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Thermaltake Core P3 Wall Mount Case

06 May 2018 - 07:30 AM

I was wondering if anyone had this case?


I need to my computer from under this desk and the only other real option would be a wall mounted solution. 

I really like the P3 and it has pretty good reviews, but the dimensions on the website seem super weird to me. 

20inch (Height) x 13inch (Wide) x 18.5inch (Length)


I can fit the 20H x 18.5L

but the 13W is what is confusing me. Most all of my computer cases are between 8-9inches wide. This thing is an extra 4 inches wide and I cannot fit this where I was hoping to.

I was wondering if anyone could confirm this for me? 


Does anyone know of any other wall mounted cases that look nice?


I was probably going to upgrade the CPU cooler to a TT AIO 2 fan Rad system as well probably RGB since it will be on display. 



My Christmas Bender Build

04 November 2016 - 02:23 AM

Hey Ya'll!


I am looking at building a new desktop semi gaming PC in December.

I am calling it my Christmas Bender Build due to the fact I am driving to NY in early Dec. and staying in Syracuse for a little over a week with a buddy of mine.

We are pretty much going to drink beer, make beer and make food the entire week.  We are both also planning on building new PC's.


I have spent a couple weeks building and adding parts to my PCPartPicker page.

I think I got it about where I want it. Feel free to take a look at the Link:



I did not add a PSU. I currently have a new PSU: Corsair RM or RX 850 something like that.

I am likely going to get Windows 10 H USB if I have to buy it. If I can get it free through College then I will go that route.


The 3 Green Fans.. 1x Rear 2x Top for the case in the build. I am planning on getting 3 of the 120MM Corsair SP fancy fans with the RGB mode for the front. 



I went with the 2x Samsung 850 EVO SSD's. I was planning on running them in a Raid 0.

Samsung 950 Pro M.2


What am I looking for?

I am just tossing it out here for opinions. Any ways to make it cheaper?

I was considering going to the i5-6600K since I think gaming performance wise it's not really that far away from the i7-6700K. I think some people say it is not worth the extra $100 but some other people are like the extra $100 is just a drop in a bucket for sorta future proofing. 


I was originally going with the MSI Nvidia 1080 Gaming X8 but since I am not running 4K and probably wont for a few years. I decided to save around $200 and stick with the 1070. 


What are your thoughts and opinions on the build? What could I do better?

Milky Way and Aurora

19 August 2015 - 04:13 AM

I had some downtime Saturday so my brother and I drove to Cass City, MI which is about an hour and half from me.

I have been trying to get a photograph of the Milky Way for about 2 summers now. Every time I head up north I always get rained out or I am dumb and I go on a day there is a full moon.


Well, Saturday I got super lucky. I saw the Milky Way for the first time and I captured it! I also went to shoot a star trail photo using the north star as my focus. When I looked at my live view of the photo I saw green on the horizon. I yelled at my brother to come look at the photo, and sure enough the aurora was in full bloom. 


Here are two of my favorite shots I took and you can view some of the others on my Flickr Account if you are interested. I also have a 14 second time-lapse of the aurora which I thought looked pretty spiffy.


I am pretty proud of these. Especially since it is my first time seeing and capturing them. 



Attached File  Auora.jpg   202.61KB   81 downloads


Attached File  Milky Way.jpg   234.82KB   84 downloads

Java Program: I cannot figure out what is wrong (Fixed)

30 June 2015 - 04:07 PM

Hey ya'll!


I am working on my final programming project and I am stuck. My code runs with no errors, but my output is wrong.

When you look at the code you are going to wonder why I am not using a calendar function that is built in and the answer is I am not allowed to.


When you run my code you get 3 options.

Option 1 allows you to choose a day of the week.

It will tell you the next day, the previous day, and then it will ask you to input how many days in advance you want it to be. 

If I recall right on option 1 when you enter in the advance days it never returns the correct day. 


Option 2 is my testing option. It has a static day set (Sunday).

Here is the output:

Attached File  Capture.JPG   52.83KB   78 downloads


As you can see from the photo adding 9 days, previous day, and add 3 days is totally wrong. EDIT: I actually just realized I uploaded the wrong screen capture. This photo is right.


I was hoping someone could help me out with this as I have been racking my head on it for the last couple days.


I have uploaded my code to Google Docs here: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing


Thanks for any help!

[WTS] Xbox 360 250 GB Storage (SOLD)

09 June 2015 - 04:07 AM

Hey Everyone,
I am looking to sell my Xbox 360.. I know it is outdated, but I thought maybe someone would want it. I would like to get $160 shipped for it.
This is everything that is included:
250 GB Storage
Internal Wifi
3x 360 Controllers - 1 Controller does not have a charger cable
HDMI and RCA Input Cables
2x Xbox 360 Headsets
Hard Drive Transfer cable to move stuff from your old 360 to your new one.
12 Games:
Forza 3
PGR (Project Gotham Racing 4)
Guitar Hero 3
Rockband 2
Lego Star Wars 
Star Wars - The Clone Wars 
Star Wars - The Force Unleashed
Star Wars - The Force Unleashed 2
Call of Duty Black Ops
Battlefield Bad Company 
Marvel Ultimate Alliance / Forza 2
Red Dead Redemption
I do not want to part it out. You get everything and if you don't want it throw it away when you get it.
Everything works. I am just looking for cash and trying to minimalize my life and the things I own.
It is currently up on ebay. If someone here wants to buy it I will pull it off of ebay for you guys.