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My First "only in battlefield 3" moment

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Posted 11 April 2012 - 05:44 PM

So in Battlefield 3 so far I've been back and forth.. Good KD, bad KD.. Good score, bad score.. Epic win, humiliating loss..

But I've been able to pull off nothing special until today.
I was a one man tank army (on the losing team), was playing with Toasty and someone else from OCC it think: Took out 7 helicopters attacking my tank with an SMAW, and 3 more with the tank's main barrel xD
This was my first "only in battlefield 3 moment" to be honest, and I just had to share. I don't have any video, but I do have Toasty to at least say he saw some of it.

I also took out a couple jets and caputred a bunch of points, but those were just normal gameplay moments.

My favorite moment personally: 2 helicopters harassing my tank on "E" (Playing Kharg Island) and I knock one down with the main barrel, jump out, and shoot an SMAW over the roof of the building destroying the other: Getting 3 kills in seconds xD (And 2 Vehicles destroyed obviously)- All with the good ol' SMAW and one really big bullet :D

I know, this post is kinda useless... But I had to share this with you guys. As soon as my 560 Ti gets shipped back from the RMA: I'll start recoding. But with my GTS 250 I can't really do that right now :(

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