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Neverwinter Designers Present a Tour of Ravenloft Update

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 08:42 PM

Thomas Foss (Lead Designer of Neverwinter) and Chantelle Tatum (Systems Designer) teamed up to make a video to tease the Neverwinter fans about the new Ravenloft update launching next week. This video tour previews some of the exciting features of the new module, including the hunts, the new dungeon, and more!

This module starts with Lord Neverember asking you to investigate the new group of travelers in town, the Vistani. After defeating an attacking group of wolves, the Vistani grant you a token of Vistani Brotherhood, allowing you to have free passage between Barovia and the Sword Coast. 

Madam Eva is the Vistani’s Spiritual Matriarch/Seer. She gives you a Tarokka card when you first enter Barovia. She also gives Tarokka readings before each hunt. Like the Yeti “hunt” in Bryn Shander, you follow your hunt mark to three locations, which are to be guessed at based on the hints you receive in your Tarokka reading. Don’t worry, these hints aren’t difficult. The hunts take place in a special instance. This means that there aren’t other adventurers running around, but the zone mobs are still around, so you will want to choose your path carefully. 

In addition to the new zone of Barovia, Mod 14 will also include a new dungeon: Castle Ravenloft! Your party must locate three artifacts of power and defeat Strahd’s sisters and minions, before coming face to face with Strahd Von Zarovich himself!

The Ravenloft update also has some new features, including a Day and Night cycle. While running through Barovia, the border around your mini-map will show you whether it’s day or night, and how close the sunrise or sunset will be. The land of Barovia also features some classic mobs, including witches, werewolves, and scarecrows. Prepare for Barovia and all of its mysteries by getting your item level up to 13,000! 

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