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#1961108 2012 - Who Will Be The Next President of the USA

Posted by fire_storm on 07 October 2011 - 02:22 PM

One thing I found interesting is the poster who said it's difficult to find work in this economy. That's bs. It's difficult to find work you would be comfortable doing. I guarantee that someone could go door to door in their neighborhood offering to clean up dog crap for $10 am hour and have a ton of work. All it takes to earn. money is some initiative

It's also worth noting that most of those jobs don't pay very well which is why most people don't consider them jobs if you have a mortgage and a family to take care of 10-15 dollars an hour isn't going to cut it even if you cut down to the bare minimum your still probably going to loose your house and your family is going to go hungry

There are jobs out there but the problem is they require college degrees or special experience and skills which a lot of people who lost there jobs don't have

#560698 Memory FAQ

Posted by fire_storm on 15 October 2005 - 03:30 PM

Q: What are Ram timings and how are they read?

A: There usually read in five numbers like 2.5-3-3-6 @T1 each number means somthing different usually lower your timings are the faster your ram is but lowering your timings to much can cause your system to be unstable.

The 2.5 is the Cas#Latency- After a row is activited the amount of delay before an active row can be read is the Cas#Latency
Cas stands for column adress strobe singal: The latency (delay), in clock cycles between the assertion of the cas singal and the availability of vaild data on the DQ pins

The second 3 stands for Ras to Cas Delay- When a row is activated there is a delay before the data from the row can be read which is called Ras to Cas Delay

The third 3 stands for Ras#precharge- Amount of delay to de-actitive a row

The 6 is the cycle time (tras)- A minimum amount of time before a active column can be deactivated.
Once a bank is activated it can not be de-activated untill tras has elapsed

Command rate is the delay (in clock cycles) between when chip select is asserted and command can be issued to the ram

Usually there are 2 settings T1 (one clock cycle) T2 (two clock cycles)

Q: How do I find out what my ram timings are?

A: There are many different programs that can do this but I like cpu-z and everest (which know you have to pay for) but there are others.

Q: Whats the differance between DDR and SDR ram?

A: Hears a few terms

DDR- stands for double data rate

SDR- singal data rate

DDR Transfers information at the rise and the fall of the clock cycle. SDR can only transfor information at the rise of the clock cycle so DDR or DDR2 or DDR3 is better the SDR.

Q: 250mhz ddr500 pc4000 what do all these numbers mean?

A: The 250mhz is the number of clock cycles the ram runs at.

The DDR500 is the doubled rate since DDR uses both the rising and falling of the clock cycle so instead of running at 250 its doubled to 500 or sometimes called effective clock speed.

The pc4000 is how much information is sent in a second which in this case would be 4.0gb.