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[WTS] 290x, 390, More?

27 May 2016 - 02:53 AM

I'm looking to part with some things around here in hopes that the wife will let me buy new toys  :whistling:


I'll keep it as simple as I can, prices include shipping to US with the exception of AK/HI, I will consider any offers via PM don't be afraid to ask. Pics by request as I REALLY don't want to take them in and out of the PC more than needed.


Powercolor R9 290x PCS+ - $205

OCC review of the card

Newegg Link



I do NOT have the orig box, card was RMAed due to a bad fan (they wouldn't ship just a fan) and I sent it using orig packaging, of course got back generic RMA box (as expected).

Card has been in use for about a year now after RMA I actually never really tried to OC it, I did the orig card and it didn't care for it (had crappy Elpida memory) but never bothered with this one, just bought another card when I went to a 4K monitor.




XFX R9 390 Double Dissipation  - SOLD



I'm doing to assume the box is lost on this one too.  I've had it for a while now for that sweet crossfire x action after I got a 4K monitor. I OCed this one a bit when I first got it before putting it with the 290x, don't remember what was stable etc, I know I had an issue with some driver update right after that and never bothered to OC it again when once I put it with the 290x.


Here's a quick GPU-Z screenshot of both of them at the moment:





XFX Double D 7850 2GB - SOLD



I also have a ton of older cards that I doubt anyone would want, if anyone does let me know and I'll see what I have for sure, chances are most of them are barely worth the price of shipping if that.

Best Cinebench Score EVER

13 January 2016 - 06:16 PM

So I'm working on a laptop for a customer that happens to be from a good friend's mother (Her mother bought it and it screwed up and she brought it to me to fix) and in the process of figuring out if there was anything else wrong with it (The BIOS went crazy, reset it and fixed 90% of the problems).


I decided to put some load on the CPU and see how it did and used Cinebench as it doesn't need to be installed and I've got a copy sitting on my main Network drive, gotta love these results:




It's a little umm...slow.  Especially considering my main rig scores around 1300 and the i5-4300Y in that list @133 is my tablet...