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In Topic: Destiny 2

17 August 2017 - 07:54 AM

I activated the code last night when I finally got back home with the only issues being that Geforce experience kept hanging on "loading" for the Redeem page. Had to force kill all things nvidia and restart them to get a simple static page to work in their wonderful app.  

In Topic: Destiny 2

16 August 2017 - 10:36 AM


Congrats,.. That_Guy 


Not sure if it requires a "qualified graphics card" but i get an error message about hardware requirement when attempting to use the code, i've read through the image attached to your message and it seems only systems with GeForce 1080 or 1080Ti installed are qualified to redeem the code... So... Unless i've missed something, good luck to the next person with 1080/Ti card to claim the code ;) My meager 980Ti strix doesnt pass as it seems! :P


Got a friend pestering me to get it but I've been on the fence, GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti in the house though so....

In Topic: Suggestions for Mid-Line Card?

12 August 2017 - 12:44 PM

Yeah a fair number of the people who got into mining based on 2 month payoffs of cards and in it to get rich quick have started dumping cards on the used market helping out a bit.  With that said, it's still very profitable to mine so prices will likely stay up a bit.  If your budget allows buying a higher end card even like a GTX 1080 COULD be a better option as there have been some good deals on them recently and miners generally don't like them because they aren't THAT much faster than a 1070 due to the increased memory latency of GDDR5X.  


It really is a rough time to buy but you do have the option of mining with the card you buy and making some of the expense back.  Before power usage my GTX 1070s are between $1.90 and $2.10 a day, the 1080 is at around $2.62 and my 1080 Ti is at $3.75 looking at them all right this second.  Those numbers change all the time and were lower two weeks ago (and higher yesterday) but hopefully that gives you an idea if you want to factor that into buying. 

In Topic: Network Router recommendation

09 August 2017 - 12:22 PM

I got tired of linksys failing through the years, bought a netgear a few years ago it was stilling working fine but I needed to upgrade for faster speeds I just got the nighthawk x10 and a netgear modem cm700 a couple weeks ago works great

I've been there done that.  I bought an AC1900 Nighthawk over 3 yrs ago and it's still going strong.  Before this router I had one die about every 1.5 yrs like clockwork. Granted your experiences may be totally different, but considering Belkin bought Linksys from Cisco I have very little hope for their newer products.  I've also had solid luck out of TP-Link's mid range stuff if you flash to a 3rd party firmware. I usually end up with customers needing to reset them every week after a year or so, but installing DD-WRT on them usually fixes that.  

In Topic: Flickering icons from backup battery/power supply?

07 August 2017 - 10:36 AM

While I'm going to agree with Waco, have you tried going back to another power strip/direct wall connection?  If that works fine then clearly it's something with the backup setup. 


Also generally you only want the most important items plugged into the battery backup, for example just the PC and monitor with the other non essential items connected elsewhere. Depending on how much you have connected to the battery portion of that unit and the type of printer etc I guess you COULD be overloading it and the flicker could be the monitor having issues with voltage drops but that's really just a total guess.