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TR4 X399 64GB Memory Woes

23 February 2019 - 10:07 AM

I decided to get a 64GB Kit (4x16GB) for my 1920X. Yes I do use that much ram. Usually in the 40GB range, but its more than the 32GB  (4x8GB) I had previously. In any case, the biggest hurdle was finding compatible ram. I guess I was extremely lucky with the 3200 CL14 kit, because it ran flawlessly. But It was only 8GB single sided dimm, which is most likely why I had no problems. 


From my online research, even though AMD has updated AGESA for better ram support, there is a lot to be desired. Dual Sided (DS)  ram in all the slots (8x) never works above 2666 (if that) and doesn't always see 8 dimms every time. So unless you need 128GB on a AMD system, its not the best idea. So that left me with 8x 8GB (Single Sided) which also seems to have issues reaching a higher speed like 2933 and possible loss of dimms issue also. So that left me with only 1 option for a 64GB Kit if I wanted semi hassle free 3000-3200 64GB Kit.


Which lead me to my next problem. I didn't realize TR4 doesn't like ANY dual sided dimms. At least for the first gen Threadrippers that is. Even though its 8 dimms slots, the Threadripper is basically a 4 dimm system if you don't want a lot of headaches booting and manually tweaking everything. But because DS dimms aren't very compatible, you are kinda limited to 32GB (4x8GB) kits if you want to go above 2933.


Anyways I ended up getting Gskill F4-3733C17Q-64GBTZKK (3733 CL17 4X16GB) off ebay because someone was selling it cheaper than any new 3200 CL16 kit and it was guaranteed Samsung B-Die memory. Which many CL16 kits are not and TR hates none Samsung B-Die from what Ive read (yes even now).


I knew it was never going to boot at 3733 or even 3600, but I figured 3200 CL14 would work. Well I was wrong. even with the extremely loss timings, 2933 is the highest my system will go with DS sticks. That being said I tighten the timings down to CL14. What I didn't know is AMD memory controller is only even numbers so I can't do CL13, only 12,14,16,18, etc. CL12 won't boot (as expected) so I'm stuck with CL14-14-14-34. On the plus side I got Samsung B-Die and I actually saved money over buying a 3200 CL16 kit that most likely won't boot higher than 2933 either.


So to take away from this is AMD TR still have seriously memory issues to deal with and if you are going DS sticks (16GB modules), don't waste money for anything over 2933. I don't think a BIOS update will fix this, only a new memory controller design, so here hoping Ryzen 3 fixes this.

[WTB] old CPUs i7 2600K, 2700K, etc

11 December 2018 - 02:43 PM

Im looking to buy old CPUs. If you have some to off-load for cheap I'll take them. I will be overclocking them till it dies from voltage. So I don't want to pay a lot of something I'll be killing.


I'll buy MB+CPU combos also.


Now is the time to off-load old junk.

Quick Math Help

10 November 2018 - 10:56 AM

Hey my brain became stupid and I need to figure this out.


I need to know how much ink is used in square feet


worked out that 1.29861111111 Sq.Ft printed space = 1.7ml of ink used. So how much ink is used in 1 Sq.Ft? and how much 1ml of ink equals to in square ft.


Thanks. This has to be simple but i'm losing it lol.

eBay buying woes

30 October 2018 - 04:50 PM

I know the first thing people are going to say is "you should have known". Against my better judgement i bought a used x399 motherboard. Basically $125ish off with a free monoblock.

I got the motherboard today and did my inspection. It is really good i did, this seller didnt reassembled the the heatinks right. Everything was lose and im sure he tried to watercool it with vrm 3 thermalpads instead of the one included with the monoblock. Water was still under the pads and im supprised it didnt short on the dude. It was rough.

Lession is to be prepared to get total crap when ordering. If i just assumed it was fine, i would have a dead cpu and be super pissed today.

HDR "Washout / Blownout Color playback fix

20 April 2018 - 06:19 PM

I've been trying to watch HDR content on my computer and I kept running into the washout grey and bland color palette problem that a lot of people have with VLC or MPC-HC. Sometimes it would be blown out as in the example I posted below. After some digging I found two solutions that has mix results. Try each alone and than togther and see what looks the best.


1: Change the color range in the control panel to Full 0-255 instead of the default 16-235 (Limited).  For NVIDIA it can be found under "Adjust Video Settings" Inside the NVIDIA control panel. AMD has it somewhere similar to this.

2: Download install MadVR plug-in. Tell your video player to use it as a default render.


Hope this helps people because it annoyed me for months now. I had it kinda working with VLC 2.5 without MadVR, but playback was laggy for HEVC 4K.


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