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Pingdom - HTTP Errors (Work Stuff)

15 January 2019 - 05:01 AM

Hey everyone,


So I found myself doing some entry-level sysadmin stuff at my new job.

I am currently on the struggle bus. The company I work for uses a service called Pingdom to reach out to our servers every now and then to see if they are up and running.

When it thinks they are not I will receive a text message telling me about this and that I should look into it.


Well every now and then a few of the servers are unreachable and I am probably just chasing my tail because I know this is bound to happen, but I would like to know what might be going on and why these issues are happening, but I don't really know where to begin.


I started looking at the IIS logs and I can see the Pingdom requests in the log files for the times that Pingdom is sending me a text saying the server was unreachable.

I am getting a couple errors back from Pingdom that say either HTTP Error 503 or 301 Moved Permenately. 


I would kind of like to track down the reason why if possible and see if there is a change I can make to have this occur less often. The servers/sites are of course not really down because a minute later I will get another text stating the servers are back online. 


If you have any ideas of where I could start that would be sweet.


Thanks, ya'll!

Thermaltake Core P3 Wall Mount Case

06 May 2018 - 07:30 AM

I was wondering if anyone had this case?


I need to my computer from under this desk and the only other real option would be a wall mounted solution. 

I really like the P3 and it has pretty good reviews, but the dimensions on the website seem super weird to me. 

20inch (Height) x 13inch (Wide) x 18.5inch (Length)


I can fit the 20H x 18.5L

but the 13W is what is confusing me. Most all of my computer cases are between 8-9inches wide. This thing is an extra 4 inches wide and I cannot fit this where I was hoping to.

I was wondering if anyone could confirm this for me? 


Does anyone know of any other wall mounted cases that look nice?


I was probably going to upgrade the CPU cooler to a TT AIO 2 fan Rad system as well probably RGB since it will be on display. 



My Christmas Bender Build

04 November 2016 - 02:23 AM

Hey Ya'll!


I am looking at building a new desktop semi gaming PC in December.

I am calling it my Christmas Bender Build due to the fact I am driving to NY in early Dec. and staying in Syracuse for a little over a week with a buddy of mine.

We are pretty much going to drink beer, make beer and make food the entire week.  We are both also planning on building new PC's.


I have spent a couple weeks building and adding parts to my PCPartPicker page.

I think I got it about where I want it. Feel free to take a look at the Link:



I did not add a PSU. I currently have a new PSU: Corsair RM or RX 850 something like that.

I am likely going to get Windows 10 H USB if I have to buy it. If I can get it free through College then I will go that route.


The 3 Green Fans.. 1x Rear 2x Top for the case in the build. I am planning on getting 3 of the 120MM Corsair SP fancy fans with the RGB mode for the front. 



I went with the 2x Samsung 850 EVO SSD's. I was planning on running them in a Raid 0.

Samsung 950 Pro M.2


What am I looking for?

I am just tossing it out here for opinions. Any ways to make it cheaper?

I was considering going to the i5-6600K since I think gaming performance wise it's not really that far away from the i7-6700K. I think some people say it is not worth the extra $100 but some other people are like the extra $100 is just a drop in a bucket for sorta future proofing. 


I was originally going with the MSI Nvidia 1080 Gaming X8 but since I am not running 4K and probably wont for a few years. I decided to save around $200 and stick with the 1070. 


What are your thoughts and opinions on the build? What could I do better?