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In Topic: Building New Gaming PC

Yesterday, 08:39 PM

Yea they were getting bad for awhile, maybe some can approve him hes not a spammer lol...

IDK, I'm not a mod but I assume they could somehow.


Question: Does the Op need the whole shazbang or just looking for the core parts?

In Topic: Building New Gaming PC

Yesterday, 07:10 PM

Yeah I think OCC changed the policy to 1 post a day for new people to stop spam a while ago. Kinda hurts new members but it does stop all the spam.

In Topic: Building New Gaming PC

Yesterday, 06:29 PM

Do you need everything like Monitor, OS, Power Supply, Case, etc? also what is your price range?


Here is my list:


CPU / Motherboard: $304.98

AMD RYZEN 5 1600X 6-Core 3.6 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo), ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 AM4 AMD Promontory B350 Motherboard



Memory: $114.99
G.SKILL Flare X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400

https://www.newegg.c...2-503-_-Product(Because AMD Ryzen is extremely picky on ram)


PSU: $49.99

EVGA 600 B1 100-B1-0600-KR 80+ BRONZE 600W



Case: $50

VIVO ATX Mid Tower Computer Gaming Black PC Case



OS: $100
Windows 10 Home - Full Version (32 & 64-bit) / USB Flash Drive




???? $100


Video Card:

RX 580 or GTX 1060 $200~


Hard drive: $100

SSD/M.2 480GB  or 3TB SATA


Total: $1019



Personally I would by any ASUS or MSI motherboard. They are all good. I'm not a huge fan of ASrock but the Combo gives you a $50 discount.


I'll sell you my computer for less haha. Just gotta find yourself a OS and monitor.

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Yesterday, 06:19 PM

Ah man. only if you have posted this last month...


Free Bump!

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Yesterday, 12:10 PM

Yes please!



Delete Thread


Listed on ebay now.


Hey IR, do you want me to delete your thread?


Yes please! no takers on OCC :/