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BlackLight Retrobution Referral Code

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Posted 07 March 2013 - 03:55 PM

Hi guys, if any of you guys want to try out this game Blacklight retribution, use this link, it'll help you and me out!
You can find it on steam but please use the link below!
Thanks! https://register.per...674e5d91eb9e9b8




Blacklight: Retribution is a free to play high-paced online multiplayer FPS shooter with a number of game types and maps. The game appears to as of today have no current single player at all other than training and practice mode, where you play against AI or "bot" enemies. The game types are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination (a ticket type of game), King of the Hill (objective capture) and Kill Confirmed which is similar to Team Deathmatch, except players can collect tokens from their dead opponents for extra Combat Points, and pick up their own from dead teammates, to form a kill denied. A Siege Mode, where one team advances a Scorpion Tank through checkpoints into enemy territory, was added in August 2012.

Weapon depots are a new addition to Blacklight: Retribution. By default, they can be used to buy Health or Ammo Refills, Flamethrowers, Rocket Launchers, and Hardsuits, which are pilot-able mechs equipped with a minigun and a railgun. These can be bought using Combat Points which can be earned by doing desired actions in the game such as killing opponents and capturing points. (Optional.)

Like its predecessor, Blacklight Retribution features the Hyper Reality Visor or HRV which allows the player to locate enemies, mines, weapon depots and Hardsuit weak points through walls and other obstacles for a very short amount of time. In HRV, the player is only able to move around, jump, and sprint, which may increase the chances of a HRV user being easily killed. HRV also has a very limited use and needs to recharge.

Maps vary in size and style: the enclosed, small Helodeck; the urban Deadlock; Vertigo, which is set on a skyscraper; and the large, open shipyard map that is SeaPort. A total of nine maps are available.

Weapon customization has much detail and each weapon can have several different receivers, ranging from assault rifles to shotguns. Players can change the muzzle, barrel, magazine, optic sights, stock, camouflage and weapon tag, which is a sort of weapon emblem that hangs off of a lanyard hook. Each section has many different kinds of attachments to put on, and there are also specific attachments for some receivers. For example, the Light Pistol receiver can be fitted with 3 barrels, all being associated with that one receiver. In addition, there are 'premade' weapons which saves the user from having to spend time customizing weapons. Premade weapons cannot be customized, except for the camouflage and the weapon tag. Weapon tags grant small bonuses to the weapon or character's stats, while camouflage is only cosmetic.