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OCZ PC3-17000 Flex EX 12GB Triple Channel Memory Kit Tested

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 02:39 AM

OCC has tested a triple channel 12GB memory kit rated at 2133MHz with latencies of 10-10-10-30. Check out our review of the OCZ PC3-17000 Flex EX 12GB - http://www.overclock...317000_flex_ex/

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Posted 18 October 2010 - 06:12 AM

OCC has tested a triple channel 12GB memory kit rated at 2133MHz with latencies of 10-10-10-30. Check out our review of the OCZ PC3-17000 Flex EX 12GB - http://www.overclock...317000_flex_ex/

Good article. This looks like decent RAM for those who like water cooling setups. Aside from an H50 or an Asetek LCLC CPU cooler, I don't use water in my PC's. (not that I think it's bad, but I don't want to hassle it)
OZC does have stellar customer support, as I have found out personally and that makes a good case for buying from them. I also like G.SKill Ripjaws Ram too.
The 1156 platform seems to be coming into it's own recently. At first, I was disappointed in the PCI-E bandwidth limitations they possess, making an SLI or Crossfire setup work in a limited way. But with a good video card installed, and a good Mainboard to start with, you can make them perform in good ways. I bought an ASRock P55-Pro Mainboard for $99.00 and put an i5-750 in it with some Ripjaws RAM in it. While it always worked well, it wasn't that easy to OC until the latest BIOS came out. The new BIOS has an auto-magic setting that does all of the tweaking for you. (sort of a lazy-man's OC) It gives you a choice of a 40% or a 50% overclock and as I said, it does everything for you. So now my 2.67GHz. CPU is running at 3.8GHz. (40%) and is completely stable. I think ASRock has it going on, because there is absolutely nothing to it and a $99.00 board that performs so well is a steal.
Note: If you alter any performance settings in the BIOS yourself, it turns off the Auto OC feature.

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Posted 19 October 2010 - 09:59 PM

The article is good in describing the OCZ PC3-17000 Flex EX 12GB RAM kit, basic OCing and testing, but there are a few things missing that are important to this particular RAM.

1) TEMPS??? The main feature of the Flex Ex series is the ability to cool, both passively and with H2O. Yet this article shows neither :fp:. If the author didn't have access to a water cooling rig, then it would've been nice to at least monitor and report passive temps. A fan could've been used as well, which the author mentions but doesn't use, to see if the large fins on the Flex Ex disperse heat as advertised. May have an impact on OCing too...

2) Barbs and leaks. Some owners reported that some Flex Ex Kits (see Newegg feedback for PC3-12800) had problems where the barbs would come loose inside the heatsink chamber which resulted in leaks. OCZ was aware of this and will RMA a faulty kit. No mention of this in the article, but it would be nice to know if the PC3-17000 Kits remedied the potential barb problem.

3) Heatsink Fin clearance. These are tall heatsinks and may interfere with large air CPU coolers or large top mounted case fans. Some measurements would've been nice.

Maybe ccokeman can do a temps. test and add it to the article. A water-cooling test would be nice too, but that would probably require a new article...


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Posted 17 June 2011 - 06:53 PM

My concern is warranties. Im looking at this as well, but I have a bad set of pc3-16000 10-10-10-30. They no longer carry this, barely a year later and cant even do a warranty exchange. What makes this worse is I have the receipts for $240.00 and they are offering $130.00. Not sure where the stellar customer support is, but having to email back and forth because they wont talk to you live isnt good in my book. If anyone has run this memory stable in their systems for prolonged periods of time, I would like to know. If any new comments please feel free to message me or post within, ty.

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