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My rigs (i5 750 & i7 950)

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 07:20 PM

Hi folks,

just wanted to share my last 2/present overclocks. I have been overclocking since Pentium 133MHz, and had best time with Celeron 300A and BH6 ;-) I love overclocks that are stable and that do not demand too much W to be sucked out of PSU, temps to be decent, fan of premium quiet air coolers, i do love do keep speed step/power so idle temps to be love, i do not chase GHz barriers and records. Both my present machines are DAWs. I do play sometimes games on one of em.

Main DAW (and games sometimes) on W7 x64
i5 750 step5, stock voltage, 190 bs, 3.6GHz (stable @ 4GHz but too much heat n W usage) , speedstep on, Nocuta NH-U12...idle 35C, full load 73C ([email protected] 2hrs)
GB P55-UD4
Corsair CMX8GX3M4A 4 x 2GB @ 1600MHz 9/9/9/2 XMP
Sapphire 5750 Vapour-X (overclocked for 3D games, slightly)
2 x 30" HP LP3065, 1 x 24" Samsung 245B
Antec 182P with thermaltake 500W
2x Intel X25G2 80GB ssd in raid 0 (was very sweet and still is today)
4x1TB WD Black
RME 9632 + UAD1

backup DAW on W7 x64 and OSX 10.6
i7 950, 1.26V, 160x24 @ 3.8GHz, speetstep/HT/c on, Noctua NH-D14, idle 36-40C, full load ([email protected] 2hrs) 65-70C (gotta reapply thermal paste, 5C diff between 1st and 4th core)
Asus P6T SE
Kingston KHX1600C903 2 x 4GB 1600MHz 9/9/9/2 XMP 1.64V
Asus 7600GT silent
1 x Philips 24", 1 x Philips LED 22"
Thermaltake Armor with Tagan 450W
1 x Kingston 128GB V200+ ssd (soon to get sata3 card for it)
2 x 500GB hitachi, 2 x 500GB segate

I have one more machine, but atm without case/gfx/psu (ex main DAW), not sure what i am gonna use it for (maybe offlocation backup DAW)...was also serving me good for couple of years, can't remember all details
C2D E6600 @ 3.2GHz (stock voltage), Zalman CNPS9000
Abit AW9D max, OCZ 2x2GB

if anyone have any suggestions re i7 overclock, is 3.6GHz best in ratio of W usage, temps, CPU life or 3.8 or even 4GHz?

all the best