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Battlefield: Vietnam

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Posted 22 March 2004 - 06:58 AM

Well, our first experiment from our Unreal Tournament 2004 worked out pretty well. So we're going to try this again, with our review of Battlefield: Vietnam.

For those of you who have played Battlefield: Vietnam, reply to here and let me know what you think of it. Give me a few lines to a paragraph talking about the game, and it might just end up in our review of the game. As with the other review, you'll get credit for anything you say. :)

We're looking for comments about the game, doesn't matter if they are good or bad. Just your thoughts. Also, if you have any nice in game screenshots, email them to me, and they might find their way in to the review as well. :)

This thread will be open for a day or so. So get your comments in while you can. ;)

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Posted 22 March 2004 - 07:11 AM

well i just ive had the game only for about 2 days but i love it. i do however have one gripe,the single player game.i do know that the game was and probably always will be intended mostly for online play with other gamers like my self but a little more work could have been put into the single player game,mainly the ai.my first experience with the ai was in a jeep with 2 ai soldiers and a tree.aperently trees dont exist in ai world or thier invisable to ai couse the ai soldier driving hit the tree and just kept driving into it,didnt try to turn aroun or back up or go around the tree to begin with.maybe im being to hard on the ai, maybe he was just in from the world and boot camp and hadnt learned how to drive jeeps around tree's yet.well thats just one example but rest ashured most of the ai in sinlge player aint got no license and shouldnt be on the road or in the air or on the water.

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Posted 22 March 2004 - 07:45 AM

Whenever I get some new BF,I like to goof around with the bots for a couple days to get the feel of the maps.The bots are a little smarter(good news for 56kers),but not much.They do seem to favor drive-by-shooting though.Also the bots can see through the foliage.I like all the new weapons,however everyone is aware of the balance issue with the U.S. heavy assault class("Animal Mother")-M60 machine gun is as accurate as a sniper rifle while prone or kneeling,and as accurate as an assault rifle while standing/running.In addition this class gets a LAW missle launcher.I'm sure they'll fix this in the first patch.Just played a round online as NVA.We were getting stomped by the Cobra attack chopper until I stole an F-4.Heat seeking missles 86ed the Cobra pretty quick.Got mutilated in a Napalm storm,respawned, incinerated again.Respawn at different point.To my amazement take down three G.I.Joes(all sporting M60's,natch)and almost cap the flag when BOOM! Napalmed again.Going online tonight.

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Posted 22 March 2004 - 11:03 AM

The Good

-Movable and make-able spawns using a chopper (for American/Allie forces) or a shovel (for NVA)
-Armor Classes have a gun as well as RPG/ L.A.W. weapons.
-Heat-Seeking Missiles (something that the bf1942 engine didn’t have, DC had somewhat of Heat seeking Stingers, but they didn’t follow the plane and curve around , they just shot straight and got the plane in the vicinity of where u shot.)
-Graphics are a notch up in comparison with bf1942 engine.
-Jungles are amazing, along with the urban warfare running through bombed buildings. (This is more of a campers game, like Day of Defeat.)
-The ability to have more players in vehicles which allows for a more organized way of attacking the enemy’s bases.
-Carrying Vehicles and Spawn points with helo’s around the map is a great new edition.
-Flying is more realistic than DC, I can hover around in the helo Sitting STILL in mid-air.
-Napalm runs are awesome, You can wipe out a whole team with it, leaving a balance as well for NVA with their SA-7 heat seaker, (something the U.S. forces don’t have)
-Being able to choose between 2 player models.
-3dMap available to mark all the flags and your players with MARKERS so
a. You don’t kill them
b. It shows how many meters you are from each flag and players (on your team)
-Driver seat of any Vehicle has 12 oldies songs available to them (GTA Style :))

The Bad

-The M60 is way too accurate, I can mow people down running, standing, kneeling, or lying down you name it…
-There are some glitches, i.e. decrease in frame rates once in awhile for example when you lift up a tank and drag it across the map, it tends to lag a bit.
-Some users have already complained that there are some ATI issues with the game. (i.e. with latest catalyst) [For once I am happy that I own my FX5900 :)]
-I feel there aren’t enough flying maps. Too many “walking” maps, which I still like but it should their should be an even amount.
-The propaganda lady on NVA is annoying and they need to get rid of her, or have an option to disable her voice. (i.e. GI your country will give you a medal, but only after you are dead.)


Well my first impressions of this game were amazing. It is way more graphic intense and action packed than its predecessor. The weapons are far more superior, and sounds of gunshots whizzing by are intimidating. Some ppl have complained that EA released this early, but they don’t realize how much they put into this game. I mean look at Bf1942 they have gone through so many updates, and it too had glitches when it was first released. This will definitely be the engine to use in future mods to come. Could you imagine a Desert Combat mod for this with 3 helo’s full of players in Basrah Nights, or some other Night map. Or even F16’s and Players with real Heat Seekers, unlike DC.
Overall this game gets a 9/10 IMHO.
Did I miss anything? :P
Edit: I will try to get some good screen shots tonight for you D3.

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Posted 23 March 2004 - 06:54 AM

I think ayokona's style is right on for this type of game, but as he covered the biggest points, I lead right into the conclusion

After playing BF:V for quite a few hours I still see the same game and feel as BF 1942. This is not necesarilly a good thing... The new helocopter physics are nice, but when flying with the keyboard is now easier then with my Saitek X45 they may have made them a little too easy to fly... The bot skill has not yet improved to the point of usefulness, while on normal a 25:1 kill to death ratio is easy, and on hard headshots seem a little too common. Overall the game is fun, but Desert Combat will still hold itself to be the best of anything Battle Field related. The graphics are nothing fantastic and new, and the songs during loading levels are useless and kind of annoying as they will only get about 30 seconds in before the music quits and the level is loaded. After all this I still think of it as a fun game, but not revolutionary, nor something the was worth my pre-ordering.
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Posted 23 March 2004 - 01:58 PM

The good:

1) Awesome foliage. Perfect for real cover when you want to try and be stealthy. For once you can actually hide as a sniper without having to peer out from behind a building.
2) Nice variation of weapons both for foot soldiers and on the aircraft.
3) Decent maps that will keep us busy for the first day or two while people make much better maps as usual.
4) I like the new map/score overlay.
5) The water rendering is awesome for oceans/rivers. The best I've seen recently.

The bad:

1) M60 way too accurate.
2) The cobra dominates and needs to have valid opposition as r_target stated. You shouldn't have to steal the other teams equipment to pose an equal threat.
3) AI should not be able to see you as well when hiding in the foliage.
4) AI needs to learn how to navigate the map (ie trees, buildings) This should not be a problem and is a huge mistake IMHO for EA to make. There are some of us with modems who still like to play quick games against the computer.
5) When playing with large AI numbers, there are still teammates just standing around. I hate this. I picked a large number because I wanted to play with a large number, not watch them stand around doing absolutly nothing in groups like teenagers at the mall. This makes the game far less enjoyable and has been a problem with every FPS that I have played and frankly it should have been fixed by now.
6) Helicopters are way too easy to fly and should be harder to control as they were in desert combat. I was horrified to learn that flying the chopper took far less skill than flying a jet in this game. That is absurd. DC had a perfect chopper setup that wass difficult to learn at first but more realistically held to what a chopper does. While this is probably a good thing for people still using mice and keyboard for flying I think the vast majority of us are using joysticks and enjoy the challenge a bit more.
7) More flying maps needed. There are a huge number of us who love to play flying only maps. More maps like Coral Sea need to be made.


The game is fun and I love the foliage especially with jungle maps. It got a little old in the past when you were playing in a jungle and had to run around ducking behind the sparse bushes and tree trunks. I would really like to see the choppers get back to the handling that was used in DC. Flying them was fun because it was hard and used to require skill. The AI has glitches as usual but still provides a decent round of fun when you don't want to dial up. I'm glad I went out and bought it and am looking forward to seeing what new maps come out.
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Posted 23 March 2004 - 02:33 PM

I agree with you about the easy flying with the heli in the air (My friend can actually fly it w/o crashing all the time now), however DC had a problem with the landing of the heli, which I extremely disliked..(i.e. there was times when I landed very slow and was low and it still blew up or was damaged at times) With BF:V you could land with no worries about speed and altitude (to a certain extent)
Also the heli in BF:V is much more responsive than DC...

Also another Good to note, is the grass, wind, and water that blows around as your heli gets near......
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