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In Topic: Is a used enterprise/server SSD good for gaming/storage?

Yesterday, 06:34 AM

I found a review. Its within the realm of any 2015 SSD. Samsung Evo 840 is the best comparison. The drive has horrible 4k read depth but that is expected for the time. Good drive for games if its $40. Im tempted to pick up a few myself. 1,850 TB Write endurance. You will never kill this drive from use. Only age and power on time.

Edit: I bought one as a temp drive, now i can put my spare intel 730 to better use. It was full of junk and became a storage drive instead. Not a good use for such a nice drive. This micron will fill those shoes.

In Topic: Can I easily take Hyper Fury 2400mhz to 2666?

18 March 2019 - 12:31 PM

I dont know about any "profiles" in the BIOS besides XMP. So if you bought 2400 sticks you would need to manually adjust it. With such a small increase in speed (on the low end), jumping to 2666 shouldnt require any more voltage. If your unluckly it would be 1.35v from the stock 1.2v many low speed memory uses.

There is always a chance the 2400 ram cant go higher which is why it was binned so low in the first place.

In Topic: Is a used enterprise/server SSD good for gaming/storage?

18 March 2019 - 04:30 AM

Its probably no better than other drives made around the same time. So unless its like $50 I would pass. A cheap 480GB new can be found for $55.

In Topic: Vega NOOB

17 March 2019 - 07:35 PM


I think My heat issues I suspect are from my case , the maserbox 5 pro is NOT a good case for airflow do not buy !!!


off topic, but is the 3 fans in front not enough airflow?!? What more do you need for air lol.


On a side note the Vega cards are known to run hot. but it looks like you got a deal with the 3 games and for the price it beats a RTX 2060. Ray-Tracing is useless on the lower end cards anyways. Last AMD card I owned for gaming was a Radeon 4870. Its been a few years. Actually I bought a 290X at one point for mining. Never used it for any games though.

In Topic: New build _ PLAN

17 March 2019 - 07:30 PM

Why is the i5 9600K  Skynet Informatica the cheapest? (Edit: its missing the CPU price) I would say out of those options it is the best. Also on a side note, 128GB is not enough for anything these days. Once you install the OS and basic apps you will have 30-50GB left over. That isn't even one game. Hopefully you have a second drive for games and applications.


Sorry we can't help much on the price of things. I know you are trying to build on a budget, is a pre-built not cheaper and comparable?