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Posted 09 March 2008 - 11:22 PM

Since we have a ton of other FAQ threads, might as well have one for site help, in addition to this. ;)


Search The Forums : Asking For Help Guidelines : Overclockers Club Site Rules


Q Who owns OverclockersClub.com?
A Howard Ha

Q Who is the OverclockersClub Admin?
A Bosco

Q Who runs Overclockersclub?
A Bosco

Q Who are the staff?
A http://www.overclock...m/pages/contact

Q How do I contact the staff?
A http://www.overclock...m/pages/contact

Q What are the rules at OverclockersClub?
A http://forums.overcl...showtopic=78715

Q What is the "warning" under my name?
A http://forums.overcl...showtopic=78712

Q How do I unignore members that I've ignored?
A http://forums.overcl...showtopic=18610

Q What are Anonymous Member?
A http://forums.overcl...showtopic=28939

Q How Can I Search The Forums?
A http://forums.overcl...com/?act=Search

Q Where Can I Find Additional Help About OCC and the forums?
A http://forums.overcl...b.com/help.html

Q Does OverclockersClub have an IRC room?
A Yes, please see this thread for more information about the OCC IRC Channel.

Q Who does the advertisements on OCC?
A Advertisements are handled by a 3rd party company.

Q When I log in I see the rules page. Why is this?
A We have modified the warning system of the forums, so that anyone who has a warning of 10% or greater will see the OCC Rules. Depending on how high of a warning level you have will determine how often you see the rules. Warning 50% and higher, you will see the rules once every two hours.
Warning 40% you will see the rules once a day.
Warning 30% you will see the rules every other day.
Warning 10% - 20% you will see rules once a week.
Q Where can I find a list of all the FAQs?
A http://forums.overcl...showtopic=30928

Q How do I get an image in my signature?
A You must be a member for 90 days before you can use a custom image in your signature. Active [email protected] members can use the [email protected] banner in their signature at any time.

Q How do I get a custom avatar title??
A You must have more then 500 posts before you can edit your avatar text. After 500 posts, you will see an Avatar Text box in the Edit Profile info section of the control panel.

Q I've been banned, and I feel it was unjust. Who do I contact about it?
A If the ban was done via the warning system, contact Bosco or Bishop. However, if you have been banned completely from OCC (i.e. user group says "banned" or you can no longer access the site) you must contact Bosco.

Q Can I submit news to OCC?
A Yes! There are two options available for you to use when submitting news. The first would be to send an email to news[at]overclockersclub.com. The other option would be to use the submit news link from the main page.

Q How long to "Official OCC Polls" run?
A One week, unless otherwise noted. New polls are posted every Sunday morning (by OCC Staff).

Q Does OCC have a store?
A No.

Q What's this about an OCC XFire ring?
A See this post and this post for more information.

Q I've found a bug in the forums or other part of the site. How do I let you know about it?
A If it is a non-security related bug, please post in this forum, otherwise please contact Bosco directly.

Q I don't like the name I registered with. Can I register a new account?
A You can, but the best solution would be to contact Bosco and have him change your account name. Registering a new account could be picked up as a duplicate, and inavertently get you banned.

Q I share a router, computer, etc with another member. How do I make sure we are not banned for multiple accounts.
A We understand this happens often. Contact a staff member, and we'll make a note of it. Though keep in mind, if we have to ban an IP for spamming, hacking, or some other malitious action all accounts tied to that IP will most likely be banned.

Q What are the benifits of donating to OCC?
A Please see our donation page for more information.

Q Are there any RSS feeds for OCC?
A Yes. Please see this post.

Q I'd like to see a feed for [area of OCC]. Is there one?
A Currently we only have two RSS feeds. We plan to add more at a later time.

Q My topic was moved, why?
A Probably because you posted in the wrong forum.

Q I see a post that I don't like or that I think may break the rules. What do I do?
A There is a "report post" button below each message. Use this buttong to notify the moderating staff and someone will look at it.

Q Is there an "OCC Gaming Clan"?
A There is currently no official OCC Gaming Clan. Many members have been seen playing various games using a OCC| tag though.

Q Does OCC have a CS, CS:S, HL2DM, UT2K4, etc game server?
A No.

Q Does OCC have a TeamSpeak, Vent, Roger Wilco server?
A No.

Q I would like to register with a free email account, however it will not let me. What do I need to do?
A Contact Bosco.

Q Can I run an OverclockersClub.com event, LAN, server, etc.?
A Anything that involves using the name OverclockersClub, OverclockersClub.com or OverclockersClub Networks Incorporated should be discussed with Bosco first.

Q Where can I find information on colors, fonts, etc for making OCC related images?
A http://forums.overcl...showtopic=69315

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