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In Topic: PlayStation 4 (PS4)

02 October 2017 - 06:42 PM


Yeah I moved away from PC gaming part way through the PS3/ Xbox 360 Generations. Now that games are made for consoles and ported to PC, it seems like playing on PC is pointless because it usually doesn't look any better. Also its cheaper, you can sell and buy used games. This all gives little reason to play PC games anymore unless its a RTS or MOBA.

Yep, that's well put. I feel exactly that way now. PC Gaming is still the best for RPGs and RTS IMO. I had a feeling this was going to happen as I got older. I don't feel like upgrading my PC anymore.


As an owner of a 1080 Ti, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S I can see where you guys are coming from, but have to heavily disagree overall.  For me it's the simple things like not having the devs decide 30 fps is good enough for a shooter or (or 900p and 50-60) or having FOV options or at least config files to force when needed. I'm not as bad as a few friends who I've LITERALLY seen puke after a couple hours of 65 FOV, but it really bothers me in most types of games when lower than around 80. I prefer higher but that seems to be my personal tolerance.


Because of things like that I would rather play on outdated PC hardware (as in using a HD 7850 again) and pick my sacrifices than take what I'm given. 


Not so sure about the price argument because that really depends on what you like and how you buy.  Personally I've found it odd the number of "amazing deals" on some Xbox/PS4 games that I've seen where I bought the same game months before for 30-40% less on PC via some digital platform.  Personally I try to buy games that give me some for of replay ability, that could be as simple as I might want to replay a single player experience again in a few years time or compelling multiplayer so the idea of trading in/reselling doesn't do much for me.  Hell I've even still got my entire NES/SNES/Genesis/PS1/N64/XBOX/GameCube librarys around the house with the consoles to play them less the GC that died (though my wife has a Wii)


Again, nothing against your decisions, just my thoughts on it and everyone is different.  My wife for example prefers the XBONE over the others just because it's quick to pick up and she likes the UI.


As a side note I have a fair number of issues with download speeds on PS4.  My PC (with the various digital services) nor the Xbox have issues saturating my connection but many times I see 50-60 Mbps, sometimes even lower, downloads on the PS4. It was really annoying right after we got it and I was "catching up" on the exclusives. It also has managed to crash during "Rest Mode" a few times, something the Xbox hasn't done so far (only got the Xbox in June and the PS4 in July).

In Topic: Got a new monitor, confused about stuff...

01 October 2017 - 12:26 PM

Another couple notes specific to THAT monitor is the panel's pretty terrible for color accuracy so you may want to look into settings others have used to minimized the washed out color of this monitor (Even for a TN panel it's bad, the ASUS PB287Q mine's setup beside is worlds better for anything I want to see somewhat color accurate and yes it is a TN panel too)


The other thing is if you end up leaving the room and occasionally coming back to the monitor being "off" (deep sleep mode) and not waking up without needing to turn it off and on again with the power button, just go into the monitor's menu and disable "Monitor Deep Sleep" under "Others." Drove me nuts for the first few days.


Also make sure you actually set the resolution and refresh rate manually with windows and specific games as many either get the refresh rate wrong or even some like the COD WWII Beta thought it was a 1080p display.

In Topic: unable to run HALO in Windows 10

05 September 2017 - 06:32 PM

You may need to uninstall and reinstall running the full installer program as an admin as it may not have let it write certain files, past that compatibility mode and the 1.10 patch should take care of it. 


Try https://pcgamingwiki..._Combat_Evolvedfor more info if that doesn't work out.

In Topic: Building a new one

21 August 2017 - 03:33 PM

My understanding is that the adapters don't do well with folding, but honestly I have two adapters and no need for them currently and haven't tested it. Also being an Intel desktop platform I'm not sure how the lack of cores would work out with folding liking to use a full thread per GPU WU, not sure the performance hit (if any) if you "overload" the CPU side of GPU folding.

In Topic: Destiny 2

17 August 2017 - 07:54 AM

I activated the code last night when I finally got back home with the only issues being that Geforce experience kept hanging on "loading" for the Redeem page. Had to force kill all things nvidia and restart them to get a simple static page to work in their wonderful app.