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Related post: ibis morning, and apparently quite rational, free diaehaife of nrSne and a naitiifal (Xlkge ef'Pkymcians and SurgeoM. 28& tfMHitfw ti fhe bowflit, and th« laeteftl Merttion whieh Ium Immi ? u pprwie d 4«- riBf her whole iUneM, piulUllj umised. B. sle uid Booriihrneni Mid early in ihm ifltfDoen )^jrrahi morplihie in mnticipstion of tfae flfreninr paroxysm. 19 P. IC. Has slept two or tkree hours during the day, nas been throughout the y/kokdaj sad is now^rfeeily quiet, rational and Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride comfortable. If not spontaae- oody inelbied to steep aa hour or two, henee E. 60 drops of elixir of opium. IMl Blept well during the night, mind and body i>oth without morbid exeite- nciit B. oeeasionally a dose of camphor and ammonia, with ale And nourish- 19 P.M. Stin doing well. IMh. Slept sereral hours during the past night, and is apparently conyaleseent. X sle aod nourishment. li P. M. Tranouil and comfortable. 17th. Slept mooerately well. The mental faculties seem to be restored to their dns bslaaee, and the muscular system tranquilised. The patient may be regarded MtoBTaleseent. Thif patient consumed firom the 10th of Jsnuarr to the 0th February 77 os. chlo- ishrm, or near 5 lbs., a striking illustration of the extent to which this powerflii Ndstire may sometimes be employed with safety. Dr. A. B. Cook read the following notes of a caee of wound of tiioracic organs — the injured parts had been previously exhibited to members, and were now in the museum of the (kHege: I»CBT or ran Rtoirr Bbiast— Pkiitmocilk PxHiTSATioif of trv Hiabt avp DunuAGv. DeoM. Po9t Mortem, JZeported ^ A tCHis B.Cook, M.D.— On Friday MntBg 20th March 1859, 1 was called to see J. 8. Phillips, who had been sererely Mibbed, in a melee, on boaxd the David Tatnm. I reached htm about 8 o'cloek, one Wif sn hour after the reception of the injury, and found Dr. F. MoCabe engaged ui tbeesie, who kindly solicited my assistance. We bad the patient removed tempo- nrily to an inn near by. He was in a state of collapse and almost pulseless from Iwsf blood. The external wound (inflicted with a large knife) was between three Ad foar mches in length, extending obliquely downwards and forwards, over the ^ktlwesst, a little external to the nipple, cutting through the integument pecto- alii major, fifth rib, and fourth and fiftii intercostal spaces. A portion of the mid- jDs lobe of the • right lung penetrated through the fifth intercostal space. The Morrhage, chiefly venous, was profuse and poured out in a Buy Cyclopentolate livid stream, mingled vith sir, at each respiration. Stimulants were freely given by the mouth. The nro- ividiBg lung 'Was ratomed ; the ed|;es of the wound drawn together with tnree Mteea and adhesive straps, over this a'cotton compress retained by several broad •'hesive straps extending firom the angle of the ribs to the left border of the ster- IBB —the obgeet being to close the wound and at the same time fix the right side «the chest. He was nien removed to the Louisville Marine Hospital. We ordered MttDthe extremities, cloths wrung out in cold water, over the riffht chest, and ^Mdaata < cvoy 4 hours, and lemonade as a beverage. muday motnlag, he had pleuritic inflammation of the right aide. The heaH Miads oMild be heard, but the organ appeared to move in fluid — a splashinff sound • Br.lCcCabe very appropriately termed it; tenderness over the liver ; pulse 100. itleWoek, P. M., pulse 136, reepiration M per minute and labored ; great thirst; SBBtiBued the piUa, and ordered Liq. Aramon. Aeetat. 4o8., Spts Kitro I4wi, Tr. Vera- ^ui Viride gtL Lx. — One* tablespoonful every 4 hours until the pulse was sensibly >*aasBd ; four leeches over the inferior margin of the liver, followed by hot fomen- ttfions; to have Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride Ophthalmic beef tea and gruel. Boiiday morning, he was more comfortable ; pulse 105, respiration 36 ; continued us treaUnent, and ordered a blister of Cantharidal Collodion over the ri^ht hypo- caoadriam. In conae^eaoe of nausea and retching, the veratrum mixture was Mfpsaded at 10 o'clock. In the evening the pulse was 108, respiration 42 ; frequent ?ieteritiott accompanied with acute pain ; continued the piUs ; the veratrum mix- tvra every three houra in diminished doses, and ordered an opiate enema. Meitday morning, pulae 108, respiration 82 ; continued treatment. At evening puts 106, reapiration 84 ; had nausea of stomach during the day : ordered the verat. ?uxL ia desaertsnoonful doses after cessation of nausea, and an enema of molasasa iMi gnel, to be mlowed, after an evacuation, with an opiate enema. Tbss^j^ morning • o'clock P. M.. pulse 125 and feeble, respiration 80 ; counten- ^ ' thewmma ; a quantity of bloody serum flowed firom the m6 Smi'MmUhi^ MoHea New. ^fmkkgi mrdered iimiDoa. Carb. with Sjnip Beacffty Mid » llb«nil aU^vwca of wine. Ue expired at 2 o'clock 20 minutes P. tf . Post Moetxic 19 Housa Ama Peath, bt Daa. F. KoCabe ahd A. B. Cook. — Exter- aal wound throu|;h the akin and pectoralit major obliquely downwards and for- wards, over the right breast, a little external to the nipple, 3^ inches in length. The knife cut through the inferior border of the fourth rib, the osseoui portion of the &fth rib about one-half inch from its junction with tlu cartilage, and two-thirds the partilage of the sixth rib, making an open wound of more than two inches in length into the thoracic cavity. The knife cut through the inferior angle of the middle lobe of the right lung, the divided portion hanging by a peduncle to the body of the Cyclopentolate Eye Drops lobe. One incision one inch in length passed through the diaphragm over the eoa- Tex surface of the right lobe of the liver, dividing the peritoneal and fibrous coate of the organ without penetrating the structure { another posterior to this, more than one inch in length, divided the Cyclopentolate Price muscular fibres of the diaphragm without ix^ary to the peritonealcovering. Another incision of more than one inch in length, waa found through the pericardium, the knife penetrating the right auricle of the heart, the opening into the auricle commenced at the terminus or the inferior cava, and leased obliquely downwards in the direction of the right auriculo- ventricular opa&- mg ; this incision through the wall of the middle auricle, measured three-fourfcha of an inch. In the right pleuritic cavity there were the evidences of extensire Related links: Zantac Relief Tablets, Buy Diltiazem Cd, Order Sulfasalazine, Buy Inderal La Online, 60 Mg Strattera, prozac generic manufacturers, buy clomid online cheap, buy retin a gel online, Alendronate 70 Mg, accutane price ireland

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