it going. I tried one of the other

... GTX 285's   ... in this rig and it worked good also but going to use the .... GTX 760 in it instead.

Well I got ....(3) Three free GTX 285 's brand new in-opened , so can use them also later if needed.

Aloha LongBike

In Topic: Brand New Rig done Now-MSI 970

15 September 2016 - 10:17 AM

Aloha ,

Just a little Up-Date on this new build.

It is running good now and all it needed was to program and set up the ..... GTX 285 ...from the site and

its now just fine. It is running quite cool now.

Thanks for all the ...Help , Advice , and Support to get this one going.

Aloha LongBike

In Topic: Brand New Rig done Now-MSI 970

12 September 2016 - 01:18 PM


It is going great so far until the new GTX card in and the new replacement front panel for it from Thermaltake Parts.

I'll keep in touch as it goes along. I have another ....( MSI 970A-46 I just installed into the HAF Tower so have to

finish it up and get it going soon.     ( Just a back up Rig )

Aloha and God Bless


In Topic: Going to install another MoBo and CPU

08 September 2016 - 11:39 PM

Aloha ,

Well thanks for that and I thought they would being Phenom's.

I will try them and see how they work out, and I got  ....  2  X - EVGA 760's  free so I will try them also.

They should be just fine and I'll post later results also.

Aloha and thanks so much for all the help and advice to all of this.