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In Topic: Have ya'll ever seen anything like this before?

10 November 2018 - 03:29 PM

The DDR2 slot is only being used for power, the M.2 connection is the NGFF type (the kind SATA M.2 drives use) If you looks close the data traces on the board go to the SATA connection NOT the DDR side of the adapter.  


A quote from the product page "confirms" it with a rather poor translation:



3, the DDR2 card seat power supply mode is adopted, one end of the SATA data Cable is connected to the product, and one end is connected with the computer to supply transmission data


Not something I see a need for, but I'm sure someone needs it for some strange use case.  

In Topic: Saving windows 7 updates

10 April 2018 - 10:56 AM

WSUS Offline updater is pretty good.  It's a bit clunky as a first time user but once you get used to it it works well and can save time if you do updates often enough.  All the program does is provide a GUI to download the updates direct from Microsoft then apply them in the order windows update does.  It requires several reboots just like downloading the updates via the built in windows update application. 




Basic directions, download, extract, run the update generator in the main folder as admin, pick what you want it to get updates for and download.  The under the client folder on the machine you want to update run the update installer and follow directions. You can even make ISOs of the updates if you want.


Adding the updates to the ISO is something you can do as mentioned, but that's harder to setup for the first time.  As for downloading a pre updated ISO from the darker corners of the web...I would consider it for one of my PCs but wouldn't on a customers for fear of potential questionable software put in by those creating them.

In Topic: Everything Cryptocurrency Thread!

27 March 2018 - 08:20 PM

Hey guys guess what!


Poloniex Support got back to me today about my 80 day old support ticket:




Thanks for reaching out! We apologize for the delayed response.

As we are working through our backlog of tickets, it looks like this issue has been resolved since you last contacted us.

We hope this is the case, but if not, please respond here letting us know and we will be happy to help further!


Anything I should ask them? Might get a reply sometime around June.

In Topic: Build for my Brother

13 March 2018 - 12:54 PM

That A10 is sadly FM2+, so it's already one of the faster CPUs on the platform.  The AM3 FX stuff uses the same weak cores but you would have the option of double the cores, but at this point I don't know that a new AM3 board/cpu etc would be worth it.  For keeping it cheap a solid option would be searching around places like Craigslist, you've got a GPU so the hard part's there just a matter of finding a CPU/mobo deal.

In Topic: NVIDIA Coming Under Fire for GeForce Partner Program

13 March 2018 - 05:47 AM

While nearly the entire enthusiast community can see through the marketing and has called out nvidia on pulling an Intel (remember the days of Dell only selling Intel CPUs) at the end of the day my customers and other similar PC users have no clue.  They claim no discounts for the brands that follow their plan yet a "discount" can come in many forms, could be as simple as guaranteed supply of GPUs.  With the current market a company like HP or Dell not following nvidia's word could lead to them not having the supply of nvidia GPUs to meet customer demand.  That's a luxury you'll notice they've had over small builders through GPU shortages.  For smaller yet still big companies like CyberpowerPC/iBUYPOWER they could literally be forced out of the mid to high end market if they don't play nice with nvidia simply by not being a preferred partner. 


While you COULD argue that nothing in the release says any of this, I will argue that nvidia will go right to the edge of what they can get by with to try and keep other brands out of the GPU market. Don't get me wrong they're in it for money and the highest possible market share should be a goal, I just think the GPU offering should sell itself not the need to strong arm partners into not having their products directly compete with the competition.  


I will say if you're nvidia and going to pull this shit it's the perfect time, they can easily say they don't NEED to lock AMD out with Pascal beating Vega in nearly everything, but I would bet that's the real reason to push for this now while partners want nvidia cards the most and are more likely to enter into an agreement that seems helpful to them.