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20 October 2017 - 08:37 AM

Don't forget people about the blockchain freeze for BTC on the 25TH. Than shortly afterwords the introduction of BTC GOLD. Since BTCG is using same the address you can potentially give away the other coin when trading BTC if your wallet doesn't support it. Best not spend any BTC for about a month until things settle down and wallets support the new forks.

In Topic: how much stuff can a d5 push thru.

19 October 2017 - 12:54 PM

The cheapest I've seen is about $180 for dual pump used. You can buy D5s are ebay for $40 each and than get a serial block for $80-100 used. Its better to go get a new combo for $220 than deal with used pumps.


I had both pumps back to back in serial awhile ago with a 360rad. Didn't seem like a issue to me when it came to head pressure. Might depend on the acrylic block thickness and thread length. I've had Pexi G 1/4 ports crack and leak to due to stress. That is why I avoid the cheaper brands.

In Topic: how much stuff can a d5 push thru.

19 October 2017 - 10:28 AM

Yeah I agree with that statement for the most part. Heck the 480 Rad for Hardware labs one i'm using is rated for 2000watts. The sub-800 RPM optimized for about 1400watts, so more than enough.


I don't use Dyes because it will stain the plexi and drops the resell value, plus don't want to have to clean up a mess when cleaning. But from what I've read if you switch out the dye every 6-12 months (brand dependent) it won't gunk up. With distilled water you get away with spilling water all over the board and being fine. I've splashed water on a live video card and it didn't short. More luck than anything but those dyes are way more conductive.


From what I've read tube size generally does not matter. However I use 1/2 OD 3/8 ID because it doesn't kink after a few months.

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18 October 2017 - 06:25 PM

You talking about Frank?

In Topic: how much stuff can a d5 push thru.

18 October 2017 - 06:22 PM

Yeah its fairly wastefull unless you are using sub-800 RPM fans. Its too thick to really move the air all the way through at that speed and after a few days of 24/7 mining it starts to warm up at the top where the fittings are. its still basically room temp but slightly warmer. Putting a fan for push/pull for just that one space is enough to remove the heat. Its not hot, just warm. However maybe just a pull setup would solve that. Honestly my pump and PSU fan is the loudest part of my setup.


Here is a list (not in order) that would recommend for blocks.




EKWB (for monoblocks)


Here is a list of companies I think are either too new or just eh for the price currently.







I like to mix because for one you cant find all the parts on one website. Stuff like Monoblock only EKWB really makes. Bitspower has one or two, but not one for every board like EK has. I would not recommend Nickel plated stuff from EKWB right now, its hit or miss if the nickel will stay very long.


For radiators I would say only about three that are top teir and the rest are rated up and down per series.

#1 Hardware Labs (Everything is good but cost $$$$)

#2 Alphacool (Monsta Super thick)

#3 Aquacomputer (Only ones that are FULL visible copper)


For pumps they are prettty much all the same however some are PWM and others have higher operating temperature. One of my pumps is 65c and the other is 55c. Still if your loop is 55c at the reservoir than you have much bigger problems. Alphacool released a new D5 pump a few months ago that is 40% quieter at full speed. Besides that the base units are all the same.