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Windows Live Movie Maker

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Posted 10 April 2011 - 06:10 AM

Hey guys. I use FRAPS to record gameplay videos. As you might know, FRAPS videos are uncompressed and hence far too big for general usage, so I use Windows Live Movie Maker to join videos together and make the filesizes smaller.

The thing is, the video sizes don't seem to make sense?

When I record and process Crysis 2 videos through WLMM, it's at 1080p, a bitrate of 12.5MBPS and an audio bitrate of 128kbps, 48hz. The average video size is 900mb.

When I record and process Crysis 1 videos, it's at 720p at a bitrate of 10MBPS and an audio bitrate of 128, 48hz. The average video size is about 750mb.

The Crysis 2 videos look MARKEDLY better than Crysis 1, with only a little bit extra filesize. Is this the bitrate alone or does the resolution play ANY part in the final size and quality of the video? I'm thinking I might as well start recording Crysis at the same settings as Crysis 2. For a few extra MB of size there's a big difference in quality.

However, I'm also trying to shave the filesizes down. Anything below 10MBPS for Crysis 1 looks terrible :unsure: Any suggestions on how I can do this?

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